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Ed Fallon, Bold Iowa And The Dakota Access Pipeline

Ed Fallon lives and works in Des Moines and has long been a friend of Blog for Iowa. Here’s an update on Ed’s current activities from an interview conducted last week via email. We noticed you are affiliated with Bold … Continue reading

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Austin Frerick: “People Don’t Trust Politicians Anymore”

Even Ed had to work hard to keep up with Austin Frerick’s agile mind, impressive knowledge and quick retorts.  Austin is a candidate for U.S. congress from Iowa’s third district.   https://www.austinfrerick.com/  Follow Austin’s campaign on Facebook and Twitter. [*BFIA Editor’s … Continue reading

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Stand With Iowa Landowners Against Pipeline

Action alert from Ed Fallon Please join us on Thursday, December 15 for what is shaping up to be a big event. There is growing national interest, too. (Check out the interview I did with Ed Schultz.) Here’s the detail: WHAT: Stand … Continue reading

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Some Need Counseling After Listening to Trump Speech

fallonforum.com Dear Friends, So, I’m watching Trump’s convention speech yesterday (bad idea) on my laptop over lunch (an even worse idea) when, halfway through, I find myself searching on my phone for information on how to become an Irish citizen. Then I find myself … Continue reading

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Fallon Forum: Keep Fighting Bakken Pipeline

fallonforum.com Dear Friends, In the past three weeks, unlikely coalitions have stopped two pipelines: Palmetto in Georgia and Kinder Morgan in New England. These victories are very encouraging to those of us fighting to stop Bakken, and we need to … Continue reading

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This Week On The Fallon Forum: IUB And The Seven Minutes

Dear Friends, Governor Branstad’s appointees to the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) — Geri Huser, Nick Wagner and Libby Jacobs — should be ashamed of themselves. Sure, it was clear all along that Branstad had stacked the deck in favor of … Continue reading

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This Week On The Fallon Forum

**Update and Correction: The Iowa Utilities Board does meet Wednesday, March 9th at 9:00 a.m., but that meeting is closed to the public. They will be making their decision entirely behind closed doors. The IUB will announce their Bakken permitting … Continue reading

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Steak Not Cake

Dear Friends, This weekend, I attended a most incredible, eclectic gathering of around 2,000 farmers, rednecks and environmentalists. People arrived via pick-up truck, Prius and Harley. They came to support Lee County landowners fighting to stop the Bakken pipeline. If … Continue reading

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Fallon Forum: Ostrich Society

Dear Friends, The propensity of humans to pretend all is well when it’s not is hardly new. Look back 2,600 years, when Jeremiah warned Israel of impending doom at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar, only to be ridiculed and ignored. Closer … Continue reading

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Fallon Forum Fair Fun And Foibles

Dear Friends, (Check out and “like” my Facebook Page for pics, videos and impressions of the presidential candidates . . . and for updates on my exploits with chickens and organic gardening). “Hey kids! Forget the pony rides. This year, … Continue reading

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