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Sunday Economics With Robert Reich

Sometimes I feel I should apologize for posting so much Robert Reich, but his videos just make so damned much sense. They are also usually fairly short and always very understandable. Plus they are true, which can sometimes be an … Continue reading

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Revisiting the New Deal And Taxes

Many parallels have been drawn between the coming election year and the 1932 election year. In 1932 the country and the world were in dire financial straits with people starving across the globe. While that is not true today we … Continue reading

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Wealth, Taxes And Our Worshipping Of The Wealthy

There is a lot going on in that 30 second clip. The condescending sneer on Trump’s face. The obvious disdain for Clinton. Is it because she is telling the truth? Is it because he thinks women are at best, second … Continue reading

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The past two weeks have been simply startling at how those with wealth have been both evading taxes while hoarding money in almost unimaginable amounts in offshore tax havens. At the same time we have corporations doing all sorts of … Continue reading

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IFL: Taxes Are The Legislature’s Responsibility

GOVERNOR BRANSTAD: TAXES ARE THE LEGISLATURE’S RESPONSIBILITY link Buried deep in all of the messes that the Branstad Administration has created, there is a little known action going on in the Department of Revenue which will have dangerous consequences not … Continue reading

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No Funding For Schools; No Taxes On Some Corporations

It surely is a strange situation when we have our Republican legislators tell us out of one side of their mouths that there is no money for Iowa schools to maintain the status quo, yet from the other side of … Continue reading

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Profiles In Courage?

Sometimes I feel sorry for those who are tasked with picking the recipient of the Kennedy Library annual Profile In Courage Award. From what we see recently in this country, there are certainly not a lot of candidates around. When … Continue reading

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For the People

Today we have a guest post by Dave Hunt of Tipton. Dave is a retired educator and former Iowa Teacher of the Year. Republicans won’t admit it but the 2009 Obama stimulus plan created and saved 3 million jobs and … Continue reading

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Dear Mitt,

By Larry Hodgen It might come as a shock to you, Governor Romney, that some Democrats actually pay income and other taxes and most of us don’t mind doing it. We know that by all of us paying taxes we are … Continue reading

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A Comedian’s Wet Dream: Romney And The Republicans.

What makes us laugh? That is a question that has roused man’s curiousity for eons. One thing that makes us laugh is expecting something normal in a comment or picture only to be presented with something that doesn’t fit, but … Continue reading

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