Toddlers Are Not A National Security Threat

Trump has to go and take his Republican friends with him.  Here’s a message from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – 

There is no universe in which forcibly separating now thousands of young children from their parents is acceptable.

The practice is an abomination. It’s not part of any solution to fix our immigration system. Instead it is jeopardizing the health and future of young children and undermining America’s moral standing in the world.

There is no doubt that the Trump administration’s family separation policy is cruel and inhumane.

In McAllen, Texas, I saw a facility people called “the dog kennel” which housed children separated from their mothers and fathers lumped into holding pens made of chain-link fence. It was a disturbing and shameful scene that should have no place in America.

So together, with every single Senate Democrat, I’ve co-sponsored legislation that would immediately stop the Department of Homeland Security from taking children from their parents at the border.

People throughout the country are demanding that President Trump reverse his cruel order to separate children from their parents and are watching how Congress will respond to this test. Please add your name to demand that this shameful policy of family separation end immediately and children are reunited with their families.

We can’t afford to let this continue for one more day.

Doctors are telling us that children who experience this kind of emotional trauma can develop chronic mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has said, “Family separation can cause irreparable harm to children’s health, disrupting their brain architecture and affecting short- and long-term health.”

Despite these warnings, the Trump administration has begun plans to build tent cities to house hundreds of children in southwest Texas through the worst of the summer heat.

Every hour that this outrageous policy is allowed to continue, the damage to our moral fabric as a country becomes more complete.

So speak out now:

Thank you for standing up for what’s right,

Senator Chris Van Hollen

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Contact Senators Grassley and Ernst

Action alert from CCI:

U.S. Senators are scheduled to debate its version of the 2018 Farm Bill this week on Wednesday, June 20.

This bill doesn’t propose the same sweeping changes as the failed House Farm Bill – which attempted to eliminate the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) and cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Still, we must improve the Senate’s draft so that it works better for family farmers, our communities, and the environment.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Iowa Senators Ernst and Grassley both serve on Senate Agriculture Committee and will be voting on key amendments that impact our work to stop the expansion of factory farms and support independent family farmers.

Take two minutes right now to send a message to Senators Ernst and Grassley. Let them know how to vote on these important Farm Bill amendments!

Changes that are needed for the Senate Farm Bill:

  1. Subsidy reform: Right now, loopholes in the Farm Bill allow out-of-state investors and others to collect huge farm subsidies, even if they don’t work on the farm. This contributes to unaffordable farmland for all but the wealthiest. We SUPPORT the amendment by Senator Grassley to close this loophole so that these subsidies serve actual farmers – rather than give mega-farms another leg up over young and beginning farmers.
  2. Guaranteed loan limits should not increase: Direct and guaranteed loans can be an important source of credit for independent and beginning farmers, but all too often, they are used to construct factory farms. One proposal in the Farm Bill is to increase loan limits. This would allow factory farm operations to receive even greater multi-million-dollar loans and take away resources from family farmers. We OPPOSE the amendment by Senator Hoeven to increase loan limits, which supports factory farms at the expense of family farmers in our state.

Click here to email Senators Ernst and Grassley about these two important amendments.

For a farm and food system that works for farmers, workers, eaters, and the environment,


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Iowa’s Puppy Mill Problem

A note from Mary LaHay, founder of Iowa Voters for Companion Animals.

I founded Iowa Voters for Companion Animals (IVCA) almost 10 years ago after discovering the extent of the puppy mill problem in our state. We had many good people who were aware of their existence, but no one had ever quantified the extent of the issue. I gladly dug in, not knowing quite where this would lead or what might be possible. I couldn’t forget those dogs or the cruelty and neglect endured daily. I had to do something to help the dogs! 

Very early on it became abundantly clear that Iowa lacked the laws needed to adequately address this puppy mill problem. And that’s why I started IVCA, a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, to focus on winning the laws needed to clean up Iowa’s puppy mill problem and ensure Iowa’s dogs are protected. The number of compassionate Iowans who supported this effort grew so fast it was mind boggling! And the opposition grew too. Well-funded opposition including agriculture interests, American Kennel Club, and Iowa Pet Breeders Association. 

