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“We Have A Way To End This Pandemic”

NOTE: Not Safe For Work {NSFW} This woman is really good with numbers. Using those numbers, she spells out why being unvaccinated is, frankly, almost a death wish One number that she didn’t mention is that since the beginning we … Continue reading

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Today: Treasonous Insurrection Part 2

In case you missed it, today is the followup to the January 6th treasonous insurrection. No one seems to to have any idea what to expect. Congress made a prudent move and took this weekend off. If we have groups … Continue reading

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U of Arkansas Finds Possible Cause Of Long Covid

Thanks to the ineptitude or rather the desire by the previous president and a group of Republican governors (including Reynolds) our nation was bequeathed a massive pandemic. With the pandemic came massive misinformation and a large core group of true … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Amazing Women Of Iowa Edition

Going back to the office is hard. From the Flemish TV show, De Ideale Wereld. Just realized that Iowa may be on the cusp of something unique next year. With a long way to go before any voting starts for … Continue reading

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Bohannan Endorsed By In Ia-02 is a website with this stated mission: We’re on a mission to elect more scientists to Congress, state legislatures, and local offices. As trained problem-solvers, STEM professionals are ready, willing, and able to find solutions for the significant … Continue reading

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Remember: 9/11 Was A Major Failure Of Leadership

While the media will be remembering today as the day when 3,000 Americans die, I can bet that few if any media outlets will remind us that the attacks themselves were the result of a massive failure of the leaders … Continue reading

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Labor Day: Let’s Talk About Inequality

I am a true believer in celebrating laborers in our society and inn the world economy. We have noting unless someone mines it, fabricates it, processes it or distributes it.  Yet in the economic system of capitalism as practiced in … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Labor Day Edition

Thom Hartmann tells the story of how Ronald Reagan cut the heart out of unions. (7 minutes) Sadly, the celebration of Labor and the acknowledgement of gains for the Labor force in the US have been greatly diminished over the … Continue reading

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Mixing Religion And Government

Abortion laws on Texas that were given a nod of approval by SCOTUS in a shadow-docket decision may engulf the US quickly:   Quotes from Barry Goldwater on mixing religion and politics:   Mark my word, if and when these preachers … Continue reading

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Iowans Want September To Be Declared Labor Union Appreciation Month

Progress Iowa <> Wed 9/1/2021 2:00 PM For Immediate Release: September 1, 2021 Contact: Ivy Beckenholdt, Iowans Want September To Be Declared Labor Union Appreciation Month More than 80 elected officials, organizations, and businesses sign on in support at … Continue reading

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