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Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame

For your votes for a bill that will end the ACA and drive up insurance rates to unaffordable levels for many. Shame for your votes that will rob from the poor and middle class and give massive amounts to the … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Joni Ernst One of Congress’ Biggest Recipients of NRA Support

iowainformer.com/politics/2017/10/nra-backed-iowa-congress-members-offer-thoughts-and-prayers-to-las-vegas-victims/ The five GOP members of Iowa’s congressional delegation have consistently opposed proposals to strengthen regulations against guns including ones for stronger background checks. They have all earned “A” ratings (or “AQ” ratings, an equivalent rating based on questionnaire responses … Continue reading

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List Of Newspapers In Steve King’s District

Time now to start hitting the editorial pages.  Here is a list of newspapers in Steve King’s district.  These are the major papers. For a complete list, including small papers you can go to the bottom of this post and … Continue reading

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Kim Weaver For Iowa's 4th District

Kim Weaver believes 2016 is the year to retire Republican Steve King from Congress. What makes her effort different from those of Jim Mowrer, Christie Vilsack, Matt Campbell, Rob Hubler and others? The political climate of intolerance and hate people … Continue reading

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Weaver Calls Out King For His “Useless” Amendment

http://weaverforcongress.nationbuilder.com/ Iowa — Steve King is at it again – putting his ego above his constituents. Yesterday he introduced another useless amendment. Useless, ridiculous, offensive. Who was his target this time? Harriet Tubman. In fact, the Quad City Times had … Continue reading

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Democrat Kim Weaver For Congress IA-04

Kim Weaver is challenging Steve King for Congress in District 4. BFIA posted previously about her candidacy when she said, “Iowa doesn’t need a Fox News celebrity. We need a representative.”  So true. A Bold Voice for Iowans Kim believes … Continue reading

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Iowa’s New Gift To Comedians

As I sit here listening to Stephanie Miller Iowa is getting some great publicity. We are once more home to a candidate that is so out of touch, so out of the norm, so crazy that the nation is taking … Continue reading

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Labor Update: Predictions For 2014

As we approach New Year’s Eve, it’s tempting to write a year-end review of all that passed in the preceding twelve months related to labor and politics. But my memory is bad. And I’d sooner not have to think about … Continue reading

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This Week On The Fallon Forum: Insani-Tea, Education, Immigration

My friend and frequent co-host, Dr. Charles Goldman asks, “Is there a method to the Tea Party madness? Perhaps they are truly looking to start this country’s second Civil War.” My response: (1) Yes, the Tea Party is exhibiting more … Continue reading

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Des Moines Register Endorses Christie Vilsack Over Birther Candidate

The Des Moines Register yesterday endorsed Steve King’s opponent Democrat Christie Vilsack to represent Iowa’s 4th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. “..we are reminded why the Kiron Republican should not be representing Iowa in Congress.  King seems to … Continue reading

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