Dear Mitt,

By Larry Hodgen

It might come as a shock to you, Governor Romney, that some Democrats actually pay income and other taxes and most of us don’t mind doing it. We know that by all of us paying taxes we are able to do things together that we could not do alone and meet needs that would not be met by charity or by the wealthy.

Needs like caring for our disabled and unemployed veterans who make up part of the 47% you classify as unworthy of your time. Like the millions of seniors who are surviving on Social Security after years of paying taxes. Like the 20 million children in this country who are undernourished. Like the unemployed who struggle to feed their families after losing their jobs due to the economic crash of 2008. Like low and middle class students trying to afford college so they can reach for the American dream. Like the parents working minimum wage jobs to keep their families together. Like the millions of disabled Americans unable to work.

Most of these people who do not pay income taxes actually do pay payroll taxes, sales tax, gas tax, phone and cable tax, property tax either directly or through their rent, and there are more. These people do not deserve to be treated by you like a “business write-off”.

If only you could outsource those 47% to China like you did with jobs while at Bain, then you and your friends who can pay $50,000 for lunch and fund your campaign with multimillion dollar contributions could win this election thus assuring yourselves of even greater wealth. Meanwhile the 99.9% of Americans who cannot afford $50,000 lunches can wait for your “Trickle Down” economic plan to reach us like you Republicans have promised for over 30 years.

It must be very uncomfortable for you to campaign and have to rely on the votes of people who you feel are so unworthy to be in your presence. Could this explain why you are unable to connect with the common people, because you have such disdain for them? Damn Democracy!

It may also surprise you that some of the 53% who pay income taxes and whose vote you desire might have a problem with your political agenda. Little things like some of us really like public education and appreciate teachers, some of us like clean air and water, some of us like good roads and bridges, some of us like,…. no, need,….. Medicare as it is, some of us like clean energy and worry about Global Warming, some of us want our friends and relatives to be able to marry the person they love, some of us want women to have unrestricted access to health care including family planning and some of us like the health care changes in the Affordable Care Act.

Best Wishes,
Larry Hodgden

P.S. By the way, how much income tax did you pay in the last 10 years?

Once more we thank Larry Hodgden for sharing his thoughts. Larry is a retired Viet Nam era veteran of the USAF. He and his wife of 40 years, Sharon, have three children and seven grandchildren who keep him very busy. Family, education, church and politics have been a lifelong passion. 

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  1. Donna Crane says:

    Perfectly expressed. Unfortunately, Romney is unable to feel empathy for anyone and unable to see beyond his money. Great post. Will share and retweet.


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