Fairs? Fourth of July? What’s Going On?

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Summers have a schedule. The time out of school for kids have time posts that mark the passage of the time until school starts rolling again.

Normally we would have just passed time post #1 which is Memorial Day. In towns and cities that have public pools, that is usually also the day that the pool opens for the summer. That is usually followed by the official end of school, often early in June.

Next on the summer schedule especially for the younger kids is summer baseball and softball leagues. That usually takes up. Much of the month of June. As the local baseball and softball winds down the county fair circuit starts to wind up for the year.

As the ball winds down and the fairs start up, Independence Day sneaks in to remind us what of our history and where we live. After the Fourth of July and all the fireworks the fair season gets into full swing. For the kids in small towns this is usually a time for some pretty heavy involvement. Many of the kids in the small towns are involved in 4H or have projects on their own that they exhibit at the fair.

The county fair circuit runs until the Iowa State Fair takes center stage usually around the middle of August. Usually hot, always bright the Iowa State Fair seems to be the standard by which all state fairs are judged. For Iowans, the state fair is a great break from the farm or the office, a place to see the new geegaws and try some strange foods.

And then it is time for school to start again.

As with everything, the Fourth of July and the county and state fairs will be affected by the coronavirus. School has been on a hiatus since the middle of March. Decisions have yet to be made as to what the next school year will look like. Right now it looks like the best idea to find out if there is a Fourth of July celebration in your area, the best way to find out would be to google your area’s celebration. My guess is that this will be a very quiet Fourth.

If you hadn’t heard it, both the Minnesota State Fair and the Wisconsin State Fair have been cancelled for this year.

The county fairs, however, did form an association a couple of years ago. They do have a website where they are tracking Iowa’s county fairs. At first glance it looks like a lot of fairs are cancelled until next year. If your county fair is not listed, once again google the fair by name. As the dates get closer, decisions will be made on whether to hold a fair this year.

For right now here is the list from their website: (ed. note: I believe these are in date order)

2020 Fair Announcements
Contact the Fairs listed below for further updates. Their contact information is iisted under the ‘Member Fairs’ menu

Big Four Fair, June 19 – 21 (Postville) is postponed to June 18 – 20, 2021

Wapello County Regional Fair, June 18 -21 (Eldon) is postponed to June 16 – 20, 2021

Worth County Fair, June 17 – 21 (Northwood) is postponed to June 16 – 20, 2021
Status of 2020 4-H/FFA Shows unknown at this time.

Linn County Fair, June 24 – 29 (Central City) is postponed to June 23 – 27, 2021
Status of 2020 4-H/FFA Shows unknown at this time.

Benton County Fair. June 24 – 28 (Vinton) is postponed to June 23 – 27, 2021
Status of 2020 4-H/FFA Shows unknown at this time.

Butler County Fair, June 24 – 28 (Allison) is postponed to June 22 – 27, 2021
Status of 2020 4-H/FFA Shows unknown at this time.

Mighty Howard County Fair, June 23 -28 (Cresco) is postponed to June 22 – 27, 2021
Status of 2020 4-H/FFA Shows unknown at this time.

Greater Jefferson County Fair, June 24 – 28 (Fairfield) is postponed to June 23  – 27, 2021
Status of 2020 4-H/FFA Shows is unknown at this time.

Buchanan County Fair, July 7 -11 (Independence) is postponed to 2021 (dates TBD)
Status of 2020 4-H/FFA Shows in unknown at this time.

Greene County Fair, July 7 – 12, 2020 (Jefferson)
No entertainment, open class or public events. Youth shows uncertain at this time.

Ringgold County Fair, July 8 – 12 (Mt. Ayr)
No entertainment – Youth Shows and Open Class will be held, pending guidelines by Public Health

Davis County Fair, July 14 – 19 (Bloomfield) is postponed to 2021 (dates TBD)
Status of 2020 4-H/FFA Shows unknown at this time.

