The Brainwashing Of My Dad Comes of Age

Last week Fox News turned 25.  The good news is suddenly Jen Senko, write and director of the award winning The Brainwashing of My Dad, is in the media!  She has broken the taboo against talking about the problem of right wing media, specifically Fox, on cable news. She has made recent appearances on CNN, Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources and  MSNBC The Beat with Ari Melber.  Breaking into the conversation is a huge milestone in the fight against the right wing propaganda machine.

Jen Senko also organizes direct action.

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Podcast By George Talks Deere Strike

If you haven’t already, check out this usually interesting, informative, and user-friendly podcast. We try to listen regularly.

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ICYMI: Iowans Turned Away From Koch Brothers’ Group Event Supporting Hinson

From our friends at Progress Iowa:

For Immediate Release: Oct. 14, 2021

Contact: Ivy Beckenholdt,

ICYMI: Iowans Turned Away From Koch Brothers’ Group Event Supporting Hinson

Des Moines, Iowa — On Saturday, Oct. 2, Representative Hinson’s constituents were turned away from an event hosted by Americans for Prosperity, where Hinson was scheduled to attend and her staff spoke, according to The Gazette. In response, Iowans have spoken out in columns and news stories urging Representative Hinson to address this situation.

Footage of Hinson’s constituents being told to leave the event can be seen here.

The following are excerpts of coverage from around the state:

The Gazette (Print): Americans for Prosperity turns away couple

“The event was purported to feature U.S. Rep. Ashley Hinson. My husband registered for us online and we received a confirmation email that said ‘enjoy the event!’… But we were refused entry.”

“After questioning the gatekeeper as to why we would not be admitted, we were only offered his judgement that we were ‘not philosophically aligned with the group.’”

“As informed citizens, shouldn’t we be monitoring what out-of-state dark money groups are saying? Is Hinson listening to them instead of Iowans in the 1st District?”

Tamera Gertsen of Oxford Junction

The Gazette: Reelecting Rep. Ashley Hinson a priority for free market advocacy group

“It is unfortunate that AFP and Hinson will not engage in dialogue or answer questions about issues that are important to all of us. It doesn’t seem like Hinson wants to listen to anyone whose opinion is different from hers or from Americans for Prosperity.”

JoAnn McNeil of Cedar Rapids

Potluck Media: Koch Brothers’ Group Event to Support Hinson Turns Away Iowa Constituents

“Hinson should stand up for her constituents and commit to allowing all Iowans to her associated events in the future. As she was supposed to attend, and her staff in fact did, Iowans deserve an explanation. It’s time Hinson made Iowans her priority.”

Matt Sinovic, Executive Director of Progress Iowa

Editor’s comment:

Once again we thank Progress Iowa for keeping a watchful eye on politicians.

We just want to add that Congress Members Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks have treated their positions as if what they do is nobody’s business. They are public servants and as such should be open to scrutiny. That is our money they are playing with.

May I also add that both once again voted to default on the debts of the US. Such an irresponsible act could trigger an economic disaster unlike anything ever seen before.

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Sunday Funday: Now With Pumpkin Spice Edition

Okay! After the big storm the other day this fall change is starting to get serious. Later fall color change and leaves falling later are a couple of the very noticeable signs of climate change. Whereas a couple of decades ago, trees were almost naked by now, today many of the leaves are just starting to change.

Our little town used to change out their leaf clean up trucks into snowplows on November 1st until just about 5 years ago. Most of the leaves are still on the trees until November 1st nowadays. But there is one thing that hasn’t changed much – a pile of leaves is still the greatest thing in the world to jump in! (The one and only Stella – 3 minutes of joy!)

We will throw on some questions about autumn today

A) Andrew McCabe had his pension and health care reinstated that he had lost when he was fired from what agency by Trump?

B) Nickolas Cruz wanted his name to be remember. What horrendous act did Cruz commit Feb. 14, 2018 that he will plead guilty to next week?

C) The House Select Committee will vote Tuesday to report what former Trump aide to the whole House for contempt for his failure to answer a subpoena to appear Thursday?

D) Ron Watkins made headlines in Arizona when he announced he would run for the US House. This was notable because Watkins is reputed to be what internet figure?

E) What 90 year old was emotionally overwrought after he took a trip on Jeff Bezos Blue Origin space trip Wednesday?

F) In a bizarre rant late Thursday night before the National Republican Senatorial Committee retreat, what public figure denied he liked ‘golden showers’ without any prompting?

G) Who is the Ancient Greek goddess of agriculture and harvest?

H) In Virginia, Republican Delegate candidate Scott Pio offered what rather unique solution to rising seas?

