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Graduation 2023 In Iowa And Other Red States

A story that got a little bit of notice a couple of weeks ago had to do with young college graduate Iowans leaving the state to go elsewhere for employment. This is hardly a new trend. As we have noted … Continue reading

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Jobs Aren’t The Issue

The overlooked part of President Joe Biden’s remarks about the January jobs report is this, “As my dad used to say, ‘A job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about your dignity.’” Make no mistake that Democrats … Continue reading

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The High Five!

Another High Five from Progress Iowa. The legislature is back in session so be careful out there: We made it to Friday! It’s been a busy week in Iowa, but that’s why our team is here to give you the … Continue reading

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Reminder: Elections Are About Issues

Republicans push “culture wars.” Democrats have solutions to problems. A daily news letter from Robert Reich reminded me that elections should be about issues. On of the biggest issues that affects nearly every American every day is health care. Somehow … Continue reading

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Iowa Has A Choice For Governor

 In a rather surprising editorial in the Des Moines Register last week John and Terri Hale wrote about encounters with former Iowans at various places around the country. After some banter, they said, a common theme came up: An example: … Continue reading

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So Let’s Give Biden Some Credit

I was reminded Wednesday that exactly one year previous we had gotten our first Covid vaccination. When we realized that it had already been a year we started remembering what was happening prior to getting our shots. It was a … Continue reading

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Inequality Media: Worker Exploitation

Few people can explain economic issues and how they affect workers much better than Professor Robert Reich. Here he explains how employers exploit workers. I would imagine most workers reading this have experienced at least one of these situations. (6 … Continue reading

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Robert Reich On Friday’s Jobs Report

Robert Reich started a newsletter last week. While he said the letter would land only a couple times a week, so far he has sent out some truly pithy comments daily – even Saturday. When I saw this, I felt … Continue reading

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Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?

Back in 1980, Ronald Reagan turned a debate with that question. Since then that has been a question that many of us ask ourselves as we evaluate the candidates in our own minds. As the election nears we can use this … Continue reading

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Iowa Policy Project: Is Iowa’s Job Situation As Good As It Appears?

Once again our friends at the Iowa Policy Project ferret out the reality behind the glossy glow of political rhetoric. The subject for today is whether what appears to be a good Iowa jobs report is actually as good as … Continue reading

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