Joni Ernst Allowed To Lie On “This Week”


This is from an excellent article by Jennifer Rubin.  Mainstream press could expose and dispense of a lot of the right wing lies if they would just ask a single follow up question. But they don’t and the Iowa press is just as bad or worse.

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Republicans have no legitimate explanation for their efforts to limit access to the ballot and to seize election administration duties from neutral professionals. And when Republicans appear on mainstream news programs, hosts routinely do a poor job of pressing them on their party’s rationale for subverting our democracy.

On ABC News’s “This Week” on Sunday, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) was at least asked about new voting rules in her state that shorten early voting and close Election Day polls an hour earlier. Does this make voting less secure? She honestly answered that “it’s the same level of security.”

Right there was the opportunity to reveal the dishonesty inherent in Republicans’ voting suppression tactics. She should have been asked: Then why was it billed as an election integrity measure? Was that a lie? Was it an attempt to cement the “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen? But these questions were not asked. Ernst never was pressed to say whether she subscribes to the “big lie,” and if not, how she could belong to a party that has conducted an insidious campaign to delegitimize President Biden’s election.

Ernst came up with the excuse that it had cost too much to man rural election sites and keep polls open one more hour. Really? How much does it cost? Why was this not a problem before? Do you value rural voters enough to give them just a little more time to vote? What if someone needs the extra hour to get to the polls after work? Alas, none of those questions were asked either.

When asked about the shortened period, Ernst gave a classic whataboutism answer, claiming that “we have Democrats that are targeting red states like Iowa again.” This is absurd. They are “targeting” red states because red states are targeting access to the ballot.

Ernst and many other Republicans make the specious claim Democrats want to “federalize” elections. Voting law both constitutionally and statutorily has long been a federal and state responsibility. Everything from the 15th Amendment to the Electoral Count Act to the Voting Rights Act (which Ernst’s party used to support) reaffirmed the federal government’s role to protect the fundamental right to vote. When states seek to impair the right to vote, the federal government has an obligation to step in.

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Help Sarah Trone Garriott Defeat Jake Chapman

Sarah Trone Garriott

Sarah Trone Garriott
is running against Jake Chapman. That is all you need to know to support her campaign.

Even though I was elected to a four-year term in 2020, I am required to stand for re-election in 2022, because I am paired with Republican Senator Jake Chapman.

I was the only Democrat to flip a Republican-held Senate seat in 2020, and now I’m ready to do it again in 2022.

We won by 164 votes in 2020, because of every dollar you contributed, every voter we called, and every new voter we registered. Every conversation we had mattered – and that’s what it is going to take again to win this election. – Sarah Trone Garriott

Everyone should vote for Sarah and if you can’t vote for her because you’re not in her district support her campaign however you can.

Head over to her website to donate or volunteer.

Jake Chapman & his buddies are deliberately undermining Iowa public schools with lies.

Here is a letter to the editor in the Des Moines Register written by a special education teacher after Jake Chapman said Iowa teachers have a “sinister” agenda.

“I am a special education teacher. Because of the students that I serve, there have been times when I have been physically assaulted at school. I’ve been bitten, hit, and bruised. My worst day at school did not batter as badly as Chapman’s comments… The deliberate undermining of the public education system and those that serve it is frightening.” – Northwest Iowa teacher Marieta Irwin

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Ari Berman/Marc Elias On The GOP’s Assault On Democracy

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Gun Deaths In US Remain High

Just took a check on the gun violence archive website to see if gun violence has been cooled a bit by the pandemic. The answer is not at all.

Only 20 days into the new year and nearly 2300 Americans have been killed by gun violence. We are at 100+ a day. We don’t seem to hear much about gun violence anymore. Media decisions to cover the pandemic, the Manchin-Sinema daily drama and the continuing saga of the former president’s criminal activities plus a possible war in Eastern Europe precipitated by Putin keeps the news services occupied these days.

So the daily, weekly, monthly gun violence goes on in this country like background music at a mall. Who would have ever thought they would live to see the continuing daily deaths of 100+ Americans just accepted as a part of living in the US? 

