Some Very Relevant Quotes From Iowan Henry A. Wallace

wallace quote

For those who are unfamiliar, Henry Wallace was an Iowan who was FDR’s vice-president from 1941 to 1945. While Wallace was best known as Vice-President, he is also the person who started the Hi-Bred Corn Company.  Wallace was to the left of many in the Democratic Party of his day. Wikipedia has a good biography of Wallace.  

During his lifetime Wallace became somewhat of a pariah as the McCarthy era branded him as sympathetic to Communists. Yet many of the things that Wallace stood for such as universal government health-insurance and the abolition of segregation (or today played out in ending racism) have become causes that most Dems are fighting for.

For today we will post some quotes from Mr. Wallace that seem to be very relevant in today’s political world:    

“The obvious types of American fascists are dealt with on the air and in the press. These demagogues and stooges are fronts for others. Dangerous as these people may be, they are not so significant as thousands of other people who have never been mentioned.

The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information.

With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power.” 

“The American fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact.” 

“A liberal knows that the only certainty in this life is change but believes that the change can be directed toward a constructive end.” 

We must not tolerate oppressive government or industrial oligarchy in the form of monopolies and cartels.

With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power.
Much more at the link


Lots of wisdom in there from 70+ years ago that still holds today.

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Sunday Funday: Koko The Gorilla Has Died Edition

What can you say? She was 46 years old when she died in her sleep Tuesday night. Most of us have heard about Koko and her exploits with sign language and kittens. Koko gave us many insights in to ourselves as humans and the similarities between our species. Her contributions to science and humanity are immense. 

Now back to the humans who don’t seem to have the sense that Koko did:

  1. Melania Trump stunned America when she wore a jacket with what slogan on the back when she went to visit the imprisoned immigrant children Thursday?
  1. What cabinet secretary was hooted out of a Mexican restaurant by other patrons Wednesday?
  1. Of the 4 living former First Ladies haw many issued a statement decrying administration policy toward asylum seeking families?
  1. The city of Burlington, Iowa paid how much to the family of Autumn Steele who was killed in a police shooting 3 years ago?
  1. Who is Kim Reynolds’ running mate in the governor’s race?
  1. Friday, Steve King said what group should not be allowed to work in meat packing plants?
  1. Dear Leader wants a new branch of the military to be known as what?
  1. Once again abandoning long standing commitments, the US this week left what UN council?
  1. What national news anchor broke up on TV when she tried to read a story concerning “tender age facilities” being used in the family separations at the border?
  1. In a decision released Thursday, SCOTUS determined that online retailers must now collect what with their sales?
  1. The gun control advocacy group March For Our Lives made a stop at what congress member’s local office in Sioux City as they kicked off their national tour?
  1. Areas of Texas that were hit hard by what hurricane last year were once again inundated by huge rains this week?
  1. Oh Boy! Iowa’s Lottery Board is looking into adding what form of gambling to the state in the future?
  1. The current administration is looking at combining what 2 cabinet departments?
  1. What company which was an original member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average was removed from the DJIA this week?
  1. When told by federal court Monday to “immediately” change a policy, what state’s Secretary of State stalled claiming the word “immediately” was open to interpretation?
  1. What country passed legislation last week that legalized the use of recreational marijuana?
  1. In another loony statement, Dear Leader claimed Canadians were smuggling what clothing item from this country?
  1. What recently famous lawyer has offered his services to asylum seeking parents separated fro their children?
  1. What media group forced its TV stations to air stories discrediting the outrage over family separation at the border?

John Fugelsang:

“Welcome to America, where we believe a talking snake was literally real but “love your enemies” was just Jesus bein’ all metaphorical.”


  1. “I really don’t care, do U” incredibly tone deaf
  1. DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen
  1. All 4
  1. $2 million
  1. Current interim LT. Gov. Adam Gregg. Whoever he is
  1. Muslims
  1. The Space Force
  1. The UN Council on Human Rights
  1. Rachel Maddow
  1. State sales tax
  1. Steve King
  1. Hurricane Harvey
  1. Sports betting
  1. Education and Labor. (Must be a step toward bringing back child labor)
  1. GE 
  1. Kansas SOS Kris Kobach
  1. Canada – it won’t be implemented for a while yet
  1. Shoes – scuffing them up so they look old he claimed.
  1. Michael Avenatti
  1. Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Paul Krugman:

The speed of America’s moral descent under Donald Trump is breathtaking. In a matter of months we’ve gone from a nation that stood for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to a nation that tears children from their parents and puts them in cages.


