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Book Review: No Surrender by Jack Hatch

by Paul Deaton If interested in Iowa Democratic politics, read No Surrender: Building a Progressive Agenda for Iowa with the Five Securities by former state senator Jack Hatch. Read it now. There are few long, contemporary narratives about the state … Continue reading

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More Branstad, More Legal Problems

Remember Jack Hatch running for governor making the case that the Branstad administration was deeply corrupt? At that time we only had inklings of what should be the basis of hearings to come. Whole lots of shenanigans in the firing … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Iowa Become Another Wisconsin

Just a short post to remind folks that despite all the press and publicity that the Braley race is getting, there are many lower on the ballot races that really need your votes. During the last session of the legislature, … Continue reading

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Hatch-Vernon Campaign Launches #IowasFreshStart Tour

Check out the Fresh Start Tour schedule.  Today’s stops:  Mason City, Algona, Ft. Dodge, Webster City, Iowa Falls, Waverly.  #IowasFreshStart

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Iowa Needs Hatch And Vernon

It is easy to write a screed against Terry Branstad. He has been around a long time. As governor he has hardly been stellar and his current term has seen him move from right wing to tea party extremist. During … Continue reading

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Hatch Closing In On Branstad

Democrat Jack Hatch is gaining on Branstad. New polling by Rasmussen who many consider Republican-leaning has the race at 46% for Branstad to 40% for Hatch.  Hatch has significantly narrowed Branstad’s August lead of 52% – 35%.  A 17-point lead … Continue reading

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Special Treatment For Branstad

A story that sort of went under the radar at the end of last week was one about how once again our Governor stretches the limits of equal treatment under the law. Branstad is the defendant in a lawsuit concerning … Continue reading

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Medicare Still Working

I am here to report that Medicare is still in full fettle. This month I joined up. What a feeling. I feel like I have just moved into a grand home with few worries. No more wondering if the landlord … Continue reading

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LTTE: Branstad Avoids Debates

The following LTTE was submitted by Randy Naber of Muscatine. Randy is a retired teacher and a member of the Muscatine school board and a bowler. We want to encourage folks to please use the letters sections of their newspapers … Continue reading

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Meeting Monica Vernon – Wow

At the meeting in Muscatine where we met Jack Hatch, Mr. Hatch said that he was really torn the night Monica Vernon lost her primary race for first district representative. While Mrs. Vernon lost, it did leave her available to … Continue reading

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