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Food Banks Need Our Help In Iowa

PBS story on food banks in the US (7:10) As we posted last week, the Johnson County CommUnity sent out an emergency letter stating that reserves were low and requesting donations. You can be certain that if the Iowa City … Continue reading

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This Is Iowa? This Is So Sad

This story popped up Thursday. So sad that folks who work a full time job in Iowa have to turn for aid. Credit this to 12 continuous years of republican leadership in Iowa under Branstadt and Reynolds that have suppressed … Continue reading

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Climate Change About To Get Very Real

Hopefully, folks are paying attention to news beyond the impeachment, even though impeachment seems to be all many news organizations seem to be concerned about. If there is one sector of the news that should be mandatory for people to … Continue reading

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Earth Day ALERT: Bayer, Monsanto Merger Nears

A little reminder dropped into my mailbox the other day from a group known as “Friends of the Earth.” The reminder was that the mega merger of Bayer and Monsanto was still in the works and had recently passed some … Continue reading

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Monsanto: Harvest Of Power

Listening to American Public Radio’s Marketplace is kind of an accidental habit with me. It is on at 6:30PM locally which is a time I seem to usually choose as a wash up time. Since that is an area of … Continue reading

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Eaters Must Join Farmers To Reclaim America’s Food System

Every Iowan should listen to this talk about CAFOs and how they get away with it. There is hope through collective action. Click here to find out how to join the fight in Iowa. “Corporations, which should be the carefully … Continue reading

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Why we must listen to Pope Francis‏

The following is an email sent from the Bernie Sanders campaign: “If politics must truly be at the service of the human person, it follows that it cannot be a slave to the economy and finance. Politics is, instead, an … Continue reading

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To Our Grandchild

We want to get our apology in now. We won’t be around a lot longer and it looks like the one thing we had hoped to give you when you reached adulthood was a world that was at least trying … Continue reading

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Humiliating The Poor

This is now something we do in America. No more following the teachings of most religions and ethics. Poor people are to be treated as a pariah in America these days. Reasoning in America today says poor people are responsible … Continue reading

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Iowans For Sherrie Taha

IOWA CITY– The fact that Sherrie Taha, candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, supports reduction of food imports to Iowa only makes sense. “Rather than import the bulk of the food we eat from outside of our state, we need … Continue reading

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