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Prime the Pump

This is another guest post from Larry Hodgden. Larry is a retired Viet Nam era veteran of the USAF. He and his wife of 40 years, Sharon, have three children and seven grandchildren who keep him very busy. Family, education, … Continue reading

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Lifelong Republican Leaves Party

Editor’s note: I ran across this incredible post on democraticunderground last week. As you can see the person writing this really poured their very soul into it. This entry is long, but quite thorough and I believe expresses a frustration many are feeling.

I sought and got permission from the author to publish it here. He requested that I include this preface when we published:

I am a Republican who is upset at the direction my party has taken. When I voted for McCain in the last election I thought he was a “Moderate Republican.” We were fighting for the soul of our party, and I thought Palin was just a bone thrown to the crazies in my party. I am a social conservative, but an economic pragmatist. I have tried to post this letter at Republican blogs and it is always taken down. I hope this letter gives moderates the courage to help take back my party. We need a center-left and center-right political parties, not parties on the extremes. Continue reading

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Romney Rhetoric Comes Home

Last week Romney said that culture was the difference between the per capita GDP of Palestinian people and Israelis. Based on that logic, then mostly republican states in the US share that same issue. ALEC Exposure Becoming Toxic to Corporations. Based … Continue reading

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Yankee Romney Goes To London

The Olympic are in full swing. Michael Phelps is swimming, Rafalca is dancing and Mitt Romney has his hand out for money. What could be more thrilling than the pageantry and power of the Olympics and the pandering and gaffes of … Continue reading

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A Comedian’s Wet Dream: Romney And The Republicans.

What makes us laugh? That is a question that has roused man’s curiousity for eons. One thing that makes us laugh is expecting something normal in a comment or picture only to be presented with something that doesn’t fit, but … Continue reading

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Romney To Check Up On His Money Overseas

Looks like Mitt Romney will be taking an Overseas trip this month. No doubt this is to burnish his image as a presidential candidate. Insiders know that there will be at least one stop to roll around in his money at … Continue reading

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Romney Types ARE The Problem

July 4th always used to be a day when I felt proud of our country. It used to be the day when I thought of the America where a young person of quite humble background could grow up to be a … Continue reading

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Wandering Thoughts From A Lefty Mind

As elusive as reality on Fox News. As elusive as the truth to Mitt Romney. The money the rich are spending to buy this election could buy some good infrastructure and schools in this country If I every get surrounded … Continue reading

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Branstad Cuts Food Aid For Needy

Terry, our right wing tool of a governor, Branstad took out the old veto pen on Friday of Memorial Day  weekend to slice out a portion of the hard work that the legislature had done over an otherwise poorly productive … Continue reading

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