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Couple Of Thoughts On The Ripping Families Apart At The Border


Without a doubt this is about the lowest the US has ever stooped. The current administration has acted against laws, against norms and against morality in jailing babies and children at the Mexican border. It is unconscienable. 

While others have dwelt on the horrendous details of what has gone on at the border, I would like to discuss a couple of related issues that have understandably gotten lost in the mix:

  1. Now do you understand why the Founders separated Church and State? 

“Religion: The last refuge of the scoundrel” goes the old saying. To see Jeff Sessions trot out some religious text to justify this unconscienable act seems just par for the course for an administration that is hell bent on doing whatever it wants. Religion has been used to justify all sorts of horrific acts in history, so it should come as no surprise it was used here. Mixing religion with secular power has always been a toxic mixture.

In an article at Andrew Seidel discusses where Sessions got his ideas to justify such a tragedy. From a minister named Ralph Drollinger:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions ignited a public theological debate last week when he used the Bible, specifically Romans 13, to justify the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the U.S. border. He likely took his cues from the White House Bible Study (WHBS), a weekly Bible study for members of the president’s cabinet organized by Ralph Drollinger of Capitol Ministries.

According to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, significant staff time and resources go into coordinating the Bible study every week. Documents also show that Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, who defended the policy during a press conference Monday, is heavily involved with the WHBS. In fact, she’s the only cabinet official whose direct email address appears on the electronic invitations to the WHBS.

The day before Sessions’ remarks last Thursday, the White House Bible Study held a meeting centered on “The Importance of Parenting and the Course of the Nation.” The first paragraphs discuss “obedience to a nation’s laws” and cite Proverbs 28:4 and Romans 1:32[2] . (There are a number of spelling and Bible citation errors in the packet, including “1 Corinthians 9:27a,” as well as Romans 1:32, which may be a typo intended to cite Romans 13:2, the chapter Sessions used to justify the separation policy.)

<< much more at the link>>

  1. We have no checks and balances as Republicans in congress have decided it is more important to rule as a unified party than it is to put the good of the nation first.

Thus the checks and balances that the Framers so carefully worked out that would stop a would be self-appointed dictator have been rendered useless by compliant members of congress whose only concern is getting re-elected. Getting re-elected in their minds goes hand-in-glove with being supplicant to Trump. Their cowardice in his face is the stuff that science fiction horror stories are made of.

And yes, Ernst and Grassley are among the worst. 

  1. CHiP and using children and the disabled, elderly and poor as hostages to get what they want

In all the massive reports that have been broadcast in the past week or so, the fact that this action was taken so Trump could get funding for his insane wall has been somewhat lost. Can you even imagine that this guy is so cold, so heartless that he will shatter the lives of babies and children and their parents? Neither will ever recover from the kidnapping of these children by the US government. All this TO BUILD A MONUMENT OF HATE TO HIS EGO? 

Republicans in congress and the administration have been trying to defund the CHiP program to pay for their huge tax give away to the wealthy. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are all headed for the chopping block for the same reason. Tax cuts for the wealthy are much more important to Republicans than the general good.

  1. Iowa’s top racist, Steve King, is still out of touch with reality as he fully supports the administration:

In a Republican Party now indistinguishable from white nationalism, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has long played footsie with white supremacists, neo-Confederates, European extremists and open endorsers of both Hitler and his Nazis. He is also the defacto leader of Republican immigration policy, and those two things are not, by any stretch, coincidental.

It was obvious that King would be fully and vocally supportive of the administration’s new “zero tolerance” policy and resulting child detention camps.

“These are children that are cared for with better care than they get in their home country,” he said. “They get a warm and a comfortable place to sleep, they get medical care like a lot of kids in this country don’t get, they get three squares a day. They get exercise fresh air. So I don’t know how you could ask for more than that.”

Yep, where the rest of the world sees the horrific ripping of babies and children from their families as a crime in reality, King sees a fantasy land of sweetness and light. Where the rest of the world sees chain link fence cages and concrete floors or tent cities in the sweltering heat King sees nothing. It must be wonderful to be so out of touch.

Which begs the questions – does Kim Reynolds agree with King’s positions? If not why is he still on her campaign board?

Had to get this off my chest.