Are our senses now dulled to death with the pandemic? We now have half of our political leaders working to make harder to mitigate the pandemic and save lives. Has this callousness to death caused us o just out gun violence on a shelf and try to ignore it?

I would never have thought America would become so tone deaf to death that we ignore a major cause of deaths in the US. This seems like a very bad sign for our country.

But, hey, time to get a little action going on the football playoffs, ain’t it?  

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Sunday Funday: It’s Impotent Edition

Representative Katie Porter and her white board explain why Biden’s economy is so good. Be careful what you ask for Republicans (I am looking at you, Miller-Meeks, Hinson and Grassley) you may get it. (9 minutes):

Maybe this is the magic key to getting those who have been so scared by the lies and the bigger lies about covid vaccinations off the schneid. Maybe this will be the thing that causes these gullible Americans to shriek back in horror, especially the male of the species. It is just this:  

If the threat of death or severe disability isn’t enough to convince someone to get a COVID-19 vaccination, men can add this possible consequence of coronavirus infection — erectile dysfunction.

A new University of Florida Health study found that men with COVID-19 are more than three times more likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, or ED, than those who are not sickened by the coronavirus. The paper adds to emerging evidence that COVID-19 might impact sexual function, researchers said.

Of course that is if you don’t die. I am not sure which one American males will view as the most serious – death or impotence. Either way, the consequences can be damaging to your sex life. Vaccination, death or impotence? Choose carefully.

Was this the week daTrump got caught? Stay tuned and find out!

A) The senate failed to get a carve out of the filibuster for the voting rights bill. How many Republicans voted for the carve  out to the filibuster for the voting rights bill?

B) Iowa congress member Ashley Hinson drew nation wide derision when she announced projects in her district paid for by the infrastructure bill despite what?

C) Last Saturday, hostages taken in Texas were special in what way?

D) What TV distribution system parted ways with One America Network last week?

E) Did tennis star Novak Djokovic win or lose his appeal to play in the Australian Open despite his refusal to be vaccinated for covid?

F) Fulton County, Georgia DA requested a special Grand Jury to investigate election interference by who?

G) In answering questions about the voting rights bill, Leader Mitch McConnell said “African Americans vote in just as high a percentage” as what other group?

H) Old and tired? President Biden held a press conference that lasted how long Wednesday?

I) “What do they stand for? Name one thing?” President Biden challenged the press corps to explain what what particular group sands for?

J) What Iowa senate leader stated “We have some teachers who are disguising sexually obscene material as desired subject matter and profess it as artistic and literary in value.”?

K) The volcanic explosion on what small Pacific island last week was “the biggest thing that we’ve ever seen.” according to nuclear test monitor that tracks explosions worldwide?

L) It was revealed last week that what SCOTUS justice refused to wear a mask in session thus causing Justice Sotomayor to have to join the session remotely?

M) Due to unfortunate timing, Weber Grills sent out an apology about their recipe  of the day for Friday. What was their recipe of the day for Friday?

N) Among those recently invited to speak with the January 6th committee include what close relative of the former president?

O) An American Airlines flight from Miami to London turned around mid-flight and returned to Miami because of what?

P) Yay Science! The Webb telescope fully completed what phase of its deployment last week?

Q) Fox News(?) host Laura Ingraham openly cheered when she announced what Army general had been diagnosed with Covid?

R) The startup of what systems near airports was delayed due to potential interference with airplane altimeters?

S) ‘Pork Pie Plot’? This odd named scandal involving partying during the Covid lockdown at #10 Downing Street is threatening to bring down whose government?

T) In a cash deal (holy crap!) what company bought game maker Action Blizzard for $70 Billion (pocket change, really)?

It is not Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s fault that republicans will not work with them. It is the republicans’ fault. 

Thank you for taking time to understand basic human relationships. – Florida Chris tweet


A) 0, nada, none, zilch. So therefore the media blames democrats

B) The fact that she not only voted against the bill but made many derogatory speeches against it.

