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Art Cullen: “Agri-Chemical Cabal” Has Chokehold On Iowa

Please read and share this column by Pulitzer prize winning journalist Art Cullen, of The Storm Lake Times http://www.stormlake.com/articles/2018/05/23/how-much-more-manure-can-we-handle A rapid and significant expansion in swine facilities here and across Iowa — with unheeded calls in the legislature for a … Continue reading

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Why The Farm Bill Was Drafted In Secret

Action Alert from Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) The House’s draft of the Farm Bill is nothing short of a disaster. Members of Congress have turned their backs on our independent farmers and everyday people. Tell your representative to throw … Continue reading

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Is Factory Farm Hog Manure Guilty Of Trespassing?

BFIA editor’s note:  This group of Iowans is suing the DNR in an attempt to save our state from being destroyed by factory farms (CAFOs). If you would like to help, donation information is located in the text below. Please … Continue reading

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Factory Farm Teach-In

Factory farm teach-in with David Osterberg of the Iowa Policy Project Tuesday, February 6, 2018.  Follow Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement on Facebook.      #MoratoriumNow

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Join The Factory Farm Resistance This Holiday Season

Please consider joining this action. CCI is leading the fight to save Iowa from becoming wall to wall CAFOs. Follow CCI on Facebook ### We’re ready to stand with you to build the movement for clean water, a factory farm … Continue reading

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Iowa Needs CAFO Moratorium

This letter to the editor by Joan Olive of Spirit Lake, Iowa, appeared in the Quad City Times November 22, 2017. If factory farms are so safe, why is the Pork Producers filing suit to block a regulation requiring a … Continue reading

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Constitutionality of Iowa’s “Ag-gag” Law Challenged

“’An especially grievous harm to our democracy occurs when the government uses the power of the criminal laws to target unpopular speech to protect those with power—which is exactly what this law is about. Ag gag clearly is a violation … Continue reading

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Sing Along With The CAFO Song

Posted by Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors. Follow them on Facebook. “And now for a musical interlude….a community member in Devil’s Lake, ND singing about the CAFO threatening their area but the message is universal for Iowans also troubled by … Continue reading

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Two Factory Farms Denied In Cerro Gordo And Mitchell County

Here is a note from CCI, Citizens for Community Improvement: This week, we had some tremendous victories to put People & Planet before factory farm polluters! Here are some exciting updates to brighten your day. 88 counties in Iowa passed … Continue reading

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How Local Communities Are Dismantling Corporate Rule

Is a Truly Sustainable Society Achievable As Long As Corporate Rights Outstrip the Rights of People? Community Rights Presentation Paul Cienfuegos National Community Rights Educator Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 7 PM Iowa City Public Library, Room A You will learn: … Continue reading

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