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#FamiliesBelongTogether Protests Next Saturday

From an email from Democracy For America:

Donald Trump put on quite a show this afternoon. But the executive order on child detention that he signed — under nearly unbearable public pressure — won’t do anything to help the humanitarian crisis his administration is intentionally creating.

Let’s be clear: Donald Trump’s executive order mandates the jailing of immigrant families seeking safety in the U.S. It does not save or release any children from prison.

At best, it will ensure that children will be locked in family detention centers — essentially internment camps — with their parents, possibly indefinitely. And it does nothing to re-unite the many families that have already been torn apart.

Trump is hoping that this bait-and-switch move will distract the public and kill the momentum building around stopping this administration’s cruel immigration detention policies. We need to prove him wrong.

Democracy for America is joining with MoveOn, the ACLU and dozens of other progressive organizations to support hundreds of #FamiliesBelongTogether events. Will you stand up to Trump on immigration by taking to the streets on Saturday, June 30? Click here to find an event.

The Trump administration is trying to frame this executive action as a move of compassion. But there is absolutely nothing compassionate about keeping families caged up in detention camps — period, full stop.

Until Donald Trump or Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen take action to revoke the “zero-tolerance policy” that is mandating the detention of a skyrocketing number of immigrants and asylum-seekers, children and infants will continue to be jailed and traumatized.

This administration could make that change and stop this crisis with absolutely no help from Congress — but they’re choosing to use immigrants as hostages and bargaining chips instead.

Let’s show Trump that we will not be silent until all immigrant families are reunited, the wrongfully detained are freed and the racist officials behind this disaster are held accountable. Sign up to attend a #FamiliesBelongTogether protest on June 30.

Thanks for standing up for the rights of immigrant children and families right now.

– Karli

Karli Wallace Thompson, Senior Digital Manager

Democracy for America

Iowa currently has events planned in Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Des Moines, Iowa City, Marshalltown, Mason City, Sioux City

Some folks may believe that demonstrations and marches don’t help, but right now before midterm elections, I believe a good turnout will send shivers down the spines of every Republican that dare to support Trump.

That is, of course, if you are not out knocking doors for our great candidates at that time.

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Rise Up: Fight Against Child Imprisonment

hillary warned us

June 20th, 2018 From: Progress Iowa

It’s easy to feel powerless when each day brings more and more horrific stories about the parents and children who are detained while peacefully seeking asylum. But there is something you can do to help.

Here are five ways you can take action to fight back against this administration’s cruel detainment policy.

Donate, Donate, Donate

Here’s a list of organizations on the ground fighting the good fight every day to keep families together. Give them your support and tell your friends to do so as well.

Bug Your Congresspeople

Call Senators Grassley and Ernst’s offices, tell them to support the Keep Families Together Act, and bug the hell out of them until they do. Then do the same with your U.S. Representative (you can find out who represents your district here).

They might tell you that there are Republican-sponsored proposals that they are considering, but these proposals would couple ending this policy to other immigration items on the Trump/GOP agenda such as funding that damn wall that Trump still wants. Tell them we need clean legislation that stops this blatant human rights violation.

Give Your Time

Informed Immigrant has created a searchable resource to find immigration service organizations near you. Just plug in your ZIP code and you’re on your way!

The organization RAICES is also hosting a National Immigration Support webinar on June 21 on how to support immigrants in your community who have recently been released from detention.

Make A Big Deal About This

Get mad. Stay mad. Use it as fuel. Make signs. Join a protest. Talk to your family, your friends and your coworkers. Do whatever you can to draw attention to this giant human rights violation.

People are more willing to stand up when they see that they’re not the only ones who care about an issue. Write about the issue on social media. Share accurate posts about what’s happening at the border and the detention centers. Share events and actions that your friends and followers can take and encourage them to join in the fight with you.

Vote Like Your Life Depends On It (Because It Really Does For A Lot Of People)

By now, you probably know that the upcoming midterm elections are a BIG FREAKING DEAL if we’re going to get this country back on track. Do your research on candidates and their stances. Make sure you’re registered to vote, that you have a plan to vote in November, and that all your friends and family do the same.

It’s on all of us to make sure that this situation is resolved.

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Art Cullen on Naig v Gannon for Agriculture Secretary

Please read and share this column by Pulitzer prize winning journalist Art Cullen, of The Storm Lake Times

“We poured corn into Mexico until they choked on it through NAFTA. Now, when the peasants we plundered show up at our doorstep looking for a job, we lock them up in a detention center.”

