Christie Vilsack In Dead Heat

Good news reported on Friday: Christie Vilsack and Steve King (maker of real nightmares) are in what is essentially a dead heat. This of course means that Mr. King is on a trend of losing considerable support over the past several weeks. I like this trend. One thing is sure, if you want to help keep that trend line headed in the right direction, send Christie some love. You know something green and folding – to help remove a stain from Iowa

 Don’t Forget Dave, Bruce and Leonard

Dave Loebsack’s opponent is the recipient of a ton of Republican money. He will be blasting hard and Dave needs help:

Bruce Braley’s opponent is getting a huge influx of superPac help. We need Bruce in congress:

And Leonard Boswell is in a knock-down, drag out fight with another incumbent congress person. He can use some help also:

Or if you don’t have a few extra bucks, going down to their campaign offices and making some calls or stuffing some envelopes is always appreciated. They may have the money, but we have the people, the hearts and the soul. Can you imagine Iowa with an all democratic representation in the US House? I can!

Romney Budget Would Send More Jobs Overseas
One thing about Republicans, they can never tell what is really in their plans. If they did , few would vote for them. But every now and then they slip up and let the truth out like Romney did when he was videoed by a hidden camera. In that same vein, sometimes an educated reading of their documents reveals truth. A reading of the Romney/ Ryan budget reveals that a proposed policy, a “territorial tax system” (or better said an elimination of taxes on overseas profits) would have the effect of sending a huge number of jobs offshore. And as the name implies, there would also be major manipulation of profit numbers such that many US companies will technically make no money in the US. Thus corporations will get to screw us over twice as they send jobs offshore and pay no taxes. Read the details here


 Romney Budget Would Ruin Farmers

Remember the drought? Remember the floods? Ever hear of crop insurance? Just another one of those horrible big government ideas! Mitt and Paul team up to help separate farmers from their farms. Kick a man when he is down, it’s the Republican way!

Looking For Reasons To Vote State Races?
Folks, don’t forget those down ballot races. If Republicans take over the Iowa Senate and retain the House, Branstad can have his dream of being the next Scott Walker. Here are a few things you can look forward to if Republicans win:

– ending of many municipal extras like pools, recreation centers and library cutbacks

– major push to bust unions, especially public unions
– more cutbacks in education
This is just a beginning, but should be enough to get your attention. Wisconsin should have scared you enough to be sure to vote down ballot and make that a Democratic vote.

Republican Campaign Mailings: Should They Go Fed-Ex?
Considering that the Republican Party has done all it can to destroy the US Post Office, seems to me that they should, as a matter of conscience, use either Fed-Ex or United Parcel or maybe even Roadway to send out their campaign mailings. Talk about hypocritical! Thus they could show their undying support for the glories of the “market place” by paying 10 times what the USPS charges.

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