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Getting Serious – Iowa Primary Next Week

One more reminder that the Iowa primary is next Tuesday, June 7th from 7AM to 9PM. The big draw for democratic primary voters across the state this year is the opportunity to choose an opponent for Chuck Grassley for this … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Republicans Totally Bankrupt On Ideas

The fiasco in Indiana exposes the Republican Tea Party for what it has become – a party totally devoid of any ideas on issues, totally indifferent to the citizens of this country and totally committed to only one goal – … Continue reading

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Prepping For An Alec Agenda In Iowa

Pretty much every Saturday during the Iowa legislative session elected members of both houses convene at venues throughout the state and take comments and questions from the public. If you happen to have both Republican (Tea Party) and Democrats representing … Continue reading

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A Good Thanksgiving For The 1%

We look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday with a true frustration. Television news will focus on such important news stories as who will be open all day Thanksgiving so we can get that holiday shopping started early or the folks … Continue reading

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Joni Ernst Squarely In Dead-Ender Fringe Camp

So her husband said it was a “hot topic” so therefore, there were actually WMDs in Iraq!  And she can see Russia from her house.  Do NOT vote for this tea party candidate who by the way is into the … Continue reading

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Facing A Problem With Humor

No doubt you have heard of various efforts to push extreme policies only to be ridiculed to death by the intended victims and their sympathizers on facebook or twitter or other social media. This week we had an absolutely hilarious … Continue reading

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Hodge-Podge: Branstad For Bishop!

I understand Terry Branstad is a Roman Catholic. I never knew this because I never cared before. As one who truly believes that the separation of Church and State must as wide as a galaxy it really irked me to … Continue reading

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Who Could Have Predicted?

The news out of Iraq should not be unexpected. The George W. Bush administration filled us with promises of a short war in Iraq. What was it Rumsfeld said – two or three months? We will be greeted as liberators? … Continue reading

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I am Tired Of Terry

Weekly Hodgepodge I am Tired of Terry. I am tired of his lies about jobs. I am tired of his skirmishes with ethics. Seems like this is a never ending problem. I am tired of his nepotism. I am tired … Continue reading

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Work But No Jobs

There are 63,000 bridges in this country that need structural repair. There are also a myriad of roads that need repair. There are also sewer lines and water lines that are needing to be replaced in nearly all of our … Continue reading

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