Loading Gannon’s Cannon

As Mike Naig won the Republican nomination for agriculture secretary at the state convention Saturday, President Donald Trump handed a cudgel to the Democratic opponent Tim Gannon. Trump ordered tariffs on Chinese products, which caused the Chinese to slap retaliatory tariffs on American soy and pork. Naig was asked to explain by a reporter from Esquire Magazine. The Buena Vista University graduate and interim secretary of agriculture couldn’t.

Gannon did.

This president doesn’t have the backs of American farmers,” said Gannon, who farms near Mingo.

Commodity groups are beside themselves. Farmers are upset, already suffering from five straight years of losing. Like it or not, this is a referendum on Trump. Gannon tied Naig and Gov. Kim Reynolds — like Naig an appointee who did not win the office — to Trump at the hip. “The governor says she has the administration’s ear but they’re not listening,” Gannon said, ticking off biofuels, tariffs, making enemies at both borders, commodity price erosion and tariffs on China, Iowa’s most important customer outside Canada or Mexico.

It occurred to us that Trump might be doing Iowa a favor by inviting tariffs on soy. It raises the question of whether we should bet so much on exports that a hiccup in our relationship with Beijing can cause such anxiety near Newell. We are growing more soy and corn than we can feed to our own livestock or burn in our vehicles, so we are desperate for exports to make the rent. We are increasing yields and mining the soil and polluting the water and washing out farmers and closing down schools and chasing our tails for the trade.

But that is the system we have. We poured corn into Mexico until they choked on it through NAFTA. Now, when the peasants we plundered show up at our doorstep looking for a job, we lock them up in a detention center.

Gannon suggests that if we are locked into that production system and there is no alternative to it, then the Trump administration must make some allowance for farmers. But they don’t. He says this is why we need to explore new crops and new uses for soy. He says it is why we should impose the 3/8th cent sales tax for conservation that voters approved by over 60% years ago. Naig is opposed to that idea. Gannon says farmers need help finding new ways to build soil, in finding new ways to make renewable fuels, and with more research into sustainable production to reduce costs. But they are not getting that from the current administration. And they certainly won’t get it from Naig or Reynolds.

“No one would argue that we don’t need a strong ag economy,” said Gannon, whose dad Bill ran a John Deere store at the height of the farm crisis. “But we’ve got to do more than just grow more to sell more overseas. We need to create new jobs and new industries based on agriculture in Iowa.”

But in the meantime, Gannon says, you can’t just leave farmers in the lurch by sacrificing them to a trade war. Reynolds and Naig are afraid to confront it. Gannon isn’t. He is pointing out how Trump is dumping on Iowa and they are enabling it.

Gannon welcomed the addition of farmer Rita Hart of Wheatland in Clinton County as the lieutenant governor nominee. She also was a teacher in a rural district. Hart will bring a much-needed rural balance to the Fred Hubbell ticket. We expect to see a lot from Gannon and Hart as Democrats try to prove this fall that they can still win in Buena Vista County. Trump is doing all he can to help them. Rural Iowa decides general elections.

Art Cullen

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The Poor Peoples Campaign: Reclaiming The Moral Narrative

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Toddlers Are Not A National Security Threat

Trump has to go and take his Republican friends with him.  Here’s a message from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – 

There is no universe in which forcibly separating now thousands of young children from their parents is acceptable.

The practice is an abomination. It’s not part of any solution to fix our immigration system. Instead it is jeopardizing the health and future of young children and undermining America’s moral standing in the world.

There is no doubt that the Trump administration’s family separation policy is cruel and inhumane.

In McAllen, Texas, I saw a facility people called “the dog kennel” which housed children separated from their mothers and fathers lumped into holding pens made of chain-link fence. It was a disturbing and shameful scene that should have no place in America.

So together, with every single Senate Democrat, I’ve co-sponsored legislation that would immediately stop the Department of Homeland Security from taking children from their parents at the border.

People throughout the country are demanding that President Trump reverse his cruel order to separate children from their parents and are watching how Congress will respond to this test. Please add your name to demand that this shameful policy of family separation end immediately and children are reunited with their families.

We can’t afford to let this continue for one more day.

