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Abby Finkenauer For Congress

  The Finkenauer campaign for Congress in Iowa’s first district launched their first digital campaign ad and it is a good one: The message is simple: She is one of us and will represent our interests in congress. Anyone who … Continue reading

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Into The Hurricane And Presidential Politics

Millions of people began evacuating Florida, Georgia and South Carolina in advance of hurricane Matthew. Hundreds are reported dead in Haiti. Downgraded to Category 3, Matthew began hitting Florida Thursday. It’s expected to pick up velocity. During the most recent … Continue reading

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Can Hipsters Live With Congolese Cobalt?

The lithium ion battery is becoming ubiquitous. These rechargeable, portable batteries power our mobile phones, tablets, laptops and cars, providing longer battery life, low self-discharge, better recharge life and comparatively low weight. Many of us take these benefits for granted, … Continue reading

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August Is No Recess When Working Poor

School is out for Iowans who work yet remain on the margins of society. There is no recess from the constant demand to secure basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. The add-on expenses of transportation, health care, interest on … Continue reading

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Looking to 2020

The sobering news of the NBC/Marist poll released last week is Hillary Clinton leading the Republican candidate in Iowa by only 4 points (41-37) among registered voters. In Iowa electing Hillary Clinton president will not be a slam dunk. If … Continue reading

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Coping With Iowa's Coarsening

At a convenience store in North Liberty yesterday, a young guy was fueling his large black pickup truck. A companion was riding shotgun, both clad in blue jeans and dark T-shirts. The brief moment would have passed unnoticed except for … Continue reading

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Moyers Still Around And Bringing The Heat

Did anyone really think Bill Moyers would retire and go crawl in a hole quietly when he finally(?) retired from PBS? Surely you knew better. Moyers, writing with Michael Winship at Common Dreams, uses an op-ed written by a corporate … Continue reading

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Slaves Produce Seafood For U.S. Market

While Iowans engaged in the NCAA Basketball Tournament another story was being written by Associated Press reporters Robin McDowell, Margie Mason and Martha Mendoza about food not far from televisions tuned into the games. Following a year-long investigation, AP broke … Continue reading

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Simply Stated: A Party Is Its Budget

Surely this is not the first time you have heard this: budgets are moral documents. They also are the means by which political parties translate all their rhetoric and advertisements into actual policy. When you hear Republicans claim that they … Continue reading

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Democrats Must Campaign On Progressive Values Taking control of the Senate and increasing their majority in the House, Republicans swept the election, largely by tying Democrats to negative messaging around President Obama. Accepting the GOP message framework, Senate Democratic candidates like Alison Lundergan-Grimes, Mark Pryor, … Continue reading

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