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Trump Stoking Cold Civil War

Steve Schmidt:  “Forty percent of the country has opted into an alternate reality. We have to wake up and understand the danger this means to all of us…  [The synagogue shooter]  was radicalized by Fox News, by talk radio, and … Continue reading

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How Trump Weaponizes Victimhood

Trevor Noah always has the most insightful commentary.

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Jeff Sessions Is Overworked

Poor Jeff Sessions seemed overworked at an event in Des Moines last week. Sessions is the 84th Attorney General of the United States and apparently a snowflake. In a room full of judges and lawyers Sessions assailed the judicial branch … Continue reading

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Tell Congress: Say No To Trump’s Tax Scam Version 2

Action alert from actionnetwork.org:  Sign this petition to your members of congress Six months ago, Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans passed a tax scam that will cost the American people $1.9 trillion. Now, in an Election Year ploy, they are … Continue reading

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Public Figures and Directional Changes Needed for the New Year

by Ralph Scharnau When considering New Year’s resolutions for individuals with high public recognition, President Donald Trump stands apart from all others. Marked by administrative chaos and dysfunction, Trump’s tweets and policies put him in the category of one of … Continue reading

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The Fight To Save The Free And Open Internet Is Not Over

Freepress has been leading the fight to save the internet.  Trashing the net neutrality rules is not in the public interest.  It’s tough for consumers to know what’s going on.  There will be legal challenges.  Find out what to do. … Continue reading

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Howard Dean On Why Doug Jones Won

Follow Howard Dean on Facebook Reasons Doug Jones won: 1) he is a good candidate:  Alabama native in tune with Alabama values 2) Alabama is changing. Roy Moore represents the worst of Alabama’s stereotyped past. The state remains a conservative … Continue reading

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Republicans Are Destroying Government

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Republicans: “Tax Cuts Must Be Followed By Structural Changes To Medicare And Social Security”

by Dave Bradley 25 minutes – Democrats tear Republican Tax Bill Apart Let that sink in really deeply. Republicans want structural change to Social Security and Medicare. From Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida: “I analyze this very differently than most,” … Continue reading

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Will Trump Resign? Will Trump Go To Prison?

This could be wishful thinking, but nothing is predictable these days it seems.

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