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The High Five!

Another High Five from Progress Iowa. The legislature is back in session so be careful out there: We made it to Friday! It’s been a busy week in Iowa, but that’s why our team is here to give you the … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Monkeypox Edition

BTW: In case you hadn’t heard among all the other noise of the week, there has been a small outbreak of a disease called monkeypox in Europe, Canada and the US. Monkeypox is apparently related to small pox and is … Continue reading

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Scary Decision By The 5th Circuit Court Wednesday

A story that should have caused all the cable messers to break out their largest and brightest “Breaking News” banners was barely reported on Wednesday night. That story would be a decision handed down by the US Fifth Circuit Court … Continue reading

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Baby Formula Vote Exposes Iowa Republican Lies

Perhaps like many of you, I get an email newsletter usually on Sunday night from our local congress member Mariannette Miller-Meeks. This week it came on Monday. My guess as to why is that the congress member had to spend … Continue reading

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The High Five

Ince more we bring you Progress Iowa’s Friday High Five. I don’t honestly know why Republicans still have the legislature in session. I guess their desire to gut Iowa’s public school system is strong. We made it to Friday! Thank … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Roe v. Wade Won’t Go Away Edition

For those in the now Trumpinista party who think that if they and their media lackeys simply ignore the upcoming SCOTUS decision that the effects on their election chances will not be effected. Millions of women around the country stood … Continue reading

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Idle Thoughts As Summer Comes In

Slowly, despite continued help from the mainstream media, Republicans are revealing themselves to be the hypocritical, selfish, greedy authoritarians that we have always known they were. It is sad that destroying Roe v. Wade was what it took to get … Continue reading

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Republican Party Surrenders To TFG

Now that primary season is upon us throughout the land, it is very interesting to see that what was once the Republican Party is being primaried out of existence by its one time leader, the previous president. Just Tuesday, The … Continue reading

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No High Five Today

When it came Friday it was mostly about Reproductive Rights rallies. It has been incorporated into yesterday’s post. The major issue that Republicans are still dealing with is destroying Iowa’s once highly praised public school system. The plan is to … Continue reading

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“Soul Crushing Milestone”

US officially passes one million deaths from Covid. From Scientific American of March 29th:   “The U.S. will record one million confirmed deaths from COVID in the next several weeks. This toll is likely an undercount because there are more … Continue reading

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