I) At a rally for Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin attendees were asked to pledge allegiance to a flag that was carried at what notorious event?

J) What major agricultural manufacturer with a large number of employees in Iowa is on strike?

K) What food giant with a major plant in Omaha and that buys tons of Iowa agricultural product is on strike?

L) “Republicans will not be voting in [2022] or [2024]” unless the “thoroughly and conclusively documented” presidential “election fraud of 2020” is investigated.” Said who last week?

M) In Norway, a man used what weapon in an attack that killed five people and wounded three in a quiet Norwegian town?

N) In Wisconsin, parents are suing a local school district that rescinded safety protocols and guidance concerning what current societal hazard?

O) October 19th, 1781 (240 years ago) what major milestone occurred in the our Revolutionary War?

P) Autumn ends with what astronomical event?

Q) What NFL head coach lost his job Monday not because of won-loss record but because of his racist and misogynist views expressed in emails over the years?

R) In Texas, a school district administrator made the news when she told teachers they should balance their teaching of what historical atrocity with books that had an opposing viewpoint?

S) Looks like plenty of good paying jobs will be opening soon as many employees opt to leave rather than comply with what?

T) The Biden administration announced Tuesday they will no longer carry out mass arrests of unauthorized workers at work sites but will instead arrest who?

62% of police deaths over last year were from COVID.  Someone should teach them to use masks and get vaccinated. – John Oberlin



B) The student massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland Florida

C) Steve Bannon. He could look like a giant pumpkin on his orange jumpsuit

D) ‘Q’ of QAnon

E) William Shatner

F) Trump

G) Demeter

H) Remove all boats from the seas. A real scientist calculated that would lower the seas by 6 microns.

I) The January 6th insurrection

J) John Deere

K) Kellogg’s 

L) Trump. We at blog for Iowa encourage Republicans not to vote.

M) a bow and arrow

N) The Covid pandemic

O) Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown ending the Revolution

P) the shortest day of the year, the first day of winter

Q) Jon Gruden

R) The Holocaust – seriously

S) a vaccination mandate

T) Employers who employed these folks.

Social Security checks for retirees and senior citizens will increase by 5.9% in 2022 which is the highest increase in decades. Thanks to President Biden.

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Hey! You Can Vote Now!

School board and city council voting combined in this year’s election.

Don’t forget that the often very important school board and city council elections take place November 2nd this year. In something new that may confuse some folks, both elections have been combined. So when you go into vote you will get a ballot that has both elections on it.

This is the result of election changes that Republicans in the Iowa legislature pushed through. The amount of time was cut in half to 20 days. That began last week on October 13th. Before Election Day you can vote at the county auditor’s office or by mail. Be advised that voting by mail has a much shortened window this year.

Registration status and the absentee request form can be found on the Secretary of State’s website. But the request must be INTO your local county auditor’s office by 5PM Monday October 18th. That is two days from now. Remember also that the USPS is once again slowing down mail service. Be very aware of this if you decide to vote by mail. Mailed ballots must be delivered to the county auditor by the time the polls close on November 2nd.

We will be going into the county auditor’s office to vote. This is  battle for my disabled wife, but we simply must vote.

No matter how you vote you will be required to bring some form of identification. The Des Moines Register has a good list of what constitutes a valid ID:

Valid forms of ID include:

  • Iowa driver’s license
  • Iowa non-driver ID card
  • Out-of-state driver’s license or non-driver ID card
  • U.S. passport
  • U.S. military or veteran ID
  • ID card issued by an employer
  • Student ID issued by Iowa high school or college
  • Tribal ID

If your ID doesn’t contain your current address, you must provide another document that contains your name and address. Valid proof of residency includes:

  • Residential lease

  • Utility or cellphone bill

  • Bank statement

  • Paycheck

  • Government check or other government document

  • Property tax statement

In case you have missed it, voting in these local races has never been more important. For one thing, this is where the Republican Party has made inroads in changing laws and school directions in recent years. The whole made up “controversy” of things like critical race theory will be resolved in the halls of the school boards. Teaching our children truth instead of fairy tales seems to be a value worth going for.

Also don’t forget that school boards can make policy concerning health policies in the schools that your children attend.

Please be sure to vote this year!

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Iowa Man Begs Leader Of Insurrection For His Endorsement

together again

Remember those old TV shows that attempted to show young people how awful it was to get hooked on ‘dope.’ The addicted (usually) man would need a fix, badly. He would be disheveled, with a several days growth of beard often on his knees to some mobster who controlled the drug supply. The druggie would do anything to get that fix while the mobster would treat the druggie as something less than human. 

