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Final Week Of The Ernst Traveling Town Halls

Town Halls sorted by date and time. For a list of town halls alphabetically by county please go here. We attended town halls in Johnson County, Cedar County and Muscatine County last Tuesday. In Johnson County the staffer merely … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Pardon Me! Edition

Wow are we ever in untrod territory! The current president has been exploring just how extensive his pardoning powers are. Many analysts speculated a few months ago that he would be doing this, but it seemed at the time that … Continue reading

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Branstad, Reynolds, Hogg And Jobs

Remember the bogus numbers the Branstad administration would put out monthly on job creation? Branstad had set a goal of 200.000 jobs in 5 years which was a very lofty goal. Knowing that that would be one number that his … Continue reading

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Toxic Masculinity, Sexual Harassment And Iowa

Seems like as we get older we slowly lose touch with the latest in trends and terms. This week the term “toxic masculinity” is new to my vocabulary, although the behaviors it describes are hardly new to our society. In … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Let’s Do It Again

The way I see it Republicans are working up to some legislative terrorism right now. They don’t scare people to death or drive into crowds with vans. What they do is make things that people need to live unattainable such … Continue reading

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Chuck Grassley: The Senate’s Keystone Kop

Scene: Outside a major bank in a major city that has just been robbed. The perpetrator got away to begin with, but came back in order to brag to pretty much anyone who would listen that HE had indeed robbed … Continue reading

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Third Week Of the Ernst Traveling Show

The third week of the 4 week Joni Ernst 99 county traveling show takes place next week. Senator Ernst herself will not be appearing at any of these meetings. Her staffers will be holding these meetings and be passing information … Continue reading

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Russia Readying To Attack Our Electric Grid?

Ran across this very scary article yesterday concerning hacking into computer systems that control power plants and our electric grid, including nuclear power plants. The fact that this happened should send shivers down your spine. “Hackers working for a foreign … Continue reading

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Tom Greene And The Cost Of Insulin

Tom Greene, who is sadly my state senator, was the deserved subject of an editorial blast from the Des Moines Register on July 4th. Seems that Mr. Greene responded to a previous Register editorial concerning the exorbitant price increases for … Continue reading

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Where’s Charles?

He’s on a break But who would know? He seems to be hiding He must have camped in a deep dark hole. I just want to talk about health care And maybe my friend dying Will he vote to keep … Continue reading

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