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What will Iowa's Energy Future Be?

Word in Des Moines is that MidAmerican Energy lobbyists have convinced the Iowa Senate’s Democratic Leadership to move the nuclear power bill, House File 561 /Senate File 390, during the first week or two of the 2012 legislative session. This … Continue reading

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Hiroshima Day in Iowa

In Colorado last week, we bought a Sunday newspaper at a grocery store. The cashier commented, “I don’t read them anymore, they’re all politics.” Whether it is good for cashiers to comment on items patrons take through the checkout station … Continue reading

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Iowa Premiere Of American Meat At Englert Theatre

American Meat has been called “journalism as art.” Come Join Us for the Beginning of a New Food Revolution – American MeatThe movie explains how America arrived at its current industrial system, and shows you the feedlots and confinement houses, … Continue reading

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Obamacare Ensures Preventive Care For Women

To us, this is huge but has received little notice. Affordable Care Act Ensures Women Receive Preventive Services at No Additional Cost U.S. Department of Health & Human Services  HHS.GovHistoric new guidelines that will ensure women receive preventive health services … Continue reading

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Iowa Progressive Radio: This Week On The Fallon Forum

Monday – Thursday from 7:00-800 pm, join us for the fusion of politics and civility at 98.3 WOW-FM and on-line at  Call (515) 312-0983 or (866) 908-TALK to participate in the conversation.  If you miss the show, you can … Continue reading

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When Obstruction Becomes Treason

by Nicholas Johnson The following is an excerpt. The entire article can be found here In an [October 2010] interview with the National Journal [the Republican U.S. Senate Majority Leader] Senator [Mitch] McConnell was asked what “the job” of Republicans … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday

by Dave Bradley Let’s relax a bit, exercise the mind and have some fun. My guess is that many here like trivia – so let’s start with some quotes: Who said – 1) “I can hire one half of the … Continue reading

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ALEC In Iowa

by Dave Bradley As I was writing about ALEC earlier in the year, I seemed to run into a bit of a dead end. This was not by chance but by design. Whereas ALEC seeks to have an inordinate amount … Continue reading

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Clean Air Muscatine – Local Activism Paying Off

by Dave Bradley About six months ago, some intrepid folk in Muscatine decided to do something about a major problem in their city. The major problem they took on was air quality in Muscatine. Muscatine County has some of the … Continue reading

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King, Bachmann, Cantor, Ryan: Illogical And Hypocritical

by Ed Flaherty Following was published, with some editing and deletions, in July 22nd Cedar Rapids Gazette. On July 8th, the US House of Representatives passed the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, H.R. 2219, with a vote of 336-87. This … Continue reading

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