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Shouldn’t Elected Officials Understand The System?

Late last week Senator Joni Ernst sent out an email asking Iowans to vote in a small poll she was conducting. The question seemed simple and straight forward: Do you agree with raising the debt limit? Yes, No or Unsure? … Continue reading

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Debt Ceiling To Be Reached Monday

Amazingly, there has been little fanfare on this round of debt ceiling limit. While Republicans claimed we would never go through this again, we are about to go through it again. There has been little fanfare most likely because the … Continue reading

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They Never Give Up

The GOTea Party just never quits on their efforts to wipe out all advancement in this country since the Civil War. Remember that nettlesome 19th amendment that allows women to vote? Well, Texas has been chafing at that recently, especially … Continue reading

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Loebsack Hits The Nail On The Head

In a statement released late Wednesday night after the vote to avoid default, Congress member Dave Loebsack really hit the nail on the head: Loebsack Statement on Deal to Avert Defaulting and Stopping Needless Shutdown Washington, Oct 16 Congressman Dave … Continue reading

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A Cancer On Society

Most of us have had some experience with cancer – either personally or they know someone who had the big ‘C.’ For those who have had it, or had a loved one who had it, hearing the word “cancer” often … Continue reading

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Grassley, Latham, And King Following The Tea Party Over The Brink

All three of Iowa’s Republican representatives in congress supported a debt ceiling increase when a Republican president was in the White House.  Now, in a blatant display of hypocrisy, our representatives’ support of the tea party, along with their misleading … Continue reading

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