We did get the Puppy Mill Bill passed in 2010. And it resulted in decreasing the number of federally licensed dog breeders from more than 400 to today’s number of approximately 200. The problem, however, persists and those standing in opposition have thus far been successful at blocking our efforts for commonsense legislation. We are not deterred. Our fight for the dogs is not easy, but we will not give up. The dogs are depending on us. 

No matter what else we or other groups do to help, our laws are simply not holding those who harm animals accountable.


But changing laws doesn’t happen easily or quickly.

I set up IVCA as a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization specifically as this designation allows us to lobby for the dogs. Other special interests are lobbying for their interests each and every day, inside and outside the Capitol. The dogs also need a voice in this arena. We are happy to be their voice. We are committed to fighting for the dogs until adequate laws are in place. But we can’t do it alone. We need your voice and your support to help us win this fight.

Please donate today to help us continue fighting for the dogs!

As a 501(c)4 organization, we often do not qualify for most grantmaking opportunities. Truly, we depend upon the generous donations made by our loyal supporters and fellow animal welfare advocates like YOU! 

Please dig deep. The dogs need our help now more than ever! Please add your voice to ours as we continue to speak up and lobby for the dogs! Please donate today!


Mary LaHay
President and Founder
Iowa Voters for Companion Animals 
Iowa Friends of Companion Animals

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Some Days You Just Want To Scream!

(2:20 – Not sure if this fits, but I wanted to post it and this seems like a good spot)

Mondays in June are the days that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) reveals its answers to the cases it has been toiling over since the first Monday of the previous October when the current term began. 

This year has an extra bit of tension going into Monday mornings with the addition of Neil Gorsuch through an incredible denial of constitutional rules exhibited by Chuck Grassley as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Most of us remember the scenario Grassley and McConnell sprung on the country with the death of Anthony Scalia early in 2016. Conjuring up some sort constitutional super power, Grassley declared he would not let his committee hold a hearing on the nominee of the Obama administration. The claims were hokum. The people of Iowa let Grassley know at every stop that he was wrong.

Grassley then went into a game of hide and seek while completing his vaunted “99 county tour” by going to places barely on the map with little to no announcement. By doing that he was able to avoid demonstrations calling out his unconstitutional actions. 

When I think back on Grassley’s strange campaign in 2016 and his determination to not even hold a hearing on Merrick Garland, one could almost think that Grassley had some inside info that the Trump camp was working to rig the election. There would be no way to prove it. Grassley could have avoided all the trouble by simply holding a hearing and then having a Republican caucus – that almost always follows orders – simply vote Garland down.

So much for the short history. As of Monday, Neil Gorsuch is the newest member of Supreme Court. With Gorsuch giving the extreme right wing the majority on the Supreme Court, the Court has begun a process of reversing many decisions that have been in effect for decades. 

This brings us to Monday’s decision in the case of Ohio’s aggressive voter purge law. A quick look at the law and the decision from Rolling Stone magazine:  

Larry Harmon hadn’t voted in a while. He sat out the 2012 presidential election, supposedly because he was unimpressed by the choices of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The software engineer and Navy veteran also skipped the last two-midterm elections. That was his right, right? But when something in our politics inspired him to go to his polling place – a 2015 Ohio ballot initiative to legalize marijuana – he couldn’t cast a ballot. Like millions of Ohioans in the last several years, Harmon was suddenly informed that he was no longer registered to vote.

Any hope for Harmon’s case, Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute, ended on Monday when the Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling striking down his victory in a lower federal court, and enabling Ohio to continue its practice of purging voters who do not vote in consecutive federal elections and fail to respond to a mailer. This is worse than voter ID laws – those that mandate the presentation of state identification at polling places in order to vote – in that someone can have an Ohio license and still be treated as if they are no longer a living, tax-paying citizen. Such is the justification offered for the ridiculous “use it or lose it” standard for voting rights. 

The Republicans who are currently in charge of the state claim that this “supplemental process” is needed to rid their rolls of dead Ohioans and others who have moved elsewhere. Even if you believe that the people carrying out voter purges have nothing but noble intent, this Supreme Court ruling will have a definite and discriminatory effect: It will ensure that fewer poor, minority, veteran and disabled Ohioans will be able to vote in Ohio.