Doctors are telling us that children who experience this kind of emotional trauma can develop chronic mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has said, “Family separation can cause irreparable harm to children’s health, disrupting their brain architecture and affecting short- and long-term health.”

Despite these warnings, the Trump administration has begun plans to build tent cities to house hundreds of children in southwest Texas through the worst of the summer heat.

Every hour that this outrageous policy is allowed to continue, the damage to our moral fabric as a country becomes more complete.

So speak out now:

Thank you for standing up for what’s right,

Senator Chris Van Hollen

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Contact Senators Grassley and Ernst

Action alert from CCI:

U.S. Senators are scheduled to debate its version of the 2018 Farm Bill this week on Wednesday, June 20.

This bill doesn’t propose the same sweeping changes as the failed House Farm Bill – which attempted to eliminate the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) and cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Still, we must improve the Senate’s draft so that it works better for family farmers, our communities, and the environment.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Iowa Senators Ernst and Grassley both serve on Senate Agriculture Committee and will be voting on key amendments that impact our work to stop the expansion of factory farms and support independent family farmers.

Take two minutes right now to send a message to Senators Ernst and Grassley. Let them know how to vote on these important Farm Bill amendments!

Changes that are needed for the Senate Farm Bill:

  1. Subsidy reform: Right now, loopholes in the Farm Bill allow out-of-state investors and others to collect huge farm subsidies, even if they don’t work on the farm. This contributes to unaffordable farmland for all but the wealthiest. We SUPPORT the amendment by Senator Grassley to close this loophole so that these subsidies serve actual farmers – rather than give mega-farms another leg up over young and beginning farmers.
  2. Guaranteed loan limits should not increase: Direct and guaranteed loans can be an important source of credit for independent and beginning farmers, but all too often, they are used to construct factory farms. One proposal in the Farm Bill is to increase loan limits. This would allow factory farm operations to receive even greater multi-million-dollar loans and take away resources from family farmers. We OPPOSE the amendment by Senator Hoeven to increase loan limits, which supports factory farms at the expense of family farmers in our state.

Click here to email Senators Ernst and Grassley about these two important amendments.

For a farm and food system that works for farmers, workers, eaters, and the environment,


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Iowa’s Puppy Mill Problem

A note from Mary LaHay, founder of Iowa Voters for Companion Animals.

I founded Iowa Voters for Companion Animals (IVCA) almost 10 years ago after discovering the extent of the puppy mill problem in our state. We had many good people who were aware of their existence, but no one had ever quantified the extent of the issue. I gladly dug in, not knowing quite where this would lead or what might be possible. I couldn’t forget those dogs or the cruelty and neglect endured daily. I had to do something to help the dogs! 

Very early on it became abundantly clear that Iowa lacked the laws needed to adequately address this puppy mill problem. And that’s why I started IVCA, a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, to focus on winning the laws needed to clean up Iowa’s puppy mill problem and ensure Iowa’s dogs are protected. The number of compassionate Iowans who supported this effort grew so fast it was mind boggling! And the opposition grew too. Well-funded opposition including agriculture interests, American Kennel Club, and Iowa Pet Breeders Association. 

We did get the Puppy Mill Bill passed in 2010. And it resulted in decreasing the number of federally licensed dog breeders from more than 400 to today’s number of approximately 200. The problem, however, persists and those standing in opposition have thus far been successful at blocking our efforts for commonsense legislation. We are not deterred. Our fight for the dogs is not easy, but we will not give up. The dogs are depending on us. 

No matter what else we or other groups do to help, our laws are simply not holding those who harm animals accountable.


But changing laws doesn’t happen easily or quickly.

I set up IVCA as a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization specifically as this designation allows us to lobby for the dogs. Other special interests are lobbying for their interests each and every day, inside and outside the Capitol. The dogs also need a voice in this arena. We are happy to be their voice. We are committed to fighting for the dogs until adequate laws are in place. But we can’t do it alone. We need your voice and your support to help us win this fight.

Please donate today to help us continue fighting for the dogs!

As a 501(c)4 organization, we often do not qualify for most grantmaking opportunities. Truly, we depend upon the generous donations made by our loyal supporters and fellow animal welfare advocates like YOU! 

Please dig deep. The dogs need our help now more than ever! Please add your voice to ours as we continue to speak up and lobby for the dogs! Please donate today!


Mary LaHay
President and Founder
Iowa Voters for Companion Animals 
Iowa Friends of Companion Animals

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