McCain’s Top 10 Temper Tantrums

McCain's Top 10 Temper Tantrums

As former GOP Senator Rick Santorum put it, “Everybody has a McCain story.”

If you like astonishingly vulgar temper tantrums, you'll love John McCain's Top 10 Blow-ups, posted over at Eyes on Obama.  Be forewarned, Number One is a doozy.  And this is how he treats his own wife?  Ugh.

And in other news . . .


Senator John Kerry: McCain said “he was going to interrupt his campaign to come down and save the negotiations,'' according to the Massachusetts Democrat. “What he did was interrupt the negotiations to come down and save his campaign.''

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd said in a CNN interview today that McCain's trip was “a political stunt'' that “delayed and slowed down this process.''

Poll: Obama Did Better in First Debate

A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll shows 46% of people who watched Friday night's presidential debate say Democrat Barack Obama did a better job than Republican John McCain; 34% said McCain did better.

Obama scored even better — 52%-35% — when debate-watchers were asked which candidate offered the best proposals for change to solve the country's problems.

For more information on the poll, click here.

Sarah Palin's bad, bad week

Over at Midwest Voices

Sarah Palin is trying to pick herself up after several knockdowns this week. It's been a bad, bad week for the GOP vice-presidential nominee.

On Friday, nationally syndicated conservative columnist Kathleen Parker withdrew her support for Palin. Parker said Palin isn't prepared to be vice president or president, and said Palin should withdraw as John McCain's running mate.

Earlier in the week Palin looked anything but vice presidential in an interview with CBS News anchor Katie Couric. Palin fumbled her answers to questions on the economic bailout and America's relations with Russia.

Disappearing Stories

By the way, have you Googled today?  It seems that a number of anti-Palin articles and anti-McCain articles which are still showing up on the Google News index have been taken down.  They have moved to Disappearedsville.  I noticed one was from FoxNews, although why they ever put an anti-Palin article up in the first place is a question worth asking.  Perhaps it was because it was a direct AP feed.  The other was an article by film critic Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times about McCain's bad manners.  Hmm.  Reminds me of how all those votes for Kerry just suddenly disappeared 4 years ago.

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