We must be explicit, as bigotry often hides in semantics. This voter purge is being done deliberately. As with any other form of discrimination, it doesn’t happen by accident. It is alarming to see men like Justice Samuel Alito act like it does.

Near the conclusion of the majority Supreme Court opinion, Alito chose to call out his colleague Justice Sonia Sotomayor. In her dissent, Sotomayor rebuked the ruling, citing statistics of disproportionate purging in black and urban Ohio neighborhoods. “It entirely ignores the history of voter suppression against which the NVRA was enacted,” she wrote of the Court’s decision, “and upholds a program that appears to further the very disenfranchisement of minority and low-income voters that Congress set out to eradicate.” Alito wrote that Sotomayor’s dissent “says nothing about what is relevant in this case – namely, the language of the [National Voter Registration Act].” He also complained about Sotomayor even recognizing the discriminatory consequences of the voter purge, soon to go national. “Those charges are misconceived,” he countered, unable to offer any evidence to counter that which Sotomayor supplied.

Much more analysis at the link.

As with many extreme right laws, this Ohio law was passed and implemented to drag our government to the right. They flirt with the edges of constitutionality as part of their strategy. Over the past 20 years, the strategy of gerrymandering coupled with unverifiable and hackable voting systems and voter suppression have given the right control of legislatures in most states along with control of the governor’s mansions. This combination leads to control of the judiciary also in many states.

Thus Grassley’s strategy of refusing to hold a hearing fit like a glove in the right’s strategy. 

What does this have to do with Iowa? 

Once the Ohio system of purging voters was given the thumbs up by SCOTUS you can bet that every state with the combination of a Republican legislature and a Republican governor will be downloading a generic copy of Ohio’s law from ALEC with the goal of passing the same law in their state before the ink is even dry on the opinion written last Monday.

We won’t hear this on the campaign trail. No candidate will run on taking away your vote. You can bet that if they are Republican, they would vote for a copycat Ohio law in an instant, since it hits Democrats much harder than Republicans. 

If Republicans maintain their majorities in Iowa this fall, look for a copycat bill to be run through the legislature during the session.

There is one more lesson here that I hope is not lost on Democrats. If you are lackadaisical about voting, there will be a Republican legislature ready to take your vote away as quick as they can. There has never been a better reason for Democrats to get religious about voting in every election. Don’t even give them a chance to take your vote away.

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Sunday Funday: Cult Edition

From Michael Tomasky via dailykos’ Abbreviated Pundit  

On a final note, don’t miss Michael Tomasky’s latest on the blind loyalty the GOP has to Trump, even in the face of unprecedented corruption and incompetence:

Remember the “cult of Obama”? Of course you do. They carried on about it nonstop. […]

I see Paul Ryan finally said he’s not comfortable with babies being taken from their mothers. Well hoop de do. He and Corker and Jeff Flake, who are all so brave they’re headed back home (or to K Street to make millions of dollars from whatever remains of the Trump presidency), aren’t going to matter soon anyway. They have been, and have let themselves be, steamrolled.

If only we weren’t subjects in this experiment, it would be fascinating to behold in a perverse sociological way. No American political party has ever descended into authoritarianism. The Republican Party now undeniably is somewhere along that road.

How low can it go? If they stop at cult , we’ll be lucky.

And another strange week in Dear Leader Land.

  1. “He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same…” said who about who this week?
  1. Noble public servants Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made how much in income from sources outside of their government jobs?
  1. Early arguments were heard in the case of the current president profiting from his position in violation of what clause of the constitution?
  1. Iowa’s governor seemed a bit confused this week as she first called for a vote on what issue before realizing that the issue had been settled?
  1. AG Jeff Sessions used what source to validate administration policy of taking children from families at the border?
  1. July 1st has significance for both our neighbors north and south of us. What happens in Mexico on July 1st?
  1. Beside being Canada Day in Canada what else could happen on July 1st involving Canada?
  1. Reaching waaaay back, Iowa Governor Reynolds criticized her opponent Fred Hubbell for his company closing stores in what year?
  1. A “charitable” foundation run by what noted politician was sued by the New York AG as a scam?
  1. Uh-oh! Once supported by Iowa’s senators, EPA head Scott Pruitt is now on their bad side because of what issue?
  1. What appeared to be a North Korean propaganda film that was played on a loop at the Singapore meeting was actually made on an order from who?
  1. Republicans nominated Dennis Hof for a state legislature seat in Nevada. Hof is well known because of what business and also what TV show?
  1. What former confidant of Dear Leader involved deeply in the Russian investigation had his legal team quit him this week?
  1. What major American leader saluted a North Korean general last week at the Singapore meeting?
  1. Volkswagen was fined how much by Germany in their diesel emissions scandal?
  1. Dear Leader is looking to have tent cities erected in the Texas heat to house what criminals?
  1. What state will have a referendum question on their ballot this fall to split that state into 3 parts?
  1. A “die-in” was held in Washington, DC on the second anniversary of what mass shooting? 
  1. A raccoon caught the nation’s attention when she scaled a 25 story building in what major Midwest city?
  1. Republicans nominated Corey Stewart to run for the senate in Virginia. Stewart is an avowed what?

