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Feeling Very Nervous

Just can’t help it. I am feeling very nervous about Tuesday. My concern is mostly due to the Republican party’s blatant voter suppression activities. From the legalized theft of votes from citizens through voter id laws that are targeted at … Continue reading

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Embarrassed To Be A Republican Yet?

Tuning in to the Benghazi “hearing” sporadically yesterday and listening to the updates on radio one thought that kept running through my mind is “man, am I glad i am not a Republican.” A derivation of that thought was “if … Continue reading

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The Biggest Theft Yet?

Since it first came out about two months ago, the story of Detroit’s bankruptcy has been fascinating and scary. The story that America’s media dishes out to us in 30 second sound bites doesn’t even come close to squaring with … Continue reading

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Iowa ARA (Alliance for Retired Americans) Convention

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