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$15 An Hour? You Bet!

Here is a brief video from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (ICCI) concerning the move for a minimum wage of $15 per hour in Polk County. $15 an hour works out to slightly over $30,000 per year before taxes for … Continue reading

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Walmart, Work and Value

The consensus in social media was Walmart’s substantial stock decline on Wednesday – in advance of lower earnings projections – couldn’t have happened to a better group of jerks. The jerks are the five individuals and groups who together own … Continue reading

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Republicans Fake Concern About Income Inequality

The Iowa senate passed a raise in minimum wage Monday on pretty much of a party line vote. One Republican joined twenty six Democrats to pass the bill. This would be good news if Democrats controlled the other legislative House … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Tales 2 – ALEC Wines And Dines Your Representative

After all the food is eaten and the shopping has been started and after Americans return at least for a while to there workaday reality, corporations will wine and dine state legislators from across the land quietly in Washington DC. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Tales 1: Working In America

As in the past three years, Walmart workers and sympathizers are once again picketing stores across the country for better wages and working conditions. The crushing of unions across the country and especially at Walmart has led to the deplorable … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality And Other Thoughts

Internet Neutrality appears to be dead. If you want to know what that will mean in practical terms, I have been told to look at our current wasteland of a cable and satellite TV system. I suppose you could add … Continue reading

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The Shame Of The Republicans

Last Week when our main stream media made a big to do about the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the “War On Poverty” they gave plenty of time for Republicans to strut in front of cameras across the country … Continue reading

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Walmart Protest In Iowa City.

Protesters gathered at the turn off to Walmart from Hwy. 1 in south Iowa City yesterday. They held signs to passing motorists and got many approving thumbs up and honks. One young man told one protester to go back to … Continue reading

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Walmart Protest

Just a reminder that There will be a protest of low wages at Walmart in Iowa City beginning at noon today. No doubt workers would welcome your support.

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Quick Hits – Black Friday Protest Walmart

From what I understand there will be an action at the Iowa City Walmart on Hwy. 1 west at noon on Nov. 29. If you can take an hour or two to support these brave folk in their struggle for … Continue reading

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