(4:29) Reporter Brian Karen pushes Sanders on children at the border:


  1. Our Dear Leader about Kim Jung Un 
  1. $82 million
  1. Emoluments
  1. Same sex marriage
  1. the bible. Specifically a verse from Paul’s letter to the Romans. What ever happened to separation of church and state
  1. National election – Andrés Manuel López Obrador
  1. Tariffs will be imposed on American goods if Dear Leader doesn’t call off his tariffs
  1. 1990
  1. Dear Leader – much of the charity was self serving.
  1. RFS or renewable fuel standards. All the other scandals meant little until Pruitt didn’t re-up the RFS
  1. The White House
  1. He owns 6 brothels in Nevada and was famous for the HBO series – Cathouse – on his brothels
  1. Michael Cohen
  1. Dear Leader
  1. 1.2 billion euros
  1. The children taken from the refugees
  1. California
  1. The mass shooting at the Orlando Pulse
  1. St. Paul, MN
  1. White supremacist

John Fugelsang:

Funny, he (Jeff Sessions) wasn’t citing Romans to obey govt when the black guy was POTUS. 

Also, Paul isn’t Jesus.

Also, the people Paul wrote this to were the ones who eventually beheaded him.

Also, if you believe that Joseph & Mary fled & hid out in Egypt then Jesus was an undocumented child.

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Steve King Stinks Up Iowa

Once again Iowa’s top racist lets it fly.

I simply do not understand how anyone with a conscience could vote for this guy. Yet to Iowa’s shame, he has been returned to congress over and over.

An even bigger shame is that Iowa’s governor gives her tacit approval to King’s racism by having King as one of the main cogs in her campaign for governor. She must really think lowly of her fellow Iowans to continue having him in her campaign. I would like to believe that Iowans are much better than Steve King represents us as.

From Wednesday:

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) retweeted a neo-Nazi on Tuesday morning. He has faced no consequences for the tweet, and the leaders of his party have so far remained silent.


And yet the Republican Party maintained its silence Wednesday: TPM’s requests for comment to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the National Republican Campaign Committee and the Republican National Committee all went unanswered. None have commented publicly on King’s retweet. King’s office did not respond to TPM’s questions.

The amplification of a neo-Nazi is the latest in a years-long stream of similar actions from the Iowa congressman. In December, he tweeted “Diversity is not our strength” and attributed a quote to the right-wing Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban: “Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one.” Following President Donald Trump’s January State of the Union address, King told TPM “the Congressional Black Caucus took a knee nearly all night.”

In March of last year, King was able to garner a rare response from his Republican colleagues when he tweeted “[Anti-muslim Dutch politician Geert] Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Seriously, Gov. Reynolds, this is what you want to be associated with? To tacitly endorse? Is winning elections by whatever means all that matters?

And where is Republican leadership condemning this? Ryan? Scalise? Where is Iowa Republican Party leader Jeff Kaufmann? Maybe these folks have responded. I have not heard so. If they have I apologize for missing it. Until they do, I guess they also tacitly approve of King.

You folks out in the 4th district have a young man who really reflects your values and will actually work his rear off for your district. In case you missed it last week, JD Scholten was chosen as the Democratic nominee for the fourth district.  

