A Cancer On Society

cancerMost of us have had some experience with cancer – either personally or they know someone who had the big ‘C.’ For those who have had it, or had a loved one who had it, hearing the word “cancer” often throws us into deep reflection. We reflect on why we got this dread disease, we reflect on how we will beat this dread disease, we reflect on how we will reform our lives to keep from ever getting the dread disease again.

Yet in the midst of our congress we have a group that is acting as a cancer on the country just like a cancer does on a body. Much like a cancer they started quietly, growing steadily, taking out good cells and replacing them with bad. Eventually the cancer grows to a point where it interferes with the functioning of the organ that it is in or near to. The body is fooled into feeding the growth through the circulatory system, simply because the body can’t construct a bypass or cut the growth out on its own. And in the end, the cancer kills the very body that grew it and treated it so well.

If there was ever a better analogy for the ‘tea party’ I don’t know what it is. The Tea Party party has become a cancer on the congress and on the country. Fed with lies and buckets of money, the tea party has taken over the Republican Party to the point where even the supposed leaders quake in their boots with fear that the cancer will turn on them. So rather than stand up to save their body, Republican leaders cower to the cancer. They especially cower to the buckets and buckets of money that an opponent from the cancer wing of the party can command.

Eventually the cancer that has killed the old Republican Party will be the same cancer that will kill the country because it will have control of the blood (money) and the circulatory system. After all, since the trickle down economics began, most of the money in this country has deluged up to the rich. Thus a few people can hamstring the economy through their whims. This is a system that the Republican policies created and it has now come back to kill them.

There is a way for the country to avoid being killed by this cancer. The next operation is scheduled for next November. Help remove the cancer at that time.

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