They Never Give Up

Republicans american talibanThe GOTea Party just never quits on their efforts to wipe out all advancement in this country since the Civil War. Remember that nettlesome 19th amendment that allows women to vote? Well, Texas has been chafing at that recently, especially since a very talented lady named Wendy Davis has jumped into the race for governor. No doubt the men feared that women might just vote for a woman, so they had to suppress the size of the female vote in the next election.

Last week when a woman district judge went to vote in Texas she was nearly denied then was allowed to vote only after signing a “voter’s affidavit.” She has been voting for 52 years. Judge Sandra Watts name does not match exactly on the voting rolls and her driver’s license. It has been that way for decades. No doubt our Secretary of State in training, Matt Schultz will just wet himself at the idea of a way to supress more votes when he hears this.

Suppressing votes – what you have to do when your ideas stink.

More Than One Kind Of Debt
A post on a couple of days ago reminded me that there are two types of debt that people enter into. One is the kind that is an investment, the other is the kind that is essentially pissed away. First let me say thank you to DU member Jim Peterson for pointing this out.

GOTea Partiers wrap all debt up together under one banner. But as most anyone will tell you it is one thing to borrow money to buy a house or build a business and quite another to borrow money to take a trip to Vegas and party until you are broke. Or on a government scale, it is one thing to borrow money to finance schools and teachers or to build roads and bridges and quite another to borrow money for wars and for tax cuts. One is a constructive use of money that will create more value, the other a destructive use of money that creates nothing.

While we are at it, how can we take the GOTea party seriously about debt when they will never talk of raising taxes on the rich or cut the Pentagon budget? These are probably the most destructive places to run up debt that there are.

The GOTea party wants to repeal Obamacare (46(?) votes this year) and defund Obamacare (almost took down the world economy to do just that) are now beside themselves because the website is not working. WTF do you guys want?

Don’t Forget!
No matter what the squabble of the day is, the GOTea Party has an over riding target. The target is to get the US government to hand over the savings in Social Security and Medicare over to their buddies on Wall Street. Any discussion of handing any part either program over to Wall Street is the opening that they will be looking for to end these programs.

And Don’t Forget
Tea Partiers want to kill the government we have now. The little game they played earlier this month was just a warm up. Don’t forget that Grover Norquist’s goal of “drowning government in a bathtub” is still quite operative. When you go to vote, do you want people in charge who do not believe in governing? Would you hire someone in your business who has expressly stated they wanted to drive you out of business?

Finally – A Voice From The Past:

Even more true a century later.

t roosevelt quote

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