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Earth Day ALERT: Bayer, Monsanto Merger Nears

A little reminder dropped into my mailbox the other day from a group known as “Friends of the Earth.” The reminder was that the mega merger of Bayer and Monsanto was still in the works and had recently passed some … Continue reading

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Backfill Cut Is BS

Editor’s note: This ‘on the money’ rant from a friend landed in my mailbox on Friday morning. It is quite self explanatory You can email your legislator and urge them to vote NO on SF 2081- backfill elimination bill. Backfill? … Continue reading

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2018 Legislative Agenda

For those who did not get this in their email. It is a week old, but still quite relevant. See previous post to find your legislative forum this weekend. ***   Statehouse Update, January 22  *** We’re just starting Week 3 … Continue reading

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Putting Iowans First

Focus On Improving Lives for Everyday Iowans (From the Iowa Senate Democrats) DES MOINES – Democratic lawmakers outlined their new plan today called Putting Iowans First.  The plan was developed by lawmakers to keep the 2018 session focused on improving … Continue reading

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Horse And Sparrow Economics

  About 4 minutes Listening to Them Hartmann last week I heard a discussion concerning the long history of trickle down economics. Like most I thought that trickle down was a creation of of people like Arthur Laffer and his … Continue reading

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As You Shop Next Weekend, Retailers Collapse

Was this a product of Amazon and other online retailers? No, more likely it was the product of greed, poor management and that uniquely American creation known as the vulture capitalist. Continue reading

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SCOTUS To Hear Case Designed To Gut Unions

Grassley’s Obstruction About To Pay Huge Returns For The Wealthy Thursday morning the Supreme Court agreed to hear Janus v. AFSCME  The SCOTUS has once more agreed to hear a case designed to gut public unions. In 2016 an 8 … Continue reading

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From Bruce Bartlett: Tax Cuts Don’t Work

One Of The Designers Of The Gospel Of Tax Cuts Says: It Is Hogwash (25 minutes total for both videos) At the national level, we are about to head into a major debate on the budget. Trump and the radical … Continue reading

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Corporate Tax Cuts And Jobs

It’s a Myth That Corporate Tax Cuts Mean More Jobs By SARAH ANDERSON AUG. 30, 2017   “The arithmetic for us is simple,” AT&T’s chief executive, Randall Stephenson, said on CNBC in May. If Congress were to cut the 35 percent tax on … Continue reading

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Signs Of Economic Cutbacks Due To Uncertainty?

A short discussion on the radio the other day caught my ear. Like so many we have our antennae up looking for signs that the great house of cards that Republicans claim are good economic policies will start coming apart … Continue reading

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