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Beto Swears, Joins Warren And Buttiegieg In Holding The Media Accountable

One step forward for Democracy. Finally, someone displays the appropriate level of affect when referring to Trump!  Beto O’Rourke apparently has had enough of  the media’s crap and Trump’s crap and didn’t mind saying so, and that is exactly what … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham Senate Seat In Danger

Many of our readers may not know that this blog began with the Howard Dean presidential campaign of 2004.  And so we continue to honor the doctor’s requests if we can.  It’s not like we don’t have enough places to … Continue reading

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Dean: “Our Base is Women, People of Color and Young People”

Howard Dean is no longer just the former DNC chair. He is currently in charge of the Democrat National Committee voter data program.  Smart move by the DNC. The DNC also showed some gumption by banning Fox News from hosting … Continue reading

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Howard Dean On Why Doug Jones Won

Follow Howard Dean on Facebook Reasons Doug Jones won: 1) he is a good candidate:  Alabama native in tune with Alabama values 2) Alabama is changing. Roy Moore represents the worst of Alabama’s stereotyped past. The state remains a conservative … Continue reading

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Interview With Governor Howard Dean: Young People Will Rebuild The Democratic Party

http://ksr.hkspublications.org/2017/11/07/interview-with-governor-howard-dean-rebuilding-the-democratic-party/ Liz Hanson is a second-year master in public policy student at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Governor Dean is not interested in rehashing the 2016 election. There are a range of reasons he believes … Continue reading

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Dean Endorses McGuire For Governor


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Howard Dean Threatens New Hampshire Primary Over Proposed Voter ID Restrictions

 There is no doubt if Dean was DNC chair this is exactly what he would do. http://www.thedailybeast.com The former DNC chair has major concerns about the Kris Kobach-led effort and about a new law in New Hampshire that could restrict … Continue reading

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Democrats Will Have Staff On The Ground In All 50 States

Action alert from Howard Dean: When I was the chair of the Democratic Party, my team made what a lot of people said was a controversial choice. We invested in putting staff on the ground in every state in the … Continue reading

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Howard Dean Stumps For Hillary In Iowa City

It was like a Dean campaign reunion. Governor Dean even said it was the first time in his travels that actually made him think nostalgically about the Dean campaign of 2003. Last night in Iowa City Howard Dean made a … Continue reading

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Help DFA Elect Progressive Candidates

A request from Howard Dean: I want to thank you all for the fantastic birthday card and all the warm wishes you sent along with it. I find birthdays to not only be about celebrating but also a time to … Continue reading

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