C) They were Jews

D) Direct TV. What is interesting is that Direct TV is owned by AT&T who is the main bankroller of OAN.

E) Lost big time. Mo more Novax

F) Trump

G) Americans! See, African Americans are not Americans implies McConnell

H) 2 hours

I) Republicans

J) Senate President Jake Chapman demonstrating Republican views of teachers.

K) Tonga

L) Neal Gorsuch

M) Meatloaf (the singer Meatloaf had died earlier that day.)

N) Ivanka Trump

O) a passenger who refused to wear a mask

P) Deployment of the telescopes mirrors. The telescope is nearly to its destination – soon we hope to see some incredible discoveries.

Q) JCS Chief general Mark Milley. Way to back the military, Fox!

R) the 5G network

S) Boris Johnson

T) Microsoft – Activision is most known for the game ‘Candy Crush’

Biden Fails To Make Americans Smart In One Year. – Andy Borowitz

Tip of the hat to EarlG on

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Miller-Meeks Cheers On The Virus

Discussion of SCOTUS decision starts at 1:45 goes to 4:30


When I see a politician come out with a statement on the current pandemic that makes it tougher to end the pandemic I react with a ‘WTF are they thinking?’ When that person is a doctor, I am even more astounded.

Maybe I am seeing things cockeyed since I would like to think that those who are in public service would make things like public health a high priority. In the case of Covid, we know and have known for a long time that the very best way to bring the pandemic to and end is to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate! Along with that we need to distance and wear masks. Doing anything less greatly increases transmission.

That is why I was so astounded last Monday when I got Miller-Meeks most recent little weekly news advert in my email. Her first blurb was to praise SCOTUS for knocking down the vaccination mandate. This from a doctor who by her profession should be calling for mitigation factors in stemming the pandemic:

A Win For Iowa’s Businesses and Families

This week, the United States Supreme Court ruled to block the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for businesses.

The decision from the Supreme Court is a win for businesses and workers across this country. The Court has acknowledged that this vaccine mandate is a massive overreach by the Biden Administration. I encourage everyone to get vaccinated, but I do not believe in overreaching federal mandates.

Main Street is already facing the real-world effects of a labor shortage, a mismanaged supply chain, and inflation rates that we have not seen in decades. Every American should be able to decide if a vaccine is right for them, just like I did.

Let’s work to keep businesses open and Americans employed, not shuttered, jobless, and hopeless.

A pile of manure from the pig pen. Let’s break this down.

To begin with we can start with the Preamble to the Constitution which states:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

So there in the preamble is what many believe is the promise to promote public health. 

Even if that were ignored, Miller-Meeks statement is lacking credibility. She is claiming that vaccinating workers within a business will cause worker shortages. Who believes that? Vaccinating workers helps to keep them on the job by giving them protection from getting sick. Or if they do get sick, they do not get as sick and generally return to work quicker and in better shape than those who are not vaccinated.

Also vaccinated employees are less likely to infect other employees since they are less likely to get infected. Also, if vaccinated employees do get the virus, their symptoms are often milder and therefore they are less likely to end up in the hospital. Unvaccinated are more likely to end up in the hospital which costs the businesses money in higher insurance costs and out of pocket expenses. 

Don’t forget that the unvaccinated are more likely to die. Dead employees seldom return to work. Replacing them is costly and time consuming. One of the major reasons we have a labor shortage is because of excess deaths over the past two years. Along with possible dead employees, many eligible workers refuse to work in a place where their chance of getting a deadly infection is high because other employees refuse to get vaccinated.

Mandatory vaccines would help solve the problem of labor refusing to return to the work force. The supply chain problems are clearing up, at least according to such people as the CEO of Walmart. But one of the major reason for the supply chin problem was the lack of folks to do certain jobs. These folks were leaving their jobs to avoid getting infected by Covid. Mandatory vaccination would help alleviate this problem.

Inflation is a global problem. While related to Covid, it is not a problem caused by the Biden Administration. I would like to think our congress member understood such things. Apparently she can’t see beyond the lies she is told.

