George W. Bush Memorial Week

just curious

just curious

For America’s sake congress ought to pass a resolution recognizing George W. Bush during the week from the week beginning September 11th and ending on September 17th. That would cover two of the worst days during his administration and two of the worst days in American history. We can begin with remembering how memos concerning Al Quieda were ignored and how hijacked airplanes were not intercepted in their path.

The week can end with stories of how the economy of the world was brought to its knees by Republican policies and how many, many people lost their houses and their jobs as a Republican Senate blocked almost all bills that would provide relief to those caught by the crash. Discussions can also take place about how policy that could prevent another such meltdown was weakened by Republican stall tactics and amendments, lack of funding or refusal to approve administrators.

During the week, we can tell tales of an enemy invaded who had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack, or how we let the master mind of the attack get away in the Tora Bora Mountains. All this would be to remind that the civic duty of electing a president is not a game. Selecting a president will affect you, your children and grandchildren and should be done with gravity.

Ironically …..
Was I the only one to feel the irony of Obama avoiding a war that Republicans have practically begged for on the eve of probably the worst intelligence and leadership failure in American history (9/11)? Once more, this shows that selecting a president should be serious business. Serious business is not having our military stretched across the globe with soldiers being sent home in body bags.

Depleted Uranium and Napalm
From the Lawrence O’Donnell Show Tuesday night. Lawrence rants on the hypocrisy of the country that has dropped napalm all over the world and has left the country of Iraq covered with depleted uranium bullets slowly decaying and giving off their poison for decades and centuries to come.

Kenya Finds Water
Underscoring just how important water is becoming, there was much excitement over the discovery of an aquifer beneath Kenya that may help sustain as much as 40 million people.

Water is essential to all life. It is also on the radar to be turned into a major source of profit for capitalists around the world. Even while water shortages are becoming the new crisis around the world, industry continues to use water in quite wasteful ways. Life can not be sustained without water, therefore it should never be the captive of the capitalists, but must always be available to all.

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