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Random Thoughts Before A Holiday

* The President takes as bold of an action as he possibly can and the Speaker of the House claims this ends any co-operation that was going to happen between congress and the President. Maybe Boehner missed it, but there … Continue reading

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Same Old Same Old?

I am getting old and cranky. At least that’s what I am thinking as I look about some of the local political news and yawn. I wonder how much more voters can stand of a Republican Party that refuses to … Continue reading

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Filibuster Reform Long Overdue

A word from Senator Tom Harkin on filibuster rule change last week. In 1995, with my party in the minority, I stood up and said we needed to get rid of the filibuster. Finally — 18 years later — we … Continue reading

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Harkin-Sanchez Bill: Expanding Social Security By Removing Salary Cap

In answer to the cuts in Social Security payments to the elderly and disabled that were proposed by the Simpson – Bowles Commission (aka the Catfood Commission), Democrats in both the Senate and House have proposed SS be increased. The … Continue reading

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Will Dems Lay Down For Branstad?

Here is my main takeaway from Tuesday’s elections: When Democrats fight, they win; when Democrats abandon their candidate, they lose. The difference between Virginia and New Jersey is a fighting Democratic Party. The difference between Chris Christie, re-elected Governor of … Continue reading

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Senator Harkin Explains How America Works


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Harkin Email on ACA Implementation

Many of you probably got this email from Senator Harkin’s office. If not, I am sure there will be some information of interest in here. Remember, the ACA exchanges are to be set up and ready to go by October 1. … Continue reading

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Medicaid Madness – Medicaid Matters

Schedule of Events Monday, March 25th A coalition of small business owners, health care providers, and citizen organizations on Monday will launch the Healthiest Iowa Initiative and call on Governor Branstad to accept the expansion of Medicaid in Iowa. Representatives … Continue reading

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Senator Harkin Will Be Missed

by Tom Slockett Senator Tom Harkin’s decision not to seek re-election in 2014 focuses attention on the exceptional, in fact extraordinary, service he has provided to Iowa and the nation since he was first elected to Congress more than 38 … Continue reading

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Kick Back Sunday Afternoon

Frontline: The Untouchables Just in case you missed the PBS Frontline broadcast of “The Untouchables” on why no one from Wall Street has been prosecuted for bringing the US to the brink of depression. Prepare to be outraged. Watch it … Continue reading

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