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What Is Going On In The Iowa Legislature?

Senator Bolkcom’s comment is part of a discussion following a constituent question. “Who wants school vouchers?” at the Johnson County legislative forum February 25, 2017.  

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Gun Lobby in Des Moines Creating Fake Fear To Push ALEC Gun Laws

Listen to the craziness from this gun lobbyist who is hard at work in the Iowa legislature.  He is attacking Matt Windschitl, Republican and gun store owner for alleged “watering down” of ALEC gun laws they are attempting to force … Continue reading

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Iowa Republicans Don’t Know What Is In Their Union Busting Bill

…because they didn’t write it… and apparently,  haven’t read it. From Iowa House Dems Facebook page Need more proof #ALEC #KochBros #AFP wrote the bill to gut collective bargaining behind closed doors without input from Iowans? Watch this. The Republican … Continue reading

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Say Hello To Iowa’s Right-Wing Stink Tank

Monday, in honor of the opening day of the 2016 Iowa legislative session,  BFIA posted about the State Policy Network, a web of so-called think tanks, apparently founded by ALEC, that push a right-wing agenda in every state across the … Continue reading

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Corruption In The Iowa Legislature?

In honor of the opening day of the 2016 Iowa legislative session, we invite you to partake of some background information that will help make sense of those seemingly crazy ideas of Governor Branstad and the Iowa GOP legislators, like … Continue reading

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Branstad Vetoed Public School Money To Give To Private Schools

The headline of this story,  Branstad Advocates for School Choice, makes it sounds like Governor Branstad is doing something good. Nothing could be further from the truth. Branstad is signaling his next move to dismantle public education. He is following … Continue reading

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ALEC Chosen As Iowa’s New House Speaker

Oops – that is, former ALEC chair Linda Upmeyer chosen as new Iowa House Speaker. But they are pretty much interchangeable.  She and ALEC founding father Terry Branstad will make a formidable team that will work hard for corporations, privatization … Continue reading

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Iowa Republicans Attempt To Dismantle Public Schools; Democrats Try To Stop Them

senate.iowa.gov/democrats On the Iowa Senate Democrats website:  The Legislature closed out the 2015 session with Senate Democrats opting to end five months of gridlock on school funding. The goal of the compromise is to maintain educational opportunities and boost student … Continue reading

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Rep. Ourth: Lawmakers Are Breaking The Law

“No one should be getting fired because we aren’t abiding by the laws of this state.”  

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Iowa GOP Hypocrisy On Education

[by Paul McAndrew] Governor Branstad and Iowa’s Republican-controlled House of Representatives propose only a 1.25 percent increase ($50 million) in state funding for elementary and secondary schools in Iowa’s 338 public school districts. This meager increase would keep Iowa’s schools … Continue reading

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