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Same Old Same Old?

I am getting old and cranky. At least that’s what I am thinking as I look about some of the local political news and yawn. I wonder how much more voters can stand of a Republican Party that refuses to … Continue reading

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Observations * I am feeling in a somewhat snarky mood after spending the best part of the past two weeks trying to get my new health insurance in place. You know if we had single payer and everyone was enrolled … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Admits It Was An “Awful Lot Of Fun” Tearing The Country Apart

Yes, Glenn Beck actually said this earlier this week. “I remember it as an awful lot of fun and that I made an awful lot of mistakes,” Beck told Kelly of his time at Fox. “I wish I could go … Continue reading

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Making Government Viable Rather Than Wrecking It

Most people today refer to Congress as dysfunctional and give it low ratings on trust.  The disruption in government operations last month showed just how far a minority of elected representatives would go to get their way. Nothing has aroused … Continue reading

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They Never Give Up

The GOTea Party just never quits on their efforts to wipe out all advancement in this country since the Civil War. Remember that nettlesome 19th amendment that allows women to vote? Well, Texas has been chafing at that recently, especially … Continue reading

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Profiles In Courage?

Sometimes I feel sorry for those who are tasked with picking the recipient of the Kennedy Library annual Profile In Courage Award. From what we see recently in this country, there are certainly not a lot of candidates around. When … Continue reading

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A Cancer On Society

Most of us have had some experience with cancer – either personally or they know someone who had the big ‘C.’ For those who have had it, or had a loved one who had it, hearing the word “cancer” often … Continue reading

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