I don’t know why those old time TV show and often what used to be called ‘B’ movie scenes flashed in my mind when I saw the clip of Chuck Grassley figuratively get on his knees in front of a crowd and all sorts of TV cameras to kiss the ring of the man who held the drug that Grassley wanted so, so badly – an endorsement.

Grassley so reminded me of a man who has, as the saying goes, hit the bottom. After years of carefully building an illusion that he (Grassley) is a man of integrity, he quickly tore it down in one short statement:

“I was born at night but not last night,” Grassley said at the weekend rally. “So if I didn’t accept the endorsement of a person that’s got 91 percent of the Republican voters in Iowa, I wouldn’t be too smart. I’m smart enough to accept that endorsement.”

This glaringly contrasts with Grassley’s earlier in the year statements that Trump should admit that he lost the presidential election and move on:

“As someone who endorsed and campaigned for President Trump, I share in the disappointment of 74 million Americans who voted for him and wanted him to succeed. But we can’t ignore the facts. Every state, every lawsuit and every investigation have delivered the same outcome: Joe Biden will be America’s next president. It is wrong for anyone in a position of public trust to mislead the public about the results of the presidential election, which despite some minor irregularities that we should investigate and address, produced a conclusive result.”

Last Saturday Grassley did a 180 degree turn and negated that statement. Last Saturday, Donald Trump stripped Grassley of any integrity he had in front of a nation of witnesses. We have seen Trump do that to many over the years – Make Pence, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Rudy Giuliani. The list is long and sad. We see politicians kneel before The Godfather and pledge fealty in return for NOT disparaging the beggar. It is always a sad to see a person stripped of their very dignity.

Remember that once the pledge of fealty is given to Trump, Trump can rescind it on a moments notice if he feels the subject is not sufficiently groveling to Trump. Ask any of those mentioned above. On a moments notice each has become an enemy. Grassley has opened himself up to just such an attack.

It is long past time for Iowa to put old Chuck out to pasture. For at least 20 years, Grassley has been a carefully crafted image of what a senator should be while behind the scenes he was one of the worst party hacks. Now he has surrendered his integrity, his dignity and any leverage he had to one of the worst persons in American history.

If you had any idea that after this Chuck Grassley can work for Iowa you are sadly mistaken. Grassley now is a fully invested employee of the Trump empire. If he fails he will endure the wrath of Trump. In Republican world these days, Trump owns the party lock, stock and barrel.

So as we watch Grassley become yet another trophy in the Trump case, let us remind ourselves that Iowa does have some really good candidates for US Senator. They are of course the Democrats who are vying to challenge Grassley next November.

Admiral Mike Franken announced his entry in to the race Thursday. Franken had a distinguished naval career where he often showed incredible leadership. You would never see Franken kiss the ring of such a despicable person.

Abby Finkenauer showed her commitment to everyday Iowans during her service in the Iowa legislature and in her one term in Congress. Finkenauer brings a quiet toughness to the table. Once again, you will not see Abby Finkenauer bow the way Grassley did last Saturday. Finkenauer’s youth is also a pleasant change from a guy stuck in the 1950s.

Dr. Glenn Hurst brings his medical knowledge and a wealth of experience in Iowa’s rural communities to the table at a time when such a background is severely needed in Iowa. Few understand rural Iowa the way Dr. Hurst does.

Finally, Dave Muhlbauer runs a real family farm out by Manilla in western Iowa. Unlike Grassley’s claims to being a farmer, Muhlbauer actually works on the farm. Formerly a county supervisor in Crawford county, Muhlbauer is truly close to Iowans and knows what the state needs.

Back in July, the Des Moines Register poll recorded that only 27% of Iowans wanted Grassley re-elected. 

Remember, if you vote for Grassley next year you are approving Trump’s attempts to overthrow our government. Grassley capitulated to Trump and thus bought into the whole Trump caboodle. Grassley at the end of his years made a desperate move to stay in power. 

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“Trump’s In Legal Trouble Don’t Kid Yourself”

Say what you will about James Carville, he is an original thinker never beholden to talking points and is always worth a listen.  Happy Friday!

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CGRER Iowa Climate Statement 2021

Old Capitol in Iowa City, Iowa

On Wednesday, Oct. 13, The University if Iowa Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research released their annual climate statement at a press conference. Titled Iowa Climate Statement 2021: Strengthening Iowa’s Electric Infrastructure, it was signed by hundreds of Iowa college and university professionals. Here is the unedited text of the statement:

Climate change is powerfully upon us.1 In the Midwest it has increased the frequency and intensity of heavy precipitation, floods, droughts, and extreme heat, all of which create environments that threaten grid reliability and resilience at a time when increasing electrification will make infrastructure performance ever more critical.

