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Food Banks Need Our Help In Iowa

PBS story on food banks in the US (7:10) As we posted last week, the Johnson County CommUnity sent out an emergency letter stating that reserves were low and requesting donations. You can be certain that if the Iowa City … Continue reading

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Wide Benefits Projected In County Minimum Wages In Iowa

​ FOR RELEASE TUESDAY, AUG. 11, 2015 CONTACT: MIKE OWEN, (319) 338-0773, For full report: IPP News Wide benefits projected in county minimum wages in Iowa In Linn, Johnson, $15 wage would boost combined 43,000 workers IOWA CITY, … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Republicans Totally Bankrupt On Ideas

The fiasco in Indiana exposes the Republican Tea Party for what it has become – a party totally devoid of any ideas on issues, totally indifferent to the citizens of this country and totally committed to only one goal – … Continue reading

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Simply Stated: A Party Is Its Budget

Surely this is not the first time you have heard this: budgets are moral documents. They also are the means by which political parties translate all their rhetoric and advertisements into actual policy. When you hear Republicans claim that they … Continue reading

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58% Of Moms

58% of single moms with children under the age of 5 are living in poverty. And that isn’t some national statistic, or happening in a far away place. These working moms are living in poverty right here in Iowa. Sunday … Continue reading

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The Shame Of The Republicans

Last Week when our main stream media made a big to do about the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the “War On Poverty” they gave plenty of time for Republicans to strut in front of cameras across the country … Continue reading

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TPP And Other Thoughts

I haven’t done a hodge-podge column for a while. Mostly because I turned my brain off over the holidays. My first comment is that I find it so hard to believe how mean, how brutal, how anti-people the Republican party … Continue reading

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Christie Lessons For Iowa

Wonder how the Democrats in New Jersey feel now? So many made a point of backing Chris Christie for governor last fall. This helped give Christie the patina of a politician who is a cut above the rest. Christie got … Continue reading

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The Courtney Report

During the holidays, Iowans give back and help those in need. This year, the Legislature encouraged charitable giving by increasing tax credits for donations to the community foundations and providing $1 million for Iowa food banks. Those measures won’t be … Continue reading

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A Loss for Words

What do you call it when the usual adjectives fail to adequately convey the true extent of the outrageousness of political policies? A prime example would be the repeated criticism by Republicans of the record number of people receiving food … Continue reading

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