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Obscure Court Ruling Sends Ominous Warning Message

While our news media focuses on the ongoing disasters such as the Russian Connection to the White House, the plunging stock market and the fate of those under DACA, some really important news is going under reported. One such story … Continue reading

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Astonishing Number: US Spends $250 Million Per Day On War

That astonishing number is according to International Business Times, what the GWOT – Great War on Terror – has cost the US – some $1.46 Trillion total – since the day planes were flown into the World Trade Center and … Continue reading

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To Do List This Week: Vote, Sign Up For Healthcare, Call Congress

Back when I was in school  – when we walked miles there and miles back – one thing that was emphasized was that even as an average citizen you were expected to participate in the running of your government. Next … Continue reading

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About Those Tax Cuts And An Appeal From Rob Hogg

Here and below we have a couple of short ( 3 minute and 4 minute) videos with Robert Reich explaining just how the proposed tax cuts will only do just what we would expect Republican tax proposals to do – … Continue reading

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Congress Seeking Fast-Tracking Cuts To Social Security

Back in May republicans let it be known that Social Security was a huge target. (3 minutes) Email from Social Security Works  Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress have demonstrated an inability to pass any meaningful legislation. But next month they’ll … Continue reading

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Joni: You Make Us Squeal With Laughter

Senator Ernst is out with another attempt to divert attention from the real issues of the day and possibly act as a stalking horse for the next issue Republicans want to make into the NEXT BIG ISSUE. It looks like … Continue reading

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Carlin Told Us What Was Coming Years Ago

In this clip, George Carlin pretty well sums up what was happening to Americans at the time (2006). Unfortunately, America stepped into a much worse situation in November (about 4 minutes): With the election of the vulture known as Donald … Continue reading

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45: The Best Recruiter His Opponents Ever Had

Listening to the radio Thursday a radio host threw out a question to a guest: How long before Jeff Sessions puts the weight of the Justice Department behind enforcing federal marijuana law? The guest mused that they had to destroy … Continue reading

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Electoral College Meets Monday

We need some Profiles In Courage. We need them Monday. Anyone remember John F. Kennedy’s 1958 book “Profiles In Courage” concerning historical senators who laid their reputations and power on the line in order to do the right thing? We … Continue reading

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The ACA, Medicare And Morality

Paul Ryan has made little secret of the fact that he is gunning for the three big Democratic achievements that keep many people alive in this country. The biggest and perhaps easiest target is the Affordable Care Act. Since it … Continue reading

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