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Iowa Public Beach Water Quality

A person could post every year about water quality at Iowa state park beaches. The state fails to adequately reduce nutrient flow into public water. The source is primarily from fertilizer runoff, yet from other sources as well. Last year … Continue reading

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Earth Day 50 Years Later

I helped organize my home town for the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970. Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders’ Dec. 24, 1968 Earthrise photograph changed the way we look at our lives. We became aware of the fragility of human … Continue reading

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While Your Attention Is Diverted ……

with the impeachment hearings our environment is taking another wallop from the EPA. As if that wasn’t bad enough a new report raises alarms about insect collapse.  The current administration is hard at work 24 hours a day 7 days … Continue reading

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Frustrated Rant

  This week comes to an end with our current president once again – ONCE AGAIN mind you – being accused of some sort of major breach of security. Does it rise to the level of treason? So far we … Continue reading

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Coalition Of Farmers And Ranchers Support The Green New Deal

  This is another one of many things that our corporate media will either probably not carry or if it is carried will be done so as a story with little information around it.  This is also a story that … Continue reading

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Taking Seeds From The Prairie

Is it wrong to collect seeds from a prairie restoration project for use in a home garden or another prairie restoration project? I posed the question on social media. While the responses weren’t that many, they were a unanimous yes. … Continue reading

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A Climate Action For Every Iowan

Iowa Public Television devoted its weekly Iowa Press program to climate change. Dr. Gene Takle, Professor Emeritus at Iowa State University and Dr. David Courard-Hauri, Professor and Director of the Environmental Science and Policy Program at Drake University faced reporters … Continue reading

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Algae And The Politics Of Denial

During his July 8 speech on the environment, the president mentioned his administration’s fight with “toxic algae” in Florida 50 miles from his Mar-a-Lago resort. Bruce Hrobak, a bait and tackle shop owner in Port St. Lucie, Fla. gave a … Continue reading

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Jay Inslee At The Cedar River

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Saturday afternoon I drove to the Overlook Pavilion in Ellis Park where State Senator Rob Hogg had organized a “climate conversation” with Washington Governor Jay Inslee who is an announced candidate for president. Hogg reminded us … Continue reading

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Gardening The Climate Crisis

Gardening is one of the most popular activities on the planet. Whether one lives in an apartment, in a single-family home, or on a farm, local food and flower production can be satisfying on multiple levels. A garden can be … Continue reading

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