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Perhaps one of the most lasting icons of the 2008 presidential election was the poster down by Shepard Fairey of Barack Obama looking out with the word “HOPE” at the bottom of the poster. Everyone in the US and possibly … Continue reading

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Biden Out Of The Gate Strong!

This week has been enjoyable if for no other reason than to see Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden on the virtual stump making speeches that make sense and that point out that the Armageddon that his opponent predicts is already … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Memories

It is hard to ignore the elephant in the room. In two months America will be on a new adventure reversing what was mostly a forward journey into the future. While the ship of state would sometimes shudder and lurch … Continue reading

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Hope After The Fire

Having inoculated myself early on to the possibility of Donald Trump winning Iowa’s six electoral votes, my reaction to his Nov. 8 victory in a close national election was more recoil than shock. “Expect Iowa to award its six electoral … Continue reading

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Hoping For Rebirth

Whether you are of a religious persuasion or not, Easter always offers a marking point in the spring time. Whether it is late or early, Easter is the unofficial beginning of spring and the planting season. Remember that Easter is … Continue reading

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It Is Not All Dark

This is one of those moments in history where things couldn’t look much darker. It seems like the arc of history is currently bending toward the forces against humanity. We have been here before and have survived. This time it seems … Continue reading

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Christmas 2011 – To My Grandson

Josh, Your Grandmother and I have lived many years. Your life is just beginning. As I look ahead for you, I hope fervently that America and mankind as a whole ends the greed and the unsubstantiated hate that once again … Continue reading

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