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CCS Push Back And Climate Change

When we took the land after the 1832 Black Hawk Purchase, it was decimated to make neatly cut rectangles of farmland. People are used to that now. Today Iowa farmland is used mostly as a production landscape for hogs, cattle, … Continue reading

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Here Comes Carbon Capture Technology

Let’s be clear about Carbon Capture and Sequestration: it is an unproven technology to enable fossil fuel use when society should be turning away and leaving fossil fuels in the ground. Among the problems with the technology is our government … Continue reading

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Carbon Capture and Sequestration References

Like it or not, Iowa Republicans have hoodwinked us into a carbon capture and sequestration method of addressing the climate crisis. It is common sense that hooking a polluting ethanol plant, coal-fired electricity generating station, or a propane grain drying … Continue reading

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CGRER Iowa Climate Statement 2021

On Wednesday, Oct. 13, The University if Iowa Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research released their annual climate statement at a press conference. Titled Iowa Climate Statement 2021: Strengthening Iowa’s Electric Infrastructure, it was signed by hundreds of Iowa … Continue reading

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Bohannan Endorsed By In Ia-02 is a website with this stated mission: We’re on a mission to elect more scientists to Congress, state legislatures, and local offices. As trained problem-solvers, STEM professionals are ready, willing, and able to find solutions for the significant … Continue reading

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How Is Mother Earth Doing On Mother’s Day?

CNBC mini documentary 20 minutes long Why am I writing about climate change when Earth Day was just a couple of weeks ago? Because everyday should be a day when we take care of the only option we have for … Continue reading

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Iowa Public Beach Water Quality

A person could post every year about water quality at Iowa state park beaches. The state fails to adequately reduce nutrient flow into public water. The source is primarily from fertilizer runoff, yet from other sources as well. Last year … Continue reading

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Earth Day 50 Years Later

I helped organize my home town for the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970. Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders’ Dec. 24, 1968 Earthrise photograph changed the way we look at our lives. We became aware of the fragility of human … Continue reading

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While Your Attention Is Diverted ……

with the impeachment hearings our environment is taking another wallop from the EPA. As if that wasn’t bad enough a new report raises alarms about insect collapse.  The current administration is hard at work 24 hours a day 7 days … Continue reading

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Frustrated Rant

  This week comes to an end with our current president once again – ONCE AGAIN mind you – being accused of some sort of major breach of security. Does it rise to the level of treason? So far we … Continue reading

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