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Iowans And The Potential Dismantling Of Social Security And Medicare

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got Til it’s gone. They take paradise and put up a parking lot. Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi Hard to believe that anyone over 60 would have voted … Continue reading

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If Republicans Hate Government, Why Do They Run?

Where ever two Republicans get together one topic of conversation is bound to be how bad the government is. The complaint is always too much government meddling in the wrong things. They almost sound anarchist in their desire to dismantle … Continue reading

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How Will Trump Deport Millions?

This is Making America Great Again? Since many of the liberal persuasion like to think things through. Monday’s revelation of the Donald Trump “emigration” plan for undocumented workers and now their families offered us a real chance to noodle on … Continue reading

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They Never Give Up

The GOTea Party just never quits on their efforts to wipe out all advancement in this country since the Civil War. Remember that nettlesome 19th amendment that allows women to vote? Well, Texas has been chafing at that recently, especially … Continue reading

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From twitter- Edward Snowden- Meet Jeff Bezos

Editor’s Note: At Blog for Iowa, we use twitter to follow what’s happening in the news. Twitter enabled the author to disconnect from most cable television channels, as it has been proven valuable for those who have an appetite for … Continue reading

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Secrets, News Leaks, and the Surveillance State

It was a frightening few weeks in May for journalists concerned with  protecting their sources and for Americans concerned with protecting  their privacy.  Thanks to intelligence whistleblowers like Edward  Snowden, journalists made the public aware of massive secret surveillance  by … Continue reading

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Over Half Of Your Taxes

The following video shows where over half of your tax dollars go. I believe it also shows that our priorities are drastically askew. I am not sure what the latest stats are on how out of whack our military spending … Continue reading

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You Have Been Robbed Big Time

If you needed something else to keep you awake over the Halloween season, this one should be good for months of sleeplessness. Over the night between Monday and Tuesday, the Federal Reserve  and Bank of America agreed to move their … Continue reading

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The Upside-Down Republican View of Power

Most Americans think that the power structure of the government and the country is pretty much what is described in the Constitution. The people are the sovereign, the final deciders. Through their votes they choose the President as the head … Continue reading

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Just Stop It

Newt Gingrich laid out the case for Republicans at an event in Muscatine last night and I am tired of the narrative. It is reflected in his statement, quoted in the Muscatine Journal, “virtually everybody in this room believes that … Continue reading

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