Reaction from Scholten response quickly and right to the point:  (via email) 

I’m not running just to beat Steve King, I’m running to give the people of this district the representation they deserve and have been missing for far too long. I prefer to talk about the positive things we can do to improve the lives of the people in this district so, instead of talking about Steve King here, I’ll let the headlines speak for themselves…

It’s bizarre that Steve King, as a member of Congress from Iowa, would know who this Collett character is, let alone retweet him! Maybe King doesn’t know about this guy’s admiration for Hitler or being a neo-Nazi sympathizer? Or maybe he does? All I know is that I am proud that America’s greatest generation heroically defeated the Nazis. And once again, King is showing us where his priorities are, retweeting a February article from Breitbart posted by a neo-Nazi in Europe. King spends more time pushing his extreme agenda and glorifying right wing nationalists overseas than he does working to help the people of this district. Northwest Iowa deserves better. If you agree that Iowa needs a representative that cares more about building this district’s future than seeking to divide us, make a contribution to our movement today!

Standing Tall for All,
J.D. Scholten


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Rita Hart: Good Choice For Iowa

rita hart We wish to join other Iowa Democrats in welcoming Senator Rita Hart to the Democratic ticket in the gubernatorial race this year.

As always, leaders can often be measured by who they select to help govern. Fred Hubbell has made an excellent choice.

Hart is currently state senator from district 49 covering Clinton and part of Scott counties. She is from the town of Wheatland in western Clinton county.

Her farm background and common sense approach to the daily problems faced by Iowans will serve Iowa well.

Welcome to the ticket, Senator.

If you would like to welcome Senator Hart in a more practical way, the donation page is here.

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Iowa City Pride Parade Today

Image (1) iowa-city-pride-symbol.png for post 33938

We apologize for not bringing up pride month earlier. It is now halfway through June. We missed the Capitol City Pride Parade and the parade in Davenport.

This may be a good sign. Acceptance of alternative lifestyles now seems to be normalized. Most of us have LGBTQ family, relatives, friends or co-workers. Therefore promoting acceptance, while still important, is not as critical as it once was. 

Pride month is here and there are still some good festivities to join in with. This weekend brings the festival in Iowa City. This is always a good time.   

Queer Coffee Shop, 9-11 a.m., Englert Theatre.

Join Transformative Healing for coffee provided by Java House. Take a moment to cool off before the big day begins

Iowa City Pride Parade, Noon.

Join groups and businesses to celebrate LGBTQ Pride with a march around downtown Iowa City. We’re expecting a record number of parade entries — and individuals are welcome, too! Our parade Grand Marshall this year is the Rev. Anna Blaedel. Come learn all about her international leadership in challenging the Methodist Church’s condemnation of homosexuality.

PrideFest, 1-6 p.m.

All-day live entertainment, a huge vendor fair, food, and downtown businesses offering specials. Join your community for the 48th Annual Iowa City Pride Fest!

Pride in the Evening, 6-9:30 p.m.

Downtown Iowa City. The fun continues with our huge outdoor stage, with performances all night! Stars include Alisabeth Von Presley, from American Idol, and four top stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race!

The Cedar Rapids Festival is the weekend of July 7th at the New Bo City Market. This should be a good finish to the July 4th week.


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Join Rob Hogg For Fundraisers in Des Moines (June 19) and Cedar Rapids (June 21), Plus Events in Corning, Fort Dodge, West Des Moines, and Hiawatha

Image (1) rob-hogg.jpg for post 26967

Fundraisers in Des Moines (June 19) and Cedar Rapids (June 21),

Plus Events in Corning (June 15), Fort Dodge (June 17), West Des Moines (June 20), and Hiawatha (June 24)

Join Liz Bennett, Art Staed, & me for our “Summer Solstice Fundraiser,” Thursday, June 21, 6 to 8 pm, Dublin City Pub, 415 1st St. SE, Cedar Rapids

Dear Friends:

Thanks to everyone who participated in last weekend’s “Weekend of Action” and to all of you who have been participating, volunteering, and contributing to our Democratic candidates this year.

This is an invitation to two upcoming fundraisers for my campaign committee, Citizens for Rob Hogg, and an invitation to other events to support Democratic candidates in Corning (June 15), Fort Dodge (June 17), West Des Moines (June 20), and Hiawatha (June 24).

