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IDP Email, Part 2: Defeat Joni Ernst Fund

I hope the email from IDP is not supposed to be secret because I am really happy to spread what I believe is a brilliant idea: let’s start now and build up a fund for whatever Democrat comes out of … Continue reading

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Who Is James Buchanan And Why Should We Care?

I stumbled on an incredible thread on Democratic Underground  Friday morning. The thread on DU was a thread reader app of a very long thread originally posted on Twitter by poster putinsclown. In this thread putinsclown exposes economist James Buchanan … Continue reading

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Is Iowa Owned By The Koch Brothers?

Out of the blue republicans in the Iowa senate once again struck a blow against democracy by rushing a budget bill through sub-committee and committee that will be disastrous for Iowa. In a state that can’t even pay its current … Continue reading

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Why Would The Senate Vote To Kill ACA When No One Wants That To Happen?

7 minutes Just a thought passing though my mind after another day of getting no answer from the Ernst office once again and the usual surly response at the Grassley office. I have a couple questions and some ruminations about … Continue reading

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Fill In The Blanks

Often pictures convey complex thoughts much better and quicker than words ever can. Not only that, nearly every one who views a pictorial presentation takes away a different meaning:   Beginning with Teddy Roosevelt it has been over 100 years. … Continue reading

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New Governor, Same As The Old Governor

From Progress Iowa: Meet the new Governor, same as the old Governor. Kim Reynolds was just sworn in as Governor, taking over for Terry Branstad. What will be the difference between the two? Not much. Reynolds has been there … Continue reading

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Town Meeting With Senator Joni Ernst 6:00 Today Elkader – Plus This Week’s Legislative Forums April 2017 04/10/2017 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Town Meeting with Congressman Young – Sidney 04/10/2017 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Town Meeting with US Senator Ernst – Elkader 04/11/2017 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Town Meeting with Congressman … Continue reading

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Joni Ernst: What A Waste Of A Seat

There are but 100 senators in the whole country. They make daily decisions on your life and mine. They will at some point soon be deciding who can get medical care in this country, how much and from whom. That … Continue reading

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Branstad’s Legacy

Looks like Governor-For-Life Terry Branstad will soon be leaving us on that slow boat to China. Who cares how he gets there as long as he leaves. As he begins to leave we can look back briefly on what shape … Continue reading

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Progress Iowa Calls on Rep. Taylor to Recuse Himself from AFP Complaint

  Progress Iowa Calls On Rep. Rob Taylor To Recuse Himself From AFP Ethics Complaint Taylor Co-Hosted Event With Koch-Backed Americans for Prosperity Iowa This Week DES MOINES – Progress Iowa today called on Representative Rob Taylor to recuse himself … Continue reading

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