Simply Stated: A Party Is Its Budget

republican budget

Surely this is not the first time you have heard this: budgets are moral documents. They also are the means by which political parties translate all their rhetoric and advertisements into actual policy. When you hear Republicans claim that they support Social Security, check their budget. Do they support the lowly grunts in the military? Check the budget. Access to health care for all? Check the budget. What about education?

In simple terms, the Republican budget lays bare the plans of Republicans to take health care from large swaths of people, take food from families, take away unemployment compensation and in short totally shred what is left of the social safety net. In return they give more huge tax breaks to the wealthy. Trickle down is still their mantra. Trickle down didn’t work then and it doesn’t now. The idea that some rich person’s cup will overflow spilling some money on us peons is insane. The cups grow forever.

Beyond the cruelty to the mass of Americans, the biggest fallacy of a Republican budget is that it spurs the economy. An economy runs on money moving in the system, not on it being stagnant in a few hands.

Once more the Congressional Progressive Caucus has released their budget. This is a budget that puts the people first. Getting money into the hands of those who will spend it is also the best way to make the economy grow. Why you ask? Because demand creates economic activity. The poor and middle class have a huge amount of pent up demand that will drive the economy just as it drove the economy in the years before Ronald Reagan.

Meteor Blades over at dalykos has a good quick analysis of the budget being offered by the CPC. You had better read it there because you know our major media will totally ignore it.

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