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20 Procedural “Irregularities” Used By Iowa Republicans

From the Facebook page of Senate Minority Leader Rob Hogg  @SenatorRobHogg While it is fresh in my mind, here is a list of 20 major procedural irregularities used by Republicans on the bill to take away workers’ rights and teachers’ … Continue reading

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How The Modern Day GOP Used Gerrymandering To Regain Power After Obama

The University of Iowa Public Policy Center sponsored a discussion about gerrymandering last week. “A discussion about redistricting between David Daley, former editor-in-chief of, and Jonathan Winburn, associate professor of political science at the University of Mississippi, moderated by … Continue reading

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Iowa Meet Your Next Governor


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What Is The Ted Cruz Campaign Strategy: Second Reagan Revolution..or Second Coming Of Christ?

Why are we worried about Trump when we’ve got Ted Cruz?  And for that matter, why are we worrying about Hillary and Bernie’s campaign staff foibles?  We have way bigger problems. Here are some scary or fun (depending on whether … Continue reading

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Full Video: University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld’s Public Forum And Q & A

“Why did the board of regents install an overpaid puppet? What is their agenda? Where is the protest?”     In order to understand what has just happened,one has only to look at Republican governors across the country enacting the … Continue reading

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Paulsen Retires But House Continues in ALEC’s Hands

Just in case the citizens of Iowa were concerned that the retirement of Kraig Paulsen as speaker of the House next January might loosens ALEC’s grip on the Iowa House rest assured that the most likely successor is even tighter … Continue reading

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Why The GOP Is Losing Voters

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Donald Kaul: No Difference Between Jeb And Dubya Of Course Jeb Bush Would Have Invaded Iraq The former Florida governor gets too much credit for being smarter than his brother. By Donald Kaul Jeb Bush must have set some kind of record for political flip-flopping this month. … Continue reading

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BP Gets Off – A Nation Of Laws?

Ed Schultz did yeoman’s work over the past couple of weeks following up on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. As noted in the video above the perpetrator of the spill, BP, did all it could to avoid restitution for … Continue reading

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Republicans Fake Concern About Income Inequality

The Iowa senate passed a raise in minimum wage Monday on pretty much of a party line vote. One Republican joined twenty six Democrats to pass the bill. This would be good news if Democrats controlled the other legislative House … Continue reading

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