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Sinclair-Tribune Merger Can Still Be Stopped

DemandProgress.org FCC Chair Ajit Pai is rolling out the red carpet for Sinclair to become the largest owner of TV stations in America, reaching 72% of the country. That’s why we’ve called on the FCC Inspector General to investigate Pai’s … Continue reading

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The Lies Republicans Tell To Keep Control In The Hands Of A Small Group Of Billionaires

The Thom Hartmann Program is the leading progressive talk radio show for political news and comment about government and politics, plus special guests and callers. The Thom Hartmann Program can be heard on stations across all states and three continents, … Continue reading

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How Did Donald Trump Become President? The Truth The Media Dare Not Utter

You must forgive your fellow lefties. In the heat of the campaign and aftermath of the election, hard feelings prevail within our party and it is easy to blame fellow Democrats, progressives, lefties, Greens, for everything that went wrong.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Memories

It is hard to ignore the elephant in the room. In two months America will be on a new adventure reversing what was mostly a forward journey into the future. While the ship of state would sometimes shudder and lurch … Continue reading

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How False Equivalence Distorts Campaign Coverage

“News outlets have paid the same amount of attention to the Clinton emails or the Clinton Foundation as they have to the unprecedented, democracy-threatening dumpster fire that is the Trump campaign.”  

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In Defense of Donald Trump

Everyone has something that they are “so sick of,” in this election cycle. Here’s mine:  The endless rants about Donald Trump. The social media conversations going on and on, outraged over his latest egregious comment, the clever, biting anti-Trump memes.  … Continue reading

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Did You Hear About Clinton’s Mental Health Agenda?

Our media is not serving our democracy.  Far from it. Thom Hartmann nails it in this brief clip from his show that you can catch daily.  He is the nation’s #1 progressive talk radio host.  Click here to find a … Continue reading

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Corporate Media Ignores Violent Far Right

“Corporate media outlets just aren’t that interested in reporting on the violent far right — even when their crimes are international news.” by Jim Naurecka Otherwords.org Shortly before the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” vote, the shocking murder of Jo Cox — … Continue reading

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Why Citizen Journalism Is Our Last Best Hope

“News journalism is no longer capable of being a watch dog for Democracy.” – Helen Thomas “Info-tainment gibberish specialists have replaced serious journalists. Citizen journalism is our last, best hope.”  – Mike Papantonio Watch this. Learn something.

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Is This The Party Of Eisenhower?

Just What Is Radical Today? The right wing press in this country uses every opportunity to call candidates such as Bernie Sanders “radical.” If you understand the concept of being radical as something or someone who deviates dramatically from a … Continue reading

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