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Fact Check: Liz Mathis Supports Tuition Freezes

Her Republican opponent is doing the only thing Republicans are really good at, making stuff up about others in order to benefit themselves. IDP Clips: Gary Shea, Robins, The Gazette Sen. Liz Mathis, who is up for re-election in Senate … Continue reading

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Liz Mathis: “Skip The Drama” In School Funding

State Senator Liz Mathis of Marion urges state to “skip the drama” in setting local school funding Will consider 4% increase in basic school funding and additional state dollars to prevent any related property tax increase Liz Mathis, a member … Continue reading

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HF 561 & Iowa's Senator Liz Mathis

As readers should know, we oppose HF 561, a bill in the legislature relating to new nuclear power in Iowa. In advocating against this bill, what has become clear is that whatever the resolution, the outcome is not about which … Continue reading

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Last minute  robo calls are so yesterday. It’s a new day and hope is on the rise. Great job, Iowa Dems! Thank you, Senator Mathis!

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SD-18 Vote For Liz Mathis Today

Special Election November 8 Senate District 18 – Vote for Liz Mathis if you live in these communities: Central City, Coggon, Center Point, Walker, Alburnett, Robins, Marion, Palo, Hiawatha, Prairieburg, Fairfax.  Click  here  here  here and  here to find out … Continue reading

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Kochs Influence State Politics Through ALEC

Election Day is tomorrow. Vote for Liz Mathis in SD-18.  See below for links to voting information, how to help, and donating.  If the Republicans win this seat, the door will be open for ALEC legislation including union-busting measures and … Continue reading

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What Liz Mathis’ Election Means

Tuesday is an off-year election. Usually in the off year there are few races of much interest, and those mostly in some city or town election. But this year in Iowa there is a race of major significance. That is … Continue reading

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3 Easy Ways You Can Help Take Your Country Back This Weekend

1 – Participate in Bank Transfer Day Nov. 5 Saturday, November 5 · 9:00am – 5:00pm FOR MORE INFO: http://facebook.com/nov.fifth Together we can ensure that these banking institutions will always remember the 5th of November. If we shift our funds … Continue reading

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Why Iowa Special Election Has National Implications

Thanks to C&L On November 8, Iowa is holding a special election for a state senate race, something that wouldn’t usually have national implications. Usually. This time, a small election with candidates not known much outside the state could help … Continue reading

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Mathis v. Golding Forum in Senate District 18

The announcement of the candidate forum between Republican Cindy Golding and Democrat Liz Mathis in State Senate District 18 was late in coming, so I watched the debate on television rather than at Linn-Mar High School Auditorium in Marion. A … Continue reading

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