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“Workers Don’t Deserve A Living Wage”

Last weekend as I spoke with various people, I asked them to be sure to support the fast food workers strike last Thursday. Several times I heard the comment that “They don’t deserve more money.” My mouth literally dropped open. I … Continue reading

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Tired Of Right Wingers Claiming To Be Victims

Tuesday night a couple of weeks ago I was down at Muscatine City Hall for a forum for the Muscatine County candidates for state office. At the end of the proceedings, Bobby Kaufmann raised a ruckus about a mailer from his … Continue reading

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Support For Romney Amazing

One thing that has simply confounded me during the general election campaign is that Romney continues to get at least a 44% level of support pretty much since the beginning. This guy is perhaps the worst candidate in history and … Continue reading

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Looking Out About 65 years

We have a grandson. This doesn’t make us much different than a lot of people. And like most grandparents, we are often much more worried about the life he will experience than we are about the few years we have left. … Continue reading

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Christie Vilsack In Dead Heat

Good news reported on dailykos.com Friday: Christie Vilsack and Steve King (maker of real nightmares) are in what is essentially a dead heat. This of course means that Mr. King is on a trend of losing considerable support over the past … Continue reading

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Dear Mitt,

By Larry Hodgen It might come as a shock to you, Governor Romney, that some Democrats actually pay income and other taxes and most of us don’t mind doing it. We know that by all of us paying taxes we are … Continue reading

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Romney: I want Rep. Steve King ‘as my partner in Washington’

Mitt Romney stated these words at Northwestern college in Iowa Friday. Normally I would not care, but this Romney guy simply lies every time he opens his mouth. Steve, friend to friend, me to you –  Romney is probably lying … Continue reading

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Robert Reich On Romney

I am a fan of Robert Reich. In this article Reich is interviewed by Joan Brunwasser of Citizen’s for Election Reform (CER). Ms. Brunwasser asks the question of Reich that many of us ask over and over to almost anyone … Continue reading

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Observations – Betty Ryan Must be Ashamed.

Betty Ryan’s son, Paul, went on national TV and made a shambles of his mother’s ability to raise children. Can you imagine the shame she must feel right now? Her son is the nominee to run for the second highest office … Continue reading

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Leonard Nimoy – Mitt Romney – A Human Being Who Built That

This should help in understanding Mittens:

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