Observations – Betty Ryan Must be Ashamed.

Betty Ryan’s son, Paul, went on national TV and made a shambles of his mother’s ability to raise children. Can you imagine the shame she must feel right now? Her son is the nominee to run for the second highest office in the land. This would normally be a great source of pride. But poor Betty had to sit and watch her son stand before the country and lie, lie, lie. It must have made her feel so bad that people would think that she couldn’t raise a son who at a moment that should be so wonderful felt he had to lie. She must be ashamed to show her face among her family and friends, let alone out in public in Janesville.

At least that is how my mother and all the other mothers I have ever known would have reacted after something like the lie filled performance her son made Wednesday at the RNC. Poor Betty, having to wear the shame of a son who can’t tell the truth. Hope she has a huge bar of soap (union made I hope) to wash that mouth out good and forever.

Election 2012 – A poll on gullibility and stupidity?
Mitt Romney never tells the truth anymore. Ability to lie with a straight face appears to be a requisite to be his vice-president. I doubt they will change this tactic between now and Nov. 6th. So what does that tell you about people who would vote for someone who looks them straight in the eye and lies? They must be either totally gullible or just plain stupid. I think most of us will be amazed at how many fit one of these descriptions this fall. Surely explains why advertising is such a lucrative business in this country.

Would you hire an applicant that lied on his application?
Simple question. The GOP claims to be the party of business. We have a couple of guys applying for jobs where truth and discretion are paramount attributes. So these two guys are filling out their application right now and they seem to have a lot of trouble telling the truth. So if they have to lie to get hired, what makes you think they will change and tell the truth after they arew hired. Honestly, Mr. Businessman, would you trust Romney and Ryan to work in your store or at your warehouse, let alone in the office where they could do some real damage?

Convention Shows Off GOP Power Structure.
DemocracyNow! had some excellent coverage behind the scenes at the convention while the networks were running the show that the party handed them. Friday Amy Goodman has a great segment on the power behind the scenes.

This reminds me of a  post I put up almost exactly a year ago. To be honest while Romney wears the crown, the power is Karl Rove, Charles and David Koch and Sheldon Adelstein. It made no difference which politician wore the crown at the end, the power is behind the scenes.

Galbraith Summed Up the Republicans Long Ago

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

In November, Women Will Remember!

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