Montgomery County Fair, July 14 – 19 (Red Oak) is postponed to 2021 (dates TBD)
4-H/FFA Shows are tentatively being held on a ‘Show & Go’ basis (depending on CDC and Public Health guidelines)

Audubon County Fair, July 15 – 19 (Audubon)
No open class, entertainment, commerical exhibits, food stands and other attractions
4-H/FFA Shows only as determined by County Extension Service and State/Local Public Health Guidelines

Cherokee County Fair, July 15 – 19, (Cherokee) is postponed to July 21-25, 2021
Status of 2020 4-H/FFA Shows unknown at this time.

Franklin County Fair, July 15 – 19, (Hampton) is postponed to 2021 (dates TBD)
Status of 4-H/FFA Shows is unknown at this time.

Taylor County Fair, July 15 – 19 (Bedford)
No open class, entertainment, commercial exhibits, concessions, camping and other attractions
Youth Shows will be ‘Show & Go’ type of format as safety guidelines will allow. Immediate family only, with face masks strongly recommended.

Palo Alto County Fair, July 16 – 19 (Emmetsburg)
No open class, entertainment, commercial exhibits, food stands and other attractions
4-H & FFA shows only on a ‘Show & Go’ basis as allowed by CDC & Public Health

North Iowa Fair, July 16 – 19 (Mason City) is postponed to 2021 (dates TBD)
Status of 4-H/FFA Shows is unknown at this time.

Appanoose County Fair, July 20 – 25 (Centerville) is postponed to July 19 – 24, 2021
Status of 2020 4-H/FFA Shows unknown at this time.

Washington County Fair, July 20 – 25 (Washington) is postponed to 2021 (dates TBD)
Current plans are only for the exhibition of the youth communication projects,
non-livestock/static exhibits, and livestock projects as safety guidelines will allow in July.
This is open only to 4-H and FFA members, their immediate families and approved 4-H/Fair volunteers and committees.

The Great Jones County Fair, July 22 – 26 (Monticello) is postponed to 2021 (dates TBD)
4-H/FFA Shows are tentatively being held, depending on CDC and IDPH guidelines.

Johnson County Fair, July 26 – 29 (Iowa City) is postponed to July 25 – 28, 2021
4-H/FFA Shows are tentatively being held, depending on CDC and Public Health guidelines.

Des Moines County Fair, July 29 – August 4, (Burlington)
Planning only the exhibition of youth communications, static and livestock projects as safety guidelines will allow.

Final decision on allowing camping and food vendors willbe made by June 20

As of May 28, 2020 all other Iowa County Fairs and the Iowa State Fair
are planning on holding their 2020 Fair.

Check back for further updates on the status of the Fairs in Iowa.

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Sunday Funday: Don’t Forget To Vote Edition!

vote by mail

hat tip to EarlG at democraticunderground.com

A gentle reminder that Iowa’s primary vote officially takes place this Tuesday, June 2nd. Or perhaps it would be best said that Tuesday is your last chance to vote, since absentee balloting has been available for the past month. You can find your polling place here.   This year it may be a good idea to check the SoS website to see where you vote as it has been reported that fewer polling locations will be open because a lighter in person vote is expected and poll workers will be hard to get.

If you sent in an absentee ballot, you can check to see if the auditor got it here.    

We need our best candidates out there for the general election this fall! 

Can it get any worse? Maybe I shouldn’t say that.

  1. The nation took a diversion from its focus on the coronavirus when a video of a policeman choking what black man to death in Minneapolis went viral?
  1. What country had its last remaining Covid-19 patient released from the hospital last week?
  1. What Asian nation reimposed restrictions as Covid-19 numbers spiked as they attempted limited reopening?
  1. The current president threatened and then produced an executive order aimed at throttling what social media giant?
  1. Historically, the coming week in June has been significant. June 5, 1968 what presidential candidate is shot late at night in California? He died early the next dy.
  1. Down in Springfield, Mo. two Covid-19 positive hairstylists were reported to have exposed about how many customers to the virus over the past to to three weeks?
  1. What Republican Party leader retweeted a tweet where the speaker stated “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat”?
  1. What Iowa congress member continues to insist they will get committee assignments back if they are re-elected this fall?
  1. Saturday will be the 76th anniversary of what major turning point in WWII?
  1. What major radio pundit says his cancer may force him off the air in the very near future?
  1. Claims for unemployment insurance passed what milestone number this week?
  1. In Iowa, when will casinos and amusement parks be allowed to reopen?
  1. A life threatening syndrome linked to Covid-19, MIS-C, is showing up in what specific group of humans?
  1. What major Republican legislative leader posted a picture on instagram wearing a protective mask, thus breaking with the current Republican orthodoxy?
  1. Tuesday the current president mused during a short press conference whether or not he should be taking what diabetic medication?
  1. With only three month before the opening gavel, the current president threatened to pull the Republican Convention out of what state?
  1. June 7, 1965 in the case of Griswold v. Connecticut, SCOTUS struck down a Connecticut law that banned what very private marital practice?
  1. A manned rocket launch by what private company was scrubbed Wednesday due to weather in the Cape Kennedy area?
  1. Surprisingly Tuesday the DoJ dropped investigations of insider trading of three senators including what Georgia senator married to the head of the NYSE?
  1. Walmart is partnering with internet platform ThredUp to sell what online?
Trump tore up Obama pandemic play book

