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Grassley: Skewed Priorities

KRAUSE: GRASSLEY SPENDS BILLIONS TO SHUT DOWN GOVERNMENT BUT ZERO FOR UNEMPLOYED Bob Krause, announced candidate for the Democratic nomination for US Senate in 2016, today said that Senator Charles Grassley showed misplaced priorities, when he voted today against the … Continue reading

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Donald Kaul: Tragicomedy In DC

Donald Kaul is taking a leave for health issues, but he’ll be back.  We wish him well and look forward to his return. Here is his most recent column on the government shutdown. You can find this and more Kaul … Continue reading

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Making Government Viable Rather Than Wrecking It

Most people today refer to Congress as dysfunctional and give it low ratings on trust.  The disruption in government operations last month showed just how far a minority of elected representatives would go to get their way. Nothing has aroused … Continue reading

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John Boehner, Meet Benedict Arnold

The British could not do it, nor the rebel Confederate states. The Spanish, Germans, Germans again nor Al Quieda could do it. But John Boehner and his band of merry cowards are just a couple weeks away from totally shutting … Continue reading

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Bruce Braley Opens Korean War Memorial Gate For Veterans

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Why Not Call Chuck Grassley’s Office Today?

Blog for Iowa received this note in our inbox yesterday.  I think I will call Chuck Grassley’s office today……and ask what happens when Republicans shut down the government next week? – will Social Security payments be made? – what about … Continue reading

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