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Branstad, Reynolds, Hogg And Jobs

Remember the bogus numbers the Branstad administration would put out monthly on job creation? Branstad had set a goal of 200.000 jobs in 5 years which was a very lofty goal. Knowing that that would be one number that his … Continue reading

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Trump Budget: Immorality In Black And White

Here are a couple of analyses of the Trump agenda. One of the best attributes of the internet is that a citizen can find in depth reviews of issues of the day. This is why we need an open and … Continue reading

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IPP And Senator Dvorsky On The Budget Shortfall

Last Monday Mike Owen the Executive Director of the Iowa Policy Project and Research Director Peter Fisher gave a presentation at the Moral Monday meeting March 13th. This video is about 40 minutes long. It is all very self-explanatory except … Continue reading

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Military Spending Grows While States Struggle To Fund Essential Needs

The atmosphere of fear, distrust, anger, and, for some, celebration, permeates our present and obscures clear thinking.  We  lose sight of truths that are right in front of our nose.  The bipartisan addiction to military spending is one of those … Continue reading

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Contact Your Representatives!

The very most effective action you can take following the liberating experience of standing up to the bully is to now start contacting your national senators and representatives on national issues. But do not forget that the overwhelmingly Republican Iowa … Continue reading

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SILT: How Budget Bill Benefits Iowa Landowners

Update from Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT): The spending bill just signed by President Obama contains a huge benefit for Iowa landowners who want to protect their land to grow healthy food for good. It also creates a permanent IRA … Continue reading

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Ernst, Grassley Vote To Take Away Health Care

Also vote to gut Planned Parenthood On a Senate vote using the reconciliation process to push a very bad Republican budget bill with amendments to dismantle the ACA (aka Obamacare) and to defund Planned Parenthood, Iowa’s two current Republican senators … Continue reading

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Proposed Amendments To The Continuing Resolution

Teabaggers dreams were quashed Wednesday afternoon when the US House passed the Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government for another 2 months. The bill was described as a “clean” bill – that is it had no amendments. That was … Continue reading

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Branstad Vetoed Public School Money To Give To Private Schools

The headline of this story,  Branstad Advocates for School Choice, makes it sounds like Governor Branstad is doing something good. Nothing could be further from the truth. Branstad is signaling his next move to dismantle public education. He is following … Continue reading

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ALEC Chosen As Iowa’s New House Speaker

Oops – that is, former ALEC chair Linda Upmeyer chosen as new Iowa House Speaker. But they are pretty much interchangeable.  She and ALEC founding father Terry Branstad will make a formidable team that will work hard for corporations, privatization … Continue reading

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