When the derecho hit Iowa on August 10th last year, most had never heard of such an event. But it proved to be the most destructive thunderstorm in US history;5 wind gusts were measured as high as 140 mph; 70 percent of the canopy in Cedar Rapids was downed; 554,077 utility customers lost power for as much as two weeks; and the total cost of clean-up approaches $11 billion, second only to Hurricane Laura in 2020.

The electric “grid” is actually three distinct electric subsystems working together: generation, transmission (high voltage circuits), and distribution (low voltage circuits). Multiple outages in any of these three subsystems, or in combinations, can contribute to large scale power outages. For example, Iowa’s power outages from the 2020 derecho resulted from extreme damage to transmission and distribution. The 2008 floods caused the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids to reach a record crest, damaging or destroying two generation facilities and over 20 substations. Recent power outages in Texas in February 2021 due to extreme cold, and in June 2021 due to extreme heat, were severe threats that were generation-related. The power outage severity for these and other cases can be significantly reduced by strengthening electric subsystems while protecting critical services.

Adding transmission capacity supports increased utility-scale wind and solar, which we will need to meet rapid carbon reductions identified as necessary in the IPCC’s 2021 Assessment Report. Added transmission capacity also provides access to a more diversified electric infrastructure, addresses generation outages, and enhances grid redundancy and controllability. Iowa needs more local (intrastate) transmission and would also benefit from new regional and national (interstate) grid transmission. The growth in electric vehicles increases the importance of expanding grid infrastructure.

Hardening transmission through improved pole and tower structural strength and hardening distribution by undergrounding builds resilience to withstand extreme wind and heavy ice loading. Critically important facilities such as hospitals, water infrastructure and grocery stores could be connected within microgrids having distributed generation, battery storage, and the capacity to isolate and continue supplying the demand during extreme events. Energy efficiency, conservation and demand response and control programs should continue to grow.

Socioeconomically disadvantaged Iowans are disproportionately vulnerable to electric infrastructure disruption. Outages impact household safety and security, access to food, water and social services, and cause heat stroke, hypothermia or even death.Iowa studies found the greatest negative human health impacts occurred in homes without air conditioning during times of high air temperature and humidity.

To prepare for future Iowa extreme weather events, we recommend that industry, policy makers and stakeholders identify ways to strengthen Iowa’s electric infrastructure, protect vulnerable people, and consider enhanced risks from climate change while managing costs. Climate change is here. We need a resilient electric infrastructure as we curtail carbon emissions for a more sustainable future.

CGRER website

To learn more about the University if Iowa Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, click here. To see who signed the statement, click here.

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Help Democrats Deliver By October 31

Click here to join IndivisibleIowa and find your local state senate/state house group.

Our reconciliation strategy is still moving — and with just three weeks left for Democrats to pass the recovery package before the new October 31 deadline, we have to fight hard to help Dems stay the course and deliver for the American people.

Remember, this isn’t just a horse-race, blue-team-vs-red-team game: The policies laid out in the reconciliation package will have massive positive impacts for people and families across the country. This fight is about expanding access to affordable health care and child care. It’s about making investments in a strong climate strategy. It’s about creating a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants and migrants. It’s about ensuring paid family and medical leave for every worker nationwide. In short, it’s about people.

That’s why we’ve developed a multi-pronged strategy to have the greatest impact:

  • Have the backs of the progressive bloc as they execute their strategy to demand passage of the reconciliation bill.
  • Hold conservative Dems accountable for attempting to tank the whole deal and settle for insufficient measures.
  • Work with committees in both houses of Congress to ensure our top priorities stay in the final bill and get passed.

The ads, toolkits, resources, events, and everything else we’re doing to put this strategy into action — they all cost us money. We rely on grassroots donors like you to make that work possible: can you donate today to help us win reconciliation this month, pass progressive legislation, and continue all our work?

What progressives are fighting for is real, people-first policy, and they’re using well-crafted strategy to make it happen. Every move our opponents have taken throughout this fight has shown us that we’re right to demand action on reconciliation before we vote yes on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework. That way, we can be sure we pass both policies together instead of allowing conservatives to fail to deliver on the full Build Back Better agenda.

Your support, as always, is what makes all this work happen. Thanks for being with us throughout the whole fight.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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What Exactly Is Gerrymandering?

Time for a gerrymandering review as we await the Iowa GOP’s worst.

And as an aside, one of the examples of gerrymandering in John Oliver’s segment involves a Democratic primary. It caused me to reflect that Democrats seem to be able to play dirty politics against each other, but never against Republicans.  What is up with that?  Rhetorical question but feel free to leave a comment.

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