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Toward Sustainable Pandemic Recovery

The climate crisis continues in the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic with its economic downturn threatens years of progress addressing climate change and sustainability. It’s now or never for the environment. Governments are expected to spend trillions of dollars in stimulus … Continue reading

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Earth Day 50 Years Later

I helped organize my home town for the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970. Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders’ Dec. 24, 1968 Earthrise photograph changed the way we look at our lives. We became aware of the fragility of human … Continue reading

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Climate Justice Is A Defining Issue Of Our Time

by Ralph Scharnau Republished with permission Reading the press, watching television, looking at digital material has brought the concept of climate change to public consciousness. Various governmental agencies, political groups, and the UN have also weighed in on the issue. … Continue reading

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Naomi Klein On Climate Deniers “They Think Their Wealth Will Protect Them”

In discussing two types of climate change deniers, Naomi Klein says the only thing scarier than a climate change denier that doesn’t believe in climate change, is a climate change denier that does believe in climate change.  She explains how … Continue reading

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UI Student Activists Confront President Harreld On Coal Power Plant

Students chant “no more excuses!” on coal, demanding action from U of I president Bruce Harreld on ending the coal plant’s contributions to carbon-dioxide emissions.  Check out more videos on Blog for Iowa’s YouTube channel. Follow us on Facebook and … Continue reading

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A Climate Action For Every Iowan

Iowa Public Television devoted its weekly Iowa Press program to climate change. Dr. Gene Takle, Professor Emeritus at Iowa State University and Dr. David Courard-Hauri, Professor and Director of the Environmental Science and Policy Program at Drake University faced reporters … Continue reading

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Getting Attention On Climate Change

Ed Fallon is a friend of Blog for Iowa and we support what he does with his radio program and his advocacy against oil and natural gas pipelines in Iowa. He caught the attention of Democrats in Cedar Rapids last … Continue reading

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Jay Inslee At The Cedar River

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Saturday afternoon I drove to the Overlook Pavilion in Ellis Park where State Senator Rob Hogg had organized a “climate conversation” with Washington Governor Jay Inslee who is an announced candidate for president. Hogg reminded us … Continue reading

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Gardening The Climate Crisis

Gardening is one of the most popular activities on the planet. Whether one lives in an apartment, in a single-family home, or on a farm, local food and flower production can be satisfying on multiple levels. A garden can be … Continue reading

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Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim Chronicles Journey To Wake Up The Nation

“I write this book to chronicle a journey of seven million steps, sounding the alarm that we have unleashed great evil upon our collective home, attempting to rouse a nation out of apathy, challenging every day people to extraordinary action.”  … Continue reading

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