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Iowans Will Take Action To Save Pensions From Republican Robber Barons

Press release/action alert: Iowans To Tell Governor, Legislature – ‘Keep Your Promise, Respect Our Retirement’ Press conference Monday, January 14th Day of action to protect retirement security planned for January 23rd Des Moines, Iowa — Iowans will speak out at … Continue reading

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Republican Proposal To Ration Health Care

from the Iowa Senate Democrats –  In the final days of the 2018 campaign, a Northwest Iowa State Senator may have mistakenly released the Republican Party of Iowa’s secret plan to “fix” the Medicaid privatization mess. During a forum last … Continue reading

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Money Money Money Money

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Iowa Republicans Still Blindly Following Trump

“Roughly 44 percent of voters nationwide approve of Trump’s job performance and 51 percent disapprove, according to Real Clear Politics’ average of national polls…Those numbers were the same found in Iowa, according to an Iowa Poll published in February in … Continue reading

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Nate Boulton Tells It Like It Is About The Iowa Republican Party

Nate Boulton issues a call to action and a warning about what is sure to come this legislative session.

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Iowa Republicans Plan To Dismantle IPERS

For the 2018 session, Iowa Republicans already have filed legislation to mess with the retirement of hundreds of thousands of public employees. Senate File 45 would begin to dismantle IPERS and other Iowa public retirement programs by blocking new Iowa … Continue reading

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Why Iowa Republicans Know They Can Get Away With Anything

Even more Medicaid cuts?  Why would Republicans do something this despicable?  Answer: Because they can. Because they have been getting away with it and will probably continue to get away with it in the forseeable future. Iowa Republicans know there … Continue reading

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Blum Faces Angry Constituents In Cedar Rapids: Full Video

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Koch Brothers Attempt To Influence Iowa Elections

CMD: Since Republican Governor Terry Brandstad will not face election for another two years, the Iowa GOP’s goal is to hold the House and flip the Senate by gaining three seats. The Kochs are backing 21 candidates for the Iowa … Continue reading

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GOP Gerrymandering Iowa Style

If You Can’t Win, Change The Rules: Local Version Follow John Deeth at jdeeth.blogspot.com. The recent Republican effort in swing states to game the electoral college by changing to a district system died a quick death, in large part out … Continue reading

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