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The Biggest Theft Yet?

Since it first came out about two months ago, the story of Detroit’s bankruptcy has been fascinating and scary. The story that America’s media dishes out to us in 30 second sound bites doesn’t even come close to squaring with … Continue reading

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While We Enjoy The Holidays America’s Monied Class Is Stealing Us Blind

While we enjoy the holidays, have friends in and eat good food and drink good drink, America’s right wing and monied classes have been either stealing us blind or setting up the mechanisms to steal us blind. Merry Christmas. First … Continue reading

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“The Madness Of The GOP Is The Central Issue Of Our Time”

In case you missed that line it came from economist Dr. Paul Krugman from his daily blog. What Krugman says in this particular edition is something that most in popular media have been afraid to say – that one of our … Continue reading

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ALEC Legislatures: Creating The Crises

Republicans have lots of solutions. What they were short on for the longest time – until the Reagan presidency – was problems that those solutions could answer. One of their favorite solutions was privatized schools. But until Republicans were able to … Continue reading

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The Relative Who Wouldn’t Leave

Most of us have experience with a relative who has come to visit, then way overstayed their welcome. Either through the mooching or using the car too much or drinking your personal stash of liquor, the relative’s little habits eventually … Continue reading

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