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They Never Give Up

The GOTea Party just never quits on their efforts to wipe out all advancement in this country since the Civil War. Remember that nettlesome 19th amendment that allows women to vote? Well, Texas has been chafing at that recently, especially … Continue reading

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Loebsack Hits The Nail On The Head

In a statement released late Wednesday night after the vote to avoid default, Congress member Dave Loebsack really hit the nail on the head: Loebsack Statement on Deal to Avert Defaulting and Stopping Needless Shutdown Washington, Oct 16 Congressman Dave … Continue reading

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Profiles In Courage?

Sometimes I feel sorry for those who are tasked with picking the recipient of the Kennedy Library annual Profile In Courage Award. From what we see recently in this country, there are certainly not a lot of candidates around. When … Continue reading

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Statute Of Limitations Ending?

Well, it was right about 5 years ago that there was a whole lot of shenanigans going on in the financial houses of Wall Street. Five years ago on Sept. 16th, I believe. Now I am not a lawyer. Most of … Continue reading

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It’s The Republican Debt And We Get Punished

Sometimes other people seem to put in great words the very thoughts that I have myself been trying to put together into some form of coherency. Over at politicsusa, rmuse makes some good sense of how we got into the … Continue reading

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