Another tip of the hat to EarlG over at democrticunderground.com


  1. George Floyd
  1. New Zealand
  1. South Korea – a small spike by our standards but enough to make them jump
  1. Twitter. Twitter fact checked a couple of his tweets
  1. Robert Kennedy
  1. 140
  1. The current president
  1. Steve King 
  1. D-Day
  1. Rush Limbaugh
  1. 40 million total
  1. Tomorrow
  1. Children – the syndrome is “Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children” (MIS-C)
  1. Moscow Mitch McConnell
  1. Insulin
  1. North Carolina
  1. Contraception
  1. Space-X – a part of Elon Musk’s empire
  1. Georgia’s Kelly Loefler
  1. Used clothing
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Legislature Back Wednesday

Pennsylvania legislator lets loose with a very deserved rant concerning the fact that Republicans in the legislators were positive for corona virus while meeting with Democrats who were never told about the Republicans being positive (12 minutes)

This situation is a microcosm of the difference between the Democratic Party who care about us as humans and Republicans who, as one Republican said last week, see people as “human capital stock.”  

Almost a side note this year because of the devastation caused by the mishandling of the corona virus pandemic, the Iowa legislature will be back to finish up their session Wednesday. Most people probably have no idea what the legislature was doing when they left. I have no idea.

One good thing I heard is that Representatives Ruth Ann Gaines and Chris Hull will be requesting an investigation by the Government Oversight Committee into Test Iowa: 

“Rep. Ruth Ann Gaines and Rep. Chris Hull requested a Government Oversight investigation into Test Iowa when the session resumes on June 3rd. The call follows several questions and issues with the rollout of the program Governor Reynolds has repeatedly touted as a tool to expand COVID-19 testing in Iowa.

It’s clear that Test Iowa failed to meet the goals outlined by Governor Reynolds. Iowa taxpayers are on the hook for $26 million and they deserve to know whether their money is being spent wisely,” the lawmakers said in the letter sent Thursday.

Governor Reynolds awarded two Utah companies a $26 million contract to operate Test Iowa. No-bid contracts are legal in Iowa under declarations of emergency, like the one in place for COVID-19.

The letter cites several documented issues with Test Iowa, including questions about the number of tests performed, the accuracy of those tests, the secrecy surrounding the tests and results, long wait times for results and faulty equipment.”

There is lots to be investigated in Reynold’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Iowa. We really, really need to learn from her many mistakes so they are not repeated in future similar situations.

There are possibly a couple of things on the downside. The first is the budget. Due to the pandemic revenues have really dried up. I am sure with the daily double of an Iowa legislature and the governorship in the hands of Republicans, we can expect the greatest brunt off funding cuts to be in programs that affect poor and older Iowans.

There is another concern. With the spotlight Trump has focused on vote by mail, I fear the legislature may try to mess with Iowa’s election laws, especially the vote by mail system we have in Iowa. I am not a lawyer. I believe that passing laws that would affect the upcoming election so close to the election may not pass court scrutiny. However,  if there is a crack to squeeze such a bill through, I fear we may see it.

Let us hope the legislature comes together to work for the good of Iowans and not for for the good of their party as we have often seen the Republicans do in recent years.

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Pelosi Heads Off Distraction

Video 5 minutes:

Egberto Willis’s commentary is right on.