As a consumer, the US government should have the power as we all do to expect certain levels of quality and safety from those they buy from. I do. I will bet Miller-Meeks does also. I know when the government buys a bauble from your company they inspect where that bauble is made and demand certain specifications for that bauble. Demanding safety in the workplace from a supplier is part of the package. 

There are many places I currently refuse to shop because they do not meet my Covid standards. Were vaccinations mandatory as a consumer I would be more open to doing more purchasing. We most certainly do not want to get Covid.

So I was shocked by Miller-Meeks statement. As she is a doctor I am surprised she approves of a path that most certainly will allow for greater transmission. As one who claims to want the economy to open up more, I am surprised that she would evaluate vaccinating more of the public by mandate and not realize that as long as there is a large segment of the society that is unvaccinated it will act as a huge drag on the economy.

Or maybe that is what she wants. Either way choosing a path that keeps the unvaccinated numbers high is a very bad choice for the country. 

One thing that Republicans have hated for decades is regulation. Perhaps the point is to praise SCOTUS limiting some OSHA power while hiding it in the “freedumbs” concept of non-vaccinations that undermines public health. Here is hoping someone asks about this on the campaign trail.

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Hinson Embarrasses Iowa

Liz Mathis will take the job of congress seriously

What’s that old saying about a politician – someone who finds out which way the parade is going and then hops to the front of it. Here in Iowa we have Ashley Hinson acting as the very epitome of that derisive view of politicians.  

Who can forget last year when Hinson tried to be the darling of the do-nothing congressional Republicans. She made her bones by bad mouthing the much needed infrastructure bill using the usual crowd tested Republican blather – ‘communism, socialism, tax and spend, blah, blah, blah.’ Robot-like, you know? And of course as she was told to do she voted against the infrastructure bill. She leapt to the front of the anti-infrastructure parade.

Federal projects in the local district are popular and they always have been. They bring work to businesses who then hire people to do that work and they source materials locally which spreads the money from the projects around. Those businesses in turn hire workers. Those workers may move into towns in the district where they will build houses, buy food and goods and pay taxes. Generally the federal projects in a district are seen as a very good thing.

Thus when projects were announced the other day, who did Iowans see leaping to the front of the pro-infrastructure parade, damn near breaking her legs to do so? Ashley Hinson of course. Suddenly she became the champion of infrastructure spending. Some who observed her leap said it was Olympian in its grandeur. Once again Hinson had seen which way the parade was going and jumped to the front.

It is hard not to laugh out loud at such brazen behavior. Did she think Iowans would forget that just a few months ago she was 180 degrees opposed to what she was now taking credit for? Why would anyone trust her in the future? Was she against it? 100%. Is she now in favor of it? 100%. Does this sound like someone you can trust?? Not at all!

Like most of today’s Republicans no doubt Hinson is all in favor of huge tax cuts for the wealthy and very little else. Which means as our infrastructure continues to erode to the ravages of time and things like climate change, Ashley Hinson will not be there to maintain that which previous generations built to make this country great. They want the goodies but refuse to pay to maintain it.

Ashley Hinson, a living caricature of what most Americans hate about their politicians. What do Republicans stand for? Tax cuts for the rich and little else.

For those of you who will be voting in the newly named second district, you will have the chance to vote for a candidate who will truly represent you. That is Liz Mathis. Mathis has demonstrated real integrity and solid judgment over her years in the state senate.

Enough of Ashley Hinson’s games. Get registered and get ready to send real representation to Washington in the person of Liz Mathis.

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Miller-Meeks v Bohannan In IA-01 An Easy Choice

IA-01 do you want this person to represent you in congress?

Or do you want this person to represent you in congress?

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Iowa House Democrats Have A Plan For That

Watch the Iowa House Democrats Blue Statehouse Alert LIVE every Tuesday on Facebook. Get updates from House Democratic Leader Rep. Jennifer Konfrst and Minority Whip Rep. Lindsay James!

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What Are Trump’s Civil And Criminal Vulnerabilities?

Al Franken speaks with Joyce Vance.  Very informative podcast.

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