On Tuesday, June 19, I am having a fundraising event in Des Moines with state senate candidate (and current state representative) Todd Taylor of Cedar Rapids at Tumea and Sons, 1501 SE 1st Street. Todd will be there by 4:00 p.m., and I expect to get there by 5:00 p.m. The event will go to 6:00 p.m.

Then, on Thursday, June 21, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., I am holding a “Summer Solstice Fundraiser” with State Reps. Liz Bennett and Art Staed at Dublin City Pub, 415 1st St. SE, in downtown Cedar Rapids on the riverfront.

We are calling our Summer Solstice Fundraiser “our biggest fundraiser ever on the longest day of the year.” Refreshments will be provided. Cash bar. Parking is free in downtown Cedar Rapids after 6:00 p.m. Please come support our campaigns. For more details, and to invite your friends, visit:

I hope you can join us for one of these events. To date, I have received 612 contributions since January 1, 2017. I am hoping to get to 1,000 contributions before November. Whether it is $20 or $2,000, every contribution is a symbol of support and will help ensure that I have the resources I need to win my re-election campaign in November.

If you cannot attend but would like to contribute, please mail checks to “Citizens for Rob Hogg” to P.O. Box 1361, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406, or contribute online at:

It is important to contribute early so candidates can plan the final months of their campaigns. Our next campaign finance reporting deadline is Saturday, July 14. Please contribute before that deadline as you are able. Here is a Facebook event page you can share about the campaign finance deadline:

Thanks for your support. Together, with a renewed spirit of citizenship, we can build a better future for all Iowans.


Western Iowa Trip to Lake Icaria (June 15) and Fort Dodge (June 17)

My daughter and I are taking a trip “out west” for Father’s Day weekend, i.e., to Western Iowa.

On Friday, June 15, we will be helping Denise O’Brien with her campaign kickoff for state representative in Iowa House District 21 (Union, Adams, Cass, and Pottawattamie Counties) from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Upper Shelter at Lake Icaria State Park near Corning. Sara Ramsey, our candidate for state senate in Iowa Senate District 11, will also be there. For more details, visit:

On Sunday, June 17, starting at 5:00 p.m., we will be helping John O’Brien with a “Father’s Day Social” at his home, 2221 22nd Ave. North, in Fort Dodge. John is state senate candidate in Iowa Senate District 5 in Webster, Humboldt, Pocahontas, and Calhoun Counties. He is a strong advocate for education, farmers and workers, and natural resources. For details, visit:

If you live in or near Corning and Fort Dodge, or if you just want to take an Iowa “stay-cation,” please join us for these events.

Volunteer Training with Claire Celsi and Kristin Sunde in West Des Moines (June 20)

On Wednesday, June 20, from noon to 1:00 p.m., I will be conducting a volunteer training with Claire Celsi, candidate for state senate in Iowa Senate District 21, and Kristin Sunde, candidate for state representative in Iowa House District 42, at the West Des Moines Library, 4000 Mills Civic Parkway.

This training is especially for first-time or new volunteers who want to get more involved. After the training, I will be going out door-to-door with one of our “Blue Wave” participants to support these two great candidates. For details, visit:

After door-knocking with Kristin and Claire, I am planning to attend a “Flip It” fundraiser for Kenan Judge, candidate for state representative in Iowa House District 44, at Cooney’s Tavern, 3708 Beaver Ave., in Des Moines. This event is Wednesday, June 20, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. For more details, visit:

Volunteer with Eric Gjerde in Hiawatha (June 24)

On Sunday, June 24, starting at 2:00 p.m. from Karma Coffee Café, 1725 Boyson Road, in Hiawatha, I will be joining our candidate for state representative, Eric Gjerde, to door-knock with one of our “Blue Wave” participants. For more details, visit:

As always, I hope this information is helpful. This election is critical to stop and reverse the damage the Republican majority has been doing to working families, education, health care, public safety, seniors, and natural resources. With a renewed spirit of citizenship, we can stop and reverse the damage and build a better future for all Iowans.


Senator Rob Hogg

Cedar Rapids

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Has The Media Already Normalized Trump?

Amy Siskind, author and compiler of, The List, “a documentation of everything Trump does as he drives the United States into something close to fascism,” was a guest on Thom Hartmann’s live radio show this week.  Check out The List: This is How Democracy Ends.

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