Pelosi’s comment that “As far as these platforms are concerned they want 2 things from the federal government – no regulation and no taxes” (at 1:38) perfectly describes the social media giants.

Don’t forget that Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan. She helps with the distraction in her own little way.

Pelosi’s message is the message that our media should be hammering, hammering home daily. 100,000+ Americans have died already from the coronavirus pandemic due almost entirely to the incredible bad, some would say criminal, leadership of Trump. 100,000+. That is a city the size of Davenport – gone!

100,000+ in really just short 3 months. At this rate, and with the “reopening” of society we should be expecting huge numbers of deaths to come.

100,000+ – Got it?

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Corporate DC Lobbyists Dictate Senator Joni Ernst’s Every Move 

As Over 14,500 Iowans File New Jobless Claims, Corporate DC Lobbyists Dictate Senator Joni Ernst’s Every Move

DES MOINES, IA — More than 200 trade groups represented by D.C. lobbyists sent a letter to Congress yesterday, revealing the marching orders prompting Senator Ernst’s sudden doubling down on legal immunity for corporations from employees who get sick due to unsafe conditions at work. When pressed on her vision for the next coronavirus relief legislation, Ernst’s first priority wasn’t Iowa workers, it was making sure “that there are liability protections in place for those businesses.”

This comes as the U.S. Department of Labor reports that 14,586 Iowans filed new jobless claims last week, demonstrating the continued economic toll this coronavirus crisis is taking on working families.

Iowa Forward spokesperson Mazie Stilwell issued this statement in response to the letter and new jobless claims:

“While workers and their families continue to suffer, Senator Ernst is committed to doing exactly what these D.C. lobbyists have instructed: ensure the corporations they represent get a free pass to ignore the safety of their workers. This is no exception for Ernst. Her voting history falls in line with the corporate special interests that fund her campaign: voting to allow insurance companies to discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions, voting against expanded unemployment benefits, and voting against paid sick leave. Couple that record with a refusal to provide state and local governments the funding they need to keep police officers, firefighters, EMS workers, and teachers on the job without the guarantee of corporate immunity, and it’s pretty clear that these lobbyists have Senator Ernst by the puppet strings.


For weeks, Senators Ernst and Grassley refused to take a position on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s dangerous plan for state and local governments to explore the “bankruptcy route,” instead of receiving the federal aid that bipartisan mayors desperately need to avoid laying off police officers, firefighters, EMS workers, and teachers.

Now, Senators Ernst and Grassley are both supporting McConnell’s decision to hold this aid to state and local governments hostage, and giving corporations a free pass to endanger workers is his ransom demand. His red line in the next congressional relief package is ensuring that corporations are able to abdicate their responsibility to their workers. McConnell has made it clear that without offering corporations complete immunity for dangerous behavior, they would not help state and local governments, who are currently bearing the economic brunt of this crisis.

Joni Ernst voted to let insurance companies discriminate against pre-existing conditions: Senate Vote 168, 7/25/17; CBO 6/26/17; Senate Vote 337, 10/30/19

In March, Senators Ernst voted to prevent an extra $600 in unemployment benefits from helping Iowans who have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Senator Ernst voted to remove paid sick leave from a coronavirus relief bill on March 18, 2020.


Iowa Voices is an issue advocacy, education-focused organization that communicates with Iowans on key issues as they apply to Senator Joni Ernst and her voting record. Our aim is to persuade Senator Ernst to take progressive action on critical issues that impact her constituents while holding her accountable when she fails to do so. Learn more at www.iowavoices.org and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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Getting Real About Trump

Discover a whole new level of truthiness. Follow these people on Twitter and elsewhere. Noel Casler, John Melendez, Sarah Kendzior,  Brett and Ben Meiselas of @meidastouch

“Once Pompeo and Barr get ahold of this place, we ain’t gettin’ it back.” – Noel Casler

“John talks with Celebrity Apprentice Producer Noel Casler & Ben, Brett, & Jordan from The Snake… We also interview Sarah Kendzior a journalist and author of
“Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America”, & finally James Carville to dish on this snake oil salesman regime known as The Trump Administration.”

You will not be able to put down this amazing 2-hour podcast.

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Iowans Forced To Collect Own Covid-19 Data

Reynolds endures a question by a reporter.

Early on in the pandemic, whenever I watched a Reynolds press conference I was struck by her attitude of arrogance, even contempt, for the press in the room and by association, all Iowans. She looked bored and put out by having to be there. I wondered why she even bothered.

In spite of these things, it still seemed to me like they were doing their best to truthfully report the numbers in the beginning.

Lately it seems like she’s bothering less and less. Now the plan appears to be  (1) deny; (2) obscure;  (3) put on a happy face.

The Reynolds administration appears to have abandoned all pretenses of making a good faith effort. They are moving on.

Trump’s shocking discovery that his poll numbers are tanking, to the point that if they don’t improve he is likely to lose re-election in November, has caused him to decide that the pandemic national strategy should be to pretend it isn’t happening. Tell the country it’s time to go back to work and put up a Mission Accomplished banner. Get as many Republican governors as possible to play along. Reward them for their loyalty. Punish them for wearing a mask.

Reynolds was an easy sell. Hell yes she’s on board with the plan because she didn’t have one beyond the Ashton Kucher recommended 26 million dollar dubious testing plan that she quickly snapped up like she ordered it from Amazon without reading the reviews.  All the PR boxes checked, done!

Except for the testing being outed as a sham by Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson.

“I feel this whole TestIowa thing is a sham; a $26-million publicity stunt for the Governor’s personal benefit.”

Also potentially a problem for Reynolds is the fact that Covid-19 numbers are surely going to rise in a second surge as Iowans follow her and Trump’s bad advice and abandon social distancing and mitigation practices. Will they still be able to fake it when that happens?

Ever since Reynolds’ private jet flight to the oval office and photo-op resulting in Caitlin Pedati being rewarded with an appointment to the Trump coronavirus task force, Reynolds has obviously gone from sipping to chugging the spiked kool-aid.  Self-promotion, insider favors and  personal grift are the quid pro quo.

Reynolds is no different than every other Republican who has chosen to cope with Trump by ignoring the harm he is doing and trying to get something out of it for herself.  The only members of the Republican party who have not sold their souls are the handful of rebels that make up The Lincoln Project.

This isn’t rocket science. Trump and submissive Republican governors are trying to make it look like the pandemic is over in the hope that Trump’s poll numbers can improve. It’s really that simple.

Now, due to the apparent purposeful obfuscation of the corona virus numbers by the Reynolds administration, citizens are resorting to keeping count on their own. This article in the Gazette is about one such citizen who is achieving a growing following including some elected officials. Scroll down for a link to her FB page and other resources.


“When you are being gaslit about reality and safety on a national and state level,” said Willette, “you have to do something.”

“As case counts and deaths from COVID-19 rise and the state reopens, Iowans are desperate for guidance. Iowa’s governor has stopped giving updates on death totals in her daily news conferences and the data on the state’s website is obscure and constantly in flux. At first, the state analyzed COVID-19 cases by region, with a scoring system. But that was tossed aside when one of the regions reached the highest point of the scoring system. County level data disappeared, then it reappeared. First, rates of infection were reported every 24 hours, now the state updates that in real time, which obscures the number of daily cases.

The site does not provide demographic data by county for cases, recoveries and deaths. The state provides those demographic details only in statewide percentages — not raw numbers.

Additionally, epidemiologists at the University of Iowa were asked for a model to predict Iowa’s peak. That model was tossed aside by the governor”


Follow Sara Ann Willett’s public Facebook page for updates. Link to her public spreadsheet

Rob Hogg is also an excellent source of factual information.

The Iowa Policy Project Facebook page

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The Anti-Trump Conservatives

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Happy Memorial Day From Blog For Iowa

Enjoy a safe and solemn Memorial Day. Please remember to cherish and safeguard the freedoms many have died for by voting in November.

And now for BFIA’s annual posting of the best flag photo ever.

photo credit Paul Deaton

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Pandemic Ushering In The End Of Coal?

Video about 5 1/2 minutes:

As with most things, there may be some silver linings to the pandemic. Here is a short video from Europe discussing the pandemic’s effect on coal use and the long term trend to renewables in Europe.

Have a safe and somber Memorial Day.

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