Statute Of Limitations Ending?

bankstersWell, it was right about 5 years ago that there was a whole lot of shenanigans going on in the financial houses of Wall Street. Five years ago on Sept. 16th, I believe. Now I am not a lawyer. Most of what I know of the law was probably gleaned from Perry Mason and other shows glorifying attorneys. But one thing I remember is something called the statute of limitations. That is a law that says if charges aren’t filed within a limited amount of time, they can no longer be filed. According to what I have heard that time limit is generally five years unless otherwise specified.

So here we are right up against the five year mark for whatever crimes may have been committed as Wall Street plunged the world to the very brink of what was nearly the worst financial disaster ever. Yet no charges have been filed, no persons arrested and it sure doesn’t look like anything will ever happen.

There were many crucial problems when Obama entered office in January of 2009. But I doubt there was one as crucial as pulling the world from the  brink of collapse. A part of that task was to investigate the crimes and charge the perpetrators in an effort to make sure a message was sent to those who would use the financial system as a game. Since this has not been done apparently no lessons have been learned. Like many others, I greatly fear that little that caused the collapse has been addressed and we are being set up for a future repeat.

Speaking Of The Future:
Scientists Abandoning The US
Can’t say I am surprised, nor can I say I blame them. Of course what is scary for the US is that if we do not retain the scientists, we will not retain the world leadership in invention and innovation. Where the invention and innovation goes, so goes the jobs. But half the population thumps the bible and denies scientific findings in this country. As a nation we continue to deplete the funding for basic scientific research. This is a country where it is easier to get the public to build a sports stadium than it is to get funding for crucial research projects.

Puttin It All Together
I ran across this article last week. It quickly sums up the various deadlines that are coming to a head in the United States. Most of the endpoints of these deadlines have dire consequences. Yet we continue to stumble along mostly oblivious almost pretending that these problems do not exist.

Note that the article was written back in February and is very timely today. Here is a little blurb from the article:

“As I said, I see 16 individual, though interlinked, processes in the country today that have potential game-over, irreversible end-points. You may think there are more, or you may think some could be merged, but I think that’s tweakage, “in the noise,” not a useful distinction. For our purposes, this list is good enough.”

September 11th, 1973
For those who forget how meddlesome America has been around the world since World War 2, remember that Wednesday will be the 40th anniversary of Gen. Pinochet’s coup in Chile. The democratically elected government of Salvador Allende was thrown out and Allende executed. Many others were executed and a reign of terror followed. Much of this was cooked up by then US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Where Has All The Money Gone
Our schools go starving for money while Congress (including Democrats) makes plans to cut food stamps. There are few watchdogs for the SEC to oversee potential irregularities on Wall Street while at the same time the 4 Walton progeny has as much money as nearly half the country. The US is still incredibly wealthy, but it is no longer shared among the populace. What and we do? This article addresses the crisis in a short concise manner.

One hint – get off your duff and get politically active.

Finally – Manufactured Crises Coming
If I recall correctly, the end of September will bring about a couple of manufactured financial crises for the country – approval of raising the debt limit and the budget approval. So here we are a couple of weeks out and all our attention is on: Syria. Just to add insult to injury, as Republicans threaten to shut down government over financial concerns (or so they state) we talk about gearing up for another war, but do not talk about paying for it. No money for schools, no limits to war.

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