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Ernst And Grassley Vote To Cut Medicare And Medicaid

As part of the budget bill passed late Thursday night by the senate Medicare will be cut by a massive $500 billion over the next ten years and Medicaid will be cut by an even more massive $1 Trillion over … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts On A Hot Weekend

Too hot to work too hard today: – Congratulations to Patty Judge on her nomination to defeat Chuck Grassley this fall. Judge has always outperformed expectations. Let’s hope she can do it one more time. Grassley, you have obstructed your … Continue reading

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Un-Koch Your Campus

Visit the website  In Iowa I found ISU, Cornell College, St. Ambrose Unversity, Buena Vista University, and Northwestern College on the list.  Click on the link to see if your college takes Koch money.  

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Watching Tea Partiers Make Laws

Viewing the results of elections versus what the polls tell us what Americans want, an observer has to wonder if voters are in some kind of a stupor when elections come around. While pollsters find time after time that Americans … Continue reading

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What The Koch Brothers Want Joni To Do

“Joni Ernst is the perfect mental and moral blank slate kind of candidate that attracts billionaires like the Koch brothers, and ALEC and big money.”    Watch and wonder no more about exactly what the Kochs expect in return for their … Continue reading

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Ernst Is Another Investment For The Kochs

When I hear political ads or political pundits say things like Joni Ernst is a merely a front for the Kochs or that she is being bankrolled by the Kochs I know what is meant. But I just got to … Continue reading

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The Stink In The Air? Koch Money In Iowa Politics!

It seems like it is almost impossible to turn on the TV in Eastern Iowa right now without hearing what a supposedly bad man Bruce Braley is. Night and day, day and night the spots play endlessly pounding the message … Continue reading

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The Koch Brothers Really Do Care About Iowans

Please view this important public service message from the Koch Brothers: David and Charles Koch are generously spending millions of their hard earned (inherited) dollars buying anti-health care, anti-Bruce Braley advertising in our state because they have only Iowans’ best … Continue reading

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Iowa's Developing Koch Addiction

CORALVILLE, Iowa– Yesterday, Blog for Iowa reported that there would be a counter protest to the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) event at the Coralville Holiday Inn. Since our party chair wanted to talk to me on another matter, and he … Continue reading

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Observations – Branstad Loves Education?

Pardon me if I am skeptical, quite skeptical, about Terry Branstad being a wild eyed reformer in favor of education. This is not the old Terry Branstad who was bad enough. No, this is the new, much more ALECy Branstad. … Continue reading

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