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Denial, The Coronavirus Is Your Friend

When the U.S. Congress passed the CARES Act there was an unspoken assumption the coronavirus pandemic would be of short duration and gone by now. Based on this, the Republican president and Republican Iowa governor pushed to “reopen the economy.” … Continue reading

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IPP: Minimum Wage And Business Taxes

Once again, our friends at Iowa Policy Project come to controversies with those nasty little things called facts. Not sure if they meant for this to happen, but they published two guest opinions in local papers that took a couple … Continue reading

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The Biggest Theft Yet?

Since it first came out about two months ago, the story of Detroit’s bankruptcy has been fascinating and scary. The story that America’s media dishes out to us in 30 second sound bites doesn’t even come close to squaring with … Continue reading

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Loebsack Hits The Nail On The Head

In a statement released late Wednesday night after the vote to avoid default, Congress member Dave Loebsack really hit the nail on the head: Loebsack Statement on Deal to Avert Defaulting and Stopping Needless Shutdown Washington, Oct 16 Congressman Dave … Continue reading

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George W. Bush Memorial Week

For America’s sake congress ought to pass a resolution recognizing George W. Bush during the week from the week beginning September 11th and ending on September 17th. That would cover two of the worst days during his administration and two of … Continue reading

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Statute Of Limitations Ending?

Well, it was right about 5 years ago that there was a whole lot of shenanigans going on in the financial houses of Wall Street. Five years ago on Sept. 16th, I believe. Now I am not a lawyer. Most of … Continue reading

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It Is Not All Dark

This is one of those moments in history where things couldn’t look much darker. It seems like the arc of history is currently bending toward the forces against humanity. We have been here before and have survived. This time it seems … Continue reading

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Observations – Branstad Loves Education?

Pardon me if I am skeptical, quite skeptical, about Terry Branstad being a wild eyed reformer in favor of education. This is not the old Terry Branstad who was bad enough. No, this is the new, much more ALECy Branstad. … Continue reading

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Iowa Jobs, The Post Office And Terry Branstad.

We got yet another look into the workings of the mind of Terry Branstad last week. One day he takes out his line-item veto pen and undoes some work that the legislature battled and battled over before coming to an … Continue reading

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McCain’s Top 10 Temper Tantrums

McCain's Top 10 Temper Tantrums As former GOP Senator Rick Santorum put it, “Everybody has a McCain story.” If you like astonishingly vulgar temper tantrums, you'll love John McCain's Top 10 Blow-ups, posted over at Eyes on Obama.  Be forewarned, … Continue reading

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