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just curious

just curious

I haven’t done a hodge-podge column for a while. Mostly because I turned my brain off over the holidays. My first comment is that I find it so hard to believe how mean, how brutal, how anti-people the Republican party is getting. We have been talking about it for years and it continues to get worse and worse. These %$&@ have cut off food stamps for millions and also cut off unemployment insurance for another 1.5 million.

Of course the real story beyond that is that in general, Republicans are a group that believe in Jesus. Now I don’t do religion anymore, but like many I was raised as a Catholic. That meant 12 years of studying the Bible and what Christianity meant. I think anyone in this country can tell you that the very basis of being a Christian is to help the poor. At the same time one of the very fundamentals of government is to keep the governed alive. Since we are self-governing, one of our very, very basic duties would be to keep each others alive.

Cutting food stamps, cutting jobs, cutting unemployment insurance and so on should be called out for those who believe in Christ as the mortal sin that it is. Now religion is not the reason that we should have such policies. We should have such policies because as noted before keeping each other alive is a fundamental of self government. But to be a believer and vote against the basic tenets of your own religion seems to me to earn such people a special place in the hell they believe in.

TPP, anyone?
From Dailykos:
“Whether or not the president obtains the listed negotiating objectives, the bill would empower the president to sign a trade pact before Congress votes on it with a guarantee that the executive branch can write legislation to implement the pact and alter wide swaths of existing U.S. law and obtain both House and Senate votes within 90 days. That legislation is not subject to markup and amendment in committee, all amendments are forbidden during floor votes and a maximum of 20 hours of debate is permitted in the House and Senate.”

That should scare you right to the quick. TPP will be a disaster for all except the very rich. Odd that this may be the one time that Obama wants something and the Tea Party agrees. The Tea Party knows what a disaster it will be, thus delighting them no doubt. Not sure why Obama would want it.

Gee, maybe our corporatist press could ask him?

Dems In Iowa House Say NO to ALEC

Great job.

Press Believes Its Own Memes?

One thing that jumped out at me during this Christie affair is that the corporate media loves to believe the themes it develops over the years. John McCain was (is?) a “maverick.” Never was, McCain is a hard right crank, but apparently he must buy the boys a beer once in a while and snarl an occasional quotable line.
– Republicans good at national defense? Not unless you think wasting time, money and personnel wandering in a desert with no plan is good defense.
– Republicans good with finance? Just go look at the markets under Dems, then Republicans. Just look at debt under Dems, then Republicans. You will quickly get that nonsense out of your head.
– Republicans religious? See my comment above. The way they act is condemned by most major religions, thus they have to take one and twist it beyond recognition. Even the pope has called them out on this.
– Christie a bipartisan leader? Never was, never will be. He is a true believer republican, he just avoids the cliches, so must be refreshing for the corporate press. But he is a caricature of the New Jersey thug politician.

Medical Spending Slows

Salon has a quite interesting article on the debate over the cause of the dramatic slowing in medical spending in this country. Most importantly medical spending is slowing like it never has before. Why I do not care, but finally one thing in life is show some signs of coming into control.

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