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Country Needs To Stop Whining About Trump

“Why do we have to be victimized by this fecklessness, his ignorance?”  – David Letterman Former late-night television show host David Letterman says that people need to “stop whining” about President Donald Trump and instead “figure out a way” to … Continue reading

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Trump Will Not Be Cleared

“Will the 4th of July still mean anything in this country?”

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Republicans Refused To Cooperate With President Obama On Russian Election Interference

Someone posed a question recently that I think is worth thinking about, but I don’t know the answer to.  We already know President Obama was subject to racism from the right.  But is it also true that the left is … Continue reading

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Trump “Cabinet Meeting” Was Fake To The Nth Degree

Here’s what the media said about Trump’s “cabinet meeting” where they went around the room making up huge lies about how awesome Trump is, etc. “weird” CNN “pathetic, shameful, unAmerican”  Twitter “awkward” CNBC “embarassing” Axelrod “strokefest” Colbert “sick” Morning Joe … Continue reading

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The Iowa Right Wing Cult Machine

The right wing propaganda/cult machine is driving Iowa politics.  Find your local station in the list below.  These Iowa stations broadcast multiple hours every day of right wing propaganda over the publicly owned airwaves.  Call/write your local station. Tell them … Continue reading

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Trump Has Met Criteria For Impeachment By Every Measure

John Nichols lays it out – why Trump can and should be impeached and the dangers of delay.

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U.S. Not Leaving Paris Agreement Yet – Here’s What You Should Know

Dear Friends, As you know, today the White House announced that the United States would begin the process of leaving the Paris Agreement. Removing the United States from the Paris Agreement is a reckless and indefensible action. It undermines America’s … Continue reading

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All Hands On Deck – Trump Coming To Eastern Iowa

Please share far and wide. Find your Indivisible Iowa group here and start making plans to show up for the Iowa #TrumpResistance.   http://www.kwwl.com/ Donald Trump will be in Cedar Rapids next week. Donald Trump will be at the DoubleTree … Continue reading

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Grassley Asks Irrelevant Questions of Sally Yates

Grassley’s questions start at around 19:00.  

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Call Senators Ernst and Grassley

Thank you Dave Bradley for compiling this handy list.  Call, call, call if you’ve had it with Republicans.  The senate will vote next on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Numbers to contact the Ernst Offices: Washington, DC     (202